Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#45)

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Hey guys I am back with d next part.

Thank you everyone for all d love nd support u have been giving thru your comments.

Here’s d nxt part


▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

—Kunj’s POV—

Its been 3days since I met Twinkle…I thought of giving her some space…maybe that would help us out in saving this relation.

Its almost afternoon. I am at my office and I got Twinkle’s call…Thank god she atleast remember’s that I exist on earth. I received the call

T – Hello Kunj!! How r u??

Wow she still cares for me. I know its the fake anger and hatred that she shows to me but she is so serious with her anger and hatred that for a moment I believe its real

Me – I am fine. But How come Mrs. Twinkle SARNA remembered me.

I said stressing upon Sarna

T – First of all I am Twinkle Taneja…and secondly I wanted to have lunch with u…If u are free u can come to my office…Can u??

How can she think I would deny her

Me – I’ll be there in 20minutes.

And she hanged up the call without speaking another word.

I was about to walk out of my cabin when my PA approached me and said ” Sir u have a meeting after half an hour”

“Cancel it” I said and walked away without giving her another chance to question anything to me. Nothing can be more important than my Twinkle


I am in Twinkle’s cabin having lunch with her. The conversation between us is almost nil….but I believe silence has more power than words.

While we were having our lunch she got a call nd there was a big curve on her lips….And all I am wondering is who could that be who brings such a smile on her face. She spoke

T – Hii Adi

and after a while

T – ya sure I am free now….u can pick me from my office.

What d hell….dint she remember that her husband is with her wanting to spend some time….how easily she said she is free…..Nd now who d hell is this Adi. My train of thoughts were broken when she called my name aloud

T- Where are u lost….I am calling your name since a while

K- No where tell me

T – I got some work I am going out….U complete your lunch

K – wont u complete yours?

T – The work is very important…I need to go

Which is that work which is more important to her than her lunch. Her PA walked in

PA- Mam Adarsh sir is wait for u in the lobby.

T- Ya I am coming

She walked away with her bag even without bidding me a Bye….Great…I mean seriously great….Let me also see who is this Mr. VIP.

I walked out of her cabin and reached the exit of her office. I found her getting into a car. At this moment all I wanted to know is what is that so very important work she has. Nd d very nxt moment I decided to follow her.

After a drive of about 10min I saw her walking into a cafe with a tall man beside her maybe he was the one with whom she conversed on d phone.

I secretly kept a watch on her. Twinkle seemed worried at first but later on it seemed as though she knew him from ages. She had that pretty smile of hers back on her lips but the thing that hurted me was the smile on her lips was not becoz of me but bcoz of someone else.

After about an hour Twinkle went back to her office and I kept on waiting for her to finish her day nd get back home.

It was about 9pm when Twinkle walked out and sat into her car and was moving back to home. I drove my car speedly stopping her car by keeping my car in the way. Her driver stopped d car with a sudden jerk.

I walked to her car and knocked the window. She opened the mirror

“Get down Mrs. Kunj Sarna” I said with seriousness in my voice

“Why?” she questioned

“Just get down” I almost screamed.

And her eyes became moist. I never intend to make her cry but it happenes always. She silently got down the car. I held her wrist and took her to my car and opened the door

“Get In” I said and she silently sat in.

I drove to our home. We went home and she silently followed me.

I went near her Trying to keep my face near to her face. She tried to move

“Don’t” I said seriously

“Let me go Kunj”

“To where?” I asked

“My home.”

“U are already in your home baby. Don’t u know after marriage your husbands home is your home”

“U are not my husband. I already divorced u” she said

“Really?? Lets talk about that later. I am hungry now go and prepare some food for us” I said sitting on the couch

“No I won’t” she said and I pulled her onto my lap.

“Will u prepare something or shall I fulfill my hunger with something else” I said with a wink

She immediately got up from my lap

“I hate…”

I stood up and held her shoulder and brought her close to me.

“Say It now” I said with seriousness

Her face is showing fear and her eyes are filled with tears

“I said say it now” I tightened my grip on her shoulder and she started crying more.

Shut. What am I doing to her. Am I solving the problems b/w us or creating more problems??

I left my grip on her.

“Stay here till I return” I said and went to the kitchen.

I prepared her favorite food and brought for her.

I went to the room but she had slept on the sofa itself. She looks so beautiful while sleeping. But the next moment I could see the dry tears on her face. It clearly shows how badly she cried. I cursed myself and sat beside her and rested her head on my shoulder.

“Baby please open your eyes” I said softly

“What” she replied in sleep

“Have your dinner and sleep” I said

She opened her mouth I smiled and fed her. She slowly came out of her sleep and ate completely.

“Water” she asked and I gave her.

I lifted her in my arms and slowly placed her on the bed covering her with the comforter. I placed a kiss on her forehead and she again went back to her sleep.

I had done a few arrangements for her. I woke her up after 2hours.

“Wake up sleeping baby. Go and wash your face I will drop u at your Maternal home”I said

“Really” she asked

I nodded and she went to wash her face

“Wear this” I said giving her a red saree

“Why?” she questioned and I gave her a serious look as I dont know what to answer.

She got ready in the saree

“Wear these too” I said giving her some bangles.


“Do u want to go home or stay here?” I asked

“I want to go” she said

“Then wear it” I said and she wore them.

I took her downstairs and blasted a paper bomb on her and she looked at me in surprise.

“Happy B’day Baby” I said kissing on her forehead.

“I thought u forgot” she said slowly

“Never” I said and took her to the table where I had arranged the cake.

She cut the cake. I opened my mouth. She hesisted for a few minutes but finally gave up and fed me the cake. I showered snow spray on her and she started playing like an innocent child. I want to see this happiness and innocence on her face forever.

I when on my knees before her and she looked startled.

“I love u Twinkle I love u soo much. I have hurt u so much in the past and I realise it now. Please give me one chance to rectify my mistakes. Please forgive me and accept me as your husband” I said

Expressions on her face changed suddenly. She slapped me.

“I hate you Though u try hard and apologise many times I can’t forgive u. I divorced u bcoz I dont want to share my life with you. I dont want to have any relation with u” she shouted

Tears are the best companion when u lose the love of your life. The tears that i gave her have now returned back to me with such a force where I can’t bear them anymore.

“Ok then remove the knot tied by me” I said with some seriousness but my voice chocked.I expected her to say no but to my surprise

“Okay” she said with the same seriousness.

She tried to remove her mangalsutra breaking my heart. Does she hate me to that extent? Can I ever make her accept me as her husband?

I looked at her shockingly when she tried to remove her mangalsutra. I really lost my patience. I slapped her.

She looked at me with tears. This time I am really angry at her. I know I am rude but I have no choice. I held her wrist and took her to the car.

“Get in”

She sat calmly. I dropped her to didi’s home. I knocked the door Mahi di opened it.

“Kunj Why are u here at this time. Where is Twinkle?” she asked me

“Where is jiju di?” I asked and held Twinkle’s hand.

Didi moved aside making way for us to move in. Jiju came there.

“Kunj what happened?” Jiju asked

I hugged him. He is the only one who understands me better than anyone else.

“Kunj what happened?” Jiju asked again

“Nothing Jiju. I am giving your Twinkle back to u. I am sorry I broke your trust on me. I promise I wont cause any trouble to any of u from now on” I said looking at Twinkle.

Didi saw the fingerprints on Twinkle’s face.

“Did u slap her Kunj? She is not your wife now What rights do u have You always hurt her you can never change”

“I have all rights on her di Because we are not yet divorced these papers are not legalised. The papers I gave to Twinkle are fake” I said and gave the papers to Twinkle that are signed by us.

I never submitted the papers in court. I gave fake papers to Twinkle to cool her at that particular point of time.

“Submit it in the court and I am ready to divorce you if it makes u happy. Everyone commit mistakes but atleast you should give them a chance if they really change and their love is true. Anyways I am leaving now from your life I wont show my face to you again. Bye! ” I said and left to my house.

I sat on my bed remembering the past.

—Twinkle’s POV—

Kunj left me at home. He never leave’s a chance to hurt me. He slapped me only because I tried to remove the mangalsutra. He dint even wait to see whether I remove it or no.

I dont understand y these tears keep flowing though I am used to get hurt all the time.

I walked into my room and sat on the bed resting my back against the backpost of the best. One misunderstanding and everything is just a mess.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

A long episode….Hope u all liked it.

From the nxt episode the past will be revealed. I’ll try posting it asap.

Do comment and share your views on the episode.

Loads of Love

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    1. Presha

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  4. SidMin23

    Superb felt bad for twinj hope they don’t divorce each other as twinj are made for each other.

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    1. Kruti

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      Sorry I am not able to read ur ff’s coz of my busy schedule

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