Molkki 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Virender finds Sakshi’s note

Molkki 27th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prakashi knocks at the door just then. Virender and Purvi panic. Virender hides under the bed. Prakashi gives the family necklace to Purvi to wear on the wedding day and leaves. Purvi asks Virender to leave but they get shocked when they hear Mama ji’s voice. Virender hides again. Mama ji asks Purvi about Virender. I heard his voice. Purvi lies to him. Mama ji leaves. Virender hides yet again when the kids come to Purvi’s room. He gets irked thinking that he wont be able to spend time with Purvi this way. He decides to do something.

Purvi asks Virender where they are headed. He says I am kidnapping you. He brings her to a beach. Enjoy the view. Purvi sits and he rests his head in her lap. Only I know how much I struggled to meet you today. I finally feel that love is returning to my life after 5 long years. Purvi tells him that he forgot one thing. He promptly says that he forgets everything when he is with her. Sakshi notices them from the door and decides to seek their help to get out of there.

Virender asks Purvi what he forgot. She says you promised to apply haldi to me. I have got some for you. Please apply it. He says I told you I forget everything when I am with you. She tells him to apply it. Mohe Rang Do Lal plays as Virender applies haldi to Purvi. Sakshi is knocking at the door in the background but they don’t hear anything. Virender asks Purvi to apply haldi to him as well. She happily complies. They both smile. Sakshi keeps shouting for help. Virender says this moon and stars will be a witness to our love today. Purvi looks at Virender while talking to him. Sakshi is able to see her face and recognizes her. Purvi suggests going back to haveli before everyone wakes up. Virender tells her to stop. I will ask the sun to rise a little later. I wont get this chance again. You will forget everything as soon as you are back. She reminds him that he is the Mukhiya of Rewari, not the world. Sun wont rise as per your wish. Virender says I wont even let you go. You will be my wife after tomorrow and you will do as I say. She agrees. Let’s go now. Don’t act stubborn like my Tau ji. He says I will take this vow too that you wont take your Tau ji’s name ever again. She smiles. I wont. You too have to promise me that you wont do anything which will remind me of him. Virender asks her who she is crazy after – him or her Tau. She says yours. I will always be yours. They walk towards the beach together. Sakshi feels bad.

Virender tells Purvi he feels as if something is wrong with the tyre. He stops the car to check. It is punctured. Purvi says we will be late now. It will be a problem if anyone finds out that we are missing. He assures her that her hero is with her. I will just change the tyre. She nods. She gives him water and wipes the sweat off his face while he changes the tyre.

Prakashi is knocking at Virender’s door. He wakes up early morning but this is strange, She decides to wake up Purvi instead.

Virender and Purvi are on their way to haveli. Purvi tells Virender to hurry up. Ma will get upset. He tells her to think about him too. How much will people mock me if they find out that I disappeared with my wife before marriage? She smiles.

Purvi and Virender come to Purvi’s room through the other door. They hear Prakshi knocking at the door. Purvi tells Virender to hide in the bathroom and then opens the door. She lies to Prakashi. Prakashi tells her to take bath. Come down for the puja asap. Purvi agrees. She sends Virender out once Prakashi leaves. Virender tells Purvi that he will write his name on her hands. She asks him how he will do it. He tells her to just be ready. I will do it. She smiles.

Bhuri comes back to check on Sakshi. It is good that you have eaten quietly. I wouldn’t have spared you if you had thrown tantrums. There is no water so Bhuri goes to bring it. Newspaper falls down. Sakshi looks at it. Bhuri comes back with water. I will be back in evening. Don’t act smart. I will be back soon. She leaves.

Prakashi is selecting clothes for herself. Purvi joins her. Virender is selecting clothes for Purvi. He calls Purvi but she disconnects the call. He signals her something. Prakashi suggests some options to her. Virender signals Purvi to meet him upstairs. They both speak through gestures. Prakashi follows Purvi’s gaze. Virender hides. Prakashi asks Purvi who is there. Purvi lies that she has a sprain in her neck. I will just rotating it to keep it in check. Prakashi suggests her to apply balm. Purvi nods. She glares at Virender when he tries to say something again. Virender wonders how to tell Bawari about his plan.

Bhuri tells Sapna to pack food for Purvi. She cannot meet Mukhi ji so we can take food for her to her room. Virender thinks to send a note to Purvi through the lunchbox. He finds a note in one of the lunchboxes. Whose letter is this?

Flashback shows Sakshi writing a Help Note on the paper. Virender reads it and is surprised. Who can write it? How did it come here? Someone is in trouble. I must help that person. Sapna asks Virender if he needs anything. He drops the letter worriedly. Sapna picks the plate that she must give to Purvi. Virender wonders whose lunchbox had the help note if Bawari’s lunch is in that plate.

Precap: Everyone is celebrating mehendi ritual at the haveli. Virender heads to the mentioned address. I must save the person who is looking for help. He reaches the said hideout and looks inside.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Wow what an episode. Loved it and especially PurVir scene was awesome to watch 😍 Sakshi is smart, I am kinda scared of her entry but I have a feeling someone moved her elsewhere when mukhi goes there, where did the lunch box come from? It could be Purvi’s. Let’s see seems interesting🤔

  2. We get epic episodes these days 🥰🥰🥰 by the way it really is unnecessary to ask but I can’t help but wonder what happened to their studies. Both were going college but ever since Karan’s video drama no college. Do the have college holidays now? 🤣🤣 anyway I’m happy with the current content. La la la la la 🥰🥰🥰

    1. Beverley martin

      I was wondering about purvi studies. I dont see anything more about her going to school since Karan drama.
      Does that mean purvi stop go to school.

    2. I think it was not working as a track so they stopped it and focused on this one instead. To be honest this is way better

  3. Beverley martin

    I was cracking up with laughing until I cry.
    Virendra under the bed.
    I’m sure they know virendra is in purvi room that’s why they each come in room after each left.
    I find it funny.
    We know virendra would sneak in purvi room thru the window.
    But I feel sad for Sakshi.
    Sakshi should get the respect
    She’s alive and it should be known before purvi get married.this sakshi issues should solve before purvir marriage
    It has been drawn out too long now.

  4. Beverley martin

    I hope they find Sakshi.
    Knowing how this writer write someone will move Sakshi by the time virendra reach there.
    I’m so tired of it.
    Why bring back Sakshi in virendra lives if they keep moving her here and there like a list and wondering woman.
    Sakshi have a family. She have her husband virendra and her two children. Why are they treating sakshi so unkind.
    I want sakshi to be found before the wedding.
    This sakshi does nothing wrong so why treat her so badly.

  5. I just watched the epi online and it’s 1am here. Had a very hard time trying not to laugh out loudly and wake up my mom 🤣🤣🤣 it was so damn funny!! Maa, Mama ji and jungle ki jaanwaro 🤣🤣🤣. The beach scene was so beautiful but in a way it was kinda heartless to watch. An innocent woman who had a happy life, caged and drugged and tortured for 5 years… someone who yearns to be free and reunite with her family is in the background while the woman who wants to help her (Purvi) is happily spending time with her (Sakshi’s) husband. True we love PurVir but how can we ignore the fact that Sakshi doesn’t deserve anything that she’s going through? Unless they somehow show that Sakshi is bad. I don’t want her to come between my PurVir but I sympathise with her. So I just hope she would get a peaceful death this time around and unite my PurVir without creating unnecessary drama. But knowing so much daily soap, who knows what’ll happen… fingers crossed

  6. I saw a bts where Sakshi will appear before everyone on the wedding day 😬 I felt very bad for Purvi..and also Virendra, he doesn’t know about his feelings and Purvi only wanted a happy life with him. I hope this entry will make their relationship stronger tho. At least she is positive for now and I do sympathise a little with her too but still want PurVir together that’s it

    1. I have seen it too. So heart broken to see Purvi being left standing. I hope she will move on and leave mukhi ji. Guess first wife desrves him more and so are the kids

    2. Where did you see it??

    3. Instagram almost all of Molkki fanpages posted it. Try shivangi chahun IG account you will see. Here’s the link

  7. We still don’t know what is the motive Shaksi is being abused since the last 5 years until today by Prakashi, Anjali and Bhuri…there must something has happened related to these 3 by Shaksi. Very much eager to know. I wish this serial drama can be fast forward 😂😂😂. Anyway thanks to Pooja on the story update. This really help us who don’t understand Hindi 😊😊😊

  8. A little illogical this part because if Purvi and Virender were married it would make more sense with the entry of Saski. Virender between two fires and who to choose. Obviously the marriage does not take place so legally they could be married but there they are not married and will not be able to be with because Saski is back. But there .. Saski is going to blame who .. purvi for what Prakashi Buhri and anjalie did .. It doesn’t make sense .. Anyway. Sorry

    1. She won’t blame purvi I think she will tell everyone that purvi helped her instead

  9. I am okay with Sakshi return to the family as long as PurVir got married. We now knew that Virender so much in love with Purvi and he will be torn between Purvi ans Sakshi and that will only strengthen his feelings towards Purvi. With Sakshi back to normal, she can unfold the truth about Prakashi, Anjali and Bhuri. I do hope she will get a peaceful death this time. Maybe saving her husband, child or even her saviour Purvi. Just wait and see. This is PurVir story, not Sakshi. Her time will be out soon.

  10. I imagine that this will raise questions about his absence from Saski .. That it has a logic .. But in the end if the marriage is not over and consummate between purvi and Virender we cannot speak of marriage to strictly speaking .. You understand .. Who can guarantee that Virender will let purvi stay in his house .. How will she be considered? as a woman or Molkki if Saski comes back because he still has feelings for his 1st wife but she is also the mother of his children and we can see that the little girl recognizes her mother .. So I ask myself this question .. What will be Purvi’s place if the wedding is not over and Saski is back .. Why not let the wedding happen and the two of them be on their honeymoon .. Then Saski arrives .. And the storm that comes after In this kind of intrigue the question would be what will Virender do .. And especially how Prakashi and anjalie will hide their crime of having kidnapped Saski for 5 years

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