Qurbaan Hua 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Aalekh and Ghazala plan to destroy Neel and Chahat’s life

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Neel enters the room calling for Toup Singh when he sees there is a girl behind a curtain, he immediately rushes back out apologizing for entering without seeing permission, he says that he was told at the reception that one of the room has been booked by another couple, Neel is standing when one other person comes calling to his girlfriend when he sees that back of a girl in the room so shouts at her demanding that she come outside otherwise he would not leave her, Neel sees that the girl has locked her fingers over one another. He remembers when Chahat also used to lock her fingers whenever there was any problem explaining that it means they are worried about the result which comes in the future.

The person walks in and is about to lift the curtain when Neel calls him outside explaining that the girl cannot be his sister because she is his wife, The person is shocked, he asks him to first check the door number as it is his room, the person leaves after apologizing, Neel explains that he has send him away and she can talk when he calms down, Chahat changing her voice asks if there was any reason for helping her, Neel exclaims that it is because she made him remember someone whom he used to love and cannot forget even after she has deceived him, Neel and Chahat both start weeping.

Neel sits on the sofa wondering why he is not able to forget Chahat even after so many years, he recalls when he saw Chahat lying on the floor and Sahil claimed to be her husband, he however exclaims he has forgotten her and wonders where has Toup Singh gone and why is it taking him so long, Neel gets a call from the police inspector who explains that Vyas jee has been seen in front of a club.

Neel is talking with the police inspector, Toup Singh comes in excitement saying that he ran and ran but did not let the bee bite him, Neel explains that Vyas jee has been seen in front of a club so they have to leave immediately, Neel and Toup Singh reach the club and enter, Vyas je is dancing with the girls in the bar and is even drinking, he rests his hand on the table when someone pulls him from behind, he is shocked to see Aalekh who asks what is wrong with him, he questions why is he dancing openly with the women, he pulls Vyas je away in the room who is drunk, he questions what kind of madness is this because he was searching for him while he was dancing with the girls, Aalekh even slaps him saying that he is the only one who knows he is the twin brother of Vyas je who was thrown out of the house because of his lavishness, he exclaims that he has done a lot to make it happen because after using him he could further all his ends but he is trying to ruin everything and is dancing in the open, Aalekh explains that he saw Vyas je was sitting beside the river each day which is when he hit his head with a stone and threw his unconscious body in the river so he could have died.

Aalekh gets mad at him when he pleads with him to not slap him once again because it hurts a lot, the twin brother sits down exclaiming he was kidnapped and when he ran someone kidnapped him once again, Aalekh gets mad asking who kidnapped him, Ghazala Baig comes from behind saying that it was her plan and Sahil kidnapped him on her orders, the twin brother explains that he had to eat chicken and even drink alcohol after which she realized that he is not Mant Vyas.

Neel is constantly asking for Vyas je but is not able to find any clue when he wonders why the police gave the wrong address however, they both vow to do all that they can to find Vyas je.

Ghazala asks Aalekh for his help exclaiming that because of Neel and Chahat she lost her son because he took his own life in the jail, she is adamant to destroy the lives of Neel and Chahat, Sahil along with Aalekh and Ghazala agree to help each other but the brother of Vyas je exclaims that they should not rush because they have reached Goa just now and should enjoy, she asks Aalekh to accompany him in the club however Aalekh says that he doesnot go in front of the women but is forced by the twin brother who before leaving even says to ghazala that he would meet her after all this is over.

Sahil asks Ghazala why she did not tell Aalekh that Chahat is working in their house as Toup Singh, Ghazala says that that it is because they can never trust Aalekh completely as he is a really treacherous person so they do not know what he might do, she explains she would inform him of the truth when the time is right, She exclaims they would make sure Neel and Chahat both are distanced from their children, she questions if Sahil has gotten attached to her daughter when Sahil signals that it is not the case, he wonders the only way he can be with Chahat is when Dua is removed from the path.

Neel says he forgot he had a picture of Vyas jee in his mobile, they both start questioning strangers by showing them the photo however they do not seem to have seen Vyas je, one girl recognizes him and takes Toup Singh and Neel to a nearby house, she however lures them and then threatens to kill Toup Singh by placing a knife on his neck.

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  1. Can I ask one thing has Chahat seen both of the Vyasji’s and that’s why she is in the house to investigae?

    1. So when Aalekh says he threw the real Vyasji in the river and he is supposedly dead Chahat won’t believe he is dead because she has seen them both?

  2. Yee Neel and Chahat ka amna samna kaab hoga 😭😥

  3. Neel koh kaab pata chalega toup Singh Chahat hain 😭😭😭😥

  4. Neel Koh Janneki koi zarurat nehi hain ki toup Singh Chahat ekk hee insan hain lekin at least Chahat se toh amna Samna hon sakta hain naaa ?????

    Neel ki galatfamie kaab durr hogi ??? Kya Usko kavhi pata nehi chalega Chahat ne usse koi dhoka nehi diya or Shlock dua usske bacche hain ??? 😭😭😭😭

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