Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Pundlik asks forgiveness from his parents.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jaanu and Satyavati happy but shocked to see Pundlik in this state. Pundlik goes to his parents crawling as they say what happened to you son? Why are you crawling like this? Pundlik says forget about that father, I am fine now. I have come to ask for forgiveness from you, I have finally realized all my mistakes! I have hurt you both a lot and I will regret this my entire life but I want forgiveness from you, please forgive me for what I have done! Only you both can forgive me and make my life of divinity again! My only purpose is to serve you both my entire life. Pundlik takes the blessings of his parents. Jaanu and Satyavati bless Pundlik. Pundlik smiles and he gets his legs back, Pundlik stands up as he is able to walk again! Pundlik is happy and he jumps and says I am able to walk again only because of your blessings! Prabhu Krishna has been kind to me, he gave me back my legs. My Prabhu has saved me and your blessings gave me a chance again father and mother. Pundlik remembers what Rishi Tapasvi told him and he falls at his parents feet again.
Pundlik hugs his parents. There Dayakar is with the Rishi’s as they walk through the forest singing Lord Krishna’s prayer song. Dayakar and the Rishi’s stop at Ketki’s house. Dayakar says gurudev, don’t stop here! This is the house of the evil women who destroy everyone’s house and family. Ketki says we are also those who don’t let anyone in our house. Chandrakala comes out of the hut and she prays to gurudev. Ketki tries stopping her but Chandrakala stops Ketki. Ketki says pranaam to Gurudev and says I feel you will show me the right direction. Ketki tries stopping her but Chandrakala says to Gurudev, please show me the way to repent for my mistakes. Ketki says I am here to show you the way, we don’t walk on dharma path Chandrakala. Chandrakala says please help me Gurudev. Dayakar smiles and says the only way for penance is to walk on the path of devotion towards god. Chandrakala says then I will do the same, I will be a disciple of god. Ketki says no Chandrakala, don’t do this. Gurudev says, daughter the way will be tough, are you sure you want to do this? Chandrakala says yes. Ketki holds her and tries stopping Chandrakala but Chandrakala says stop it mother, I will no longer listen to you, I will repent for all my mistakes.
Ganesh says the first step towards penance is asking for forgiveness for the sins you have done. Then the real journey starts, you shall repent for your sins through devotion and servitude.
Pundlik and his parents go back to their hut with Diwakar. Pundlik says I shall serve you both all my life and this is my purpose now. Pundlik prays to them and washes their feet and takes their blessings. Pundlik keeps praying as he walks around his parents,
Chandrakala gets the clothes of a Sanyasi and Rishi gives her the purpose of her life. Ketki is sad. Chandrakala takes Rishi’s feelings. Rishi says remember, on the path of bhakti you have to ask forgiveness from those whom you have given trouble. Chandrakala remembers her mistakes and she first asks for forgiveness from Dayakar and says I have given you a lot of trouble Dayakar, please forgive me for my sins. Dayakar forgives Chandrakala. Chandrakala says I have to ask forgiveness from Pundlik and his family.
Pundlik’s parents say, son we forgive you, when bad times come over a person they realize their past mistakes and walk on the path of dharma. The parents say what about our house? We will go back there. Pundlik says I lost everything, my house and everything else but I will take care of you here, don’t worry. Pundlik says I will build a new house for you here. Satyavati says what about Malti? Pundlik is worried. Diwakar says don’t worry brother, I will bring Malti bhabhi you serve our parents. Diwakar goes.
Pundlik, Jaanu and Satyavti go in their hut and start singing prayer for Lord Krishna. As they sing a prayer, Pundlik smiles and is deep into his devotion for Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna smiles as he hears the beautiful prayer song.
Malti is fainting in the forest as she thinks all mistakes she had done. She says please help me find my parents in law and my swami, my husband. Diwakar walks in the forest and then he finds Malti fainted on a stone and hurt on her forehead. Diwakar is shocked and he says bhabhi, please wake up.
There, Pundlik and his parents do the pooja of Lord Krishna. Pundlik is in devotion of his prabhu. He keeps praying and then his souls comes in the soul world and Lord Krishna appears to bless Pundlik. Pundlik falls at the feet of Lord Krishna and has tears, he says prabhu, I finally meet you.

Precap: Malti comes home with Diwakar and she asks for forgiveness from Pundlik and his parents. Pundlik is still in deep devotion. Malti tries to wake him up but Pundlik keeps praying in devotion.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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