Molkki 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Purvi experiences hostility in her new home

Molkki 25th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahesh sheds crocodile tears to convince Purvi. Savita and Priyu come there just then. Savita asks her if something is wrong. Purvi denies. She goes back inside with them. Mahesh wipes her fake tears. Purvi has become Molkki! Vidaai ceremony starts. Title track plays. Savita gives her Kanja ji’s idol as her blessing. Purvi hugs her as she cries her heart out. Priyu hugs her sister and cries. Mahesh folds his hands in front of Purvi. Purvi holds his hands and cries harder. She leaves with Virender.

Purvi glances at Virender but he looks away. She falls asleep during the ride but wakes up because of a pothole. They reach haveli. Virender goes inside. Purvi thinks that Ma ji and Mama ji haven’t reached yet. Driver requests her to go inside. A servant opens the door for her. Purvi looks at the number of servants walking around. She walks up to the main door. Virender’s kids throw a ball on her face from either side. They make faces at her. They are about to hit her again when they hear their Dadi’s voice. Virender’s mother calls out to everyone. Virender’s bride is here. Let’s welcome her. Anjali and Jyoti look at Purvi. Anjali is told to make preps for grahrpavesh. Anjali points out that she has entered inside the house already. Grahpravesh isn’t needed. Mama reprimands her. It is a tradition. She will be welcomed grandly. Announce this in the village where we will introduce her to everyone. Anjali and Jyoti feel bad.

Grahpravesh happens. Bhuri takes Purvi to her room. Purvi looks at the house in awe. I haven’t seen such a house before. Bhuri asks her if she has never been to the house of a Zamindar when they distribute food. I thought you must have been there so I asked you. This house is yours now. Purvi notice a beautiful door and is intrigued. Whose room is it? Bhuri takes her from there. She brings Purvi to her room. She shoots an eerie look around. She notices the tattered slippers in Purvi’s bag. These things don’t belong here. Throw them away. She later adds that whatever does not belong here gets thrown out sooner or later.

Navin’s family meets Priyu’s family. Navin’s mother says we are very happy with Purvi’s wedding. She will take care of her younger sister now that she is the bride of such a big family. Savita tells her not to expect dowry from them. We sent Purvi away with few clothes and we will do the same with Priyu. Navin’s parents aren’t happy hearing it.

Purvi is getting ready for the function. She notices Virender’s kids hiding behind a curtain. Purvi makes a face as she her MIL puts a heavy necklace around her neck. Virender’s mother asks her if her ring hurt her. Anjali tells her to get used to bear weight. You will have to handle the responsibilities of this house with Jeth ji. Virender’s mother shoots her a stare. Anjali excuses herself on the pretext of bringing some pins.

Navin’s father takes Mahesh outside. Your wife can be innocent but I know the truth. You have done Purvi’s Molkki. You got a new house after Purvi’s Molkki. Give that house to us. I will bring Baraat to your place tomorrow itself. Mahesh calls it wrong but Navin’s father tells him to make up his mind.

Virender’s daughter puts stones in the new Mojari that has been brought for Purvi. Purvi winces in pain as soon as she wears them. Virender’s kids laugh. Bhuri taunts Purvi. The one who wears Mojari’s for the first time experiences pain. These are a fresh pair and will certainly hurt. Purvi finds stones inside. She realises that the kids have put them. She throws them on the floor and signals the kids. Virender’s daughter decides to teach her a lesson in the party. She takes Manas downstairs.

Priyu tells Navin that his family is making demands one by one. Your family knows that my Baba cannot give dowry. You love me. Let’s elope and get married. Everything will be fine afterwards as you are their only son. Navin says I am their only son hence I cannot break their hearts.

Virender’s sister (Suman) comes to meet Purvi. She complains that Virender got married without telling her but her anger disappears when she meets Suman. Bhai ji will be thrilled to see her. She goes downstairs with her mother. Anjali taunts Purvi that Jeth ji hasn’t even glanced at her once. She leaves as well. Bhuri tells Purvi not to do anything after which Virender is being questioned on his choice. Purvi wonders what kind of people live here. Where have I come!

Priyu reprimands Navin for thinking only about his family. Navin nods. You fixed your sister’s Molkki in lacs. Tell your Baba to get your Molkki done too if he cannot give us dowry. He leaves. Priyu is in tears.

Everyone is gathered downstairs for the party. They like Purvi the moment they see her. Purvi gets tensed. All the eyes on fixed on me. I should go back to my room. Mama ji asks her to come downstairs. Everyone is waiting for you. Suman tells her brother that his wife is very beautiful. Virender looks at Purvi for a second but then looks away. The kids wait for Purvi with bated breath as she starts descending the stairs. There is a wire on the lower stair.

Precap: Purvi trips on the wire and falls down. Everyone stands for a family photo. Virender’s mother asks the kids to stand next to their father. Purvi realises that they are Virender’s kids.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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