All I Have Is You (Immj2 ff) ~ #5 The Kidnapper

The episode starts as….

The next day, at 9:00 a.m.

Riddhima reaches the office and the receptionist directs her towards Angre.

Riddhima: Good Morning Sir!

Angre: Good Morning (handles her some files) Go and take these files to Vansh Sir and get it signed.

Riddhima: Ok Sir.

Angre directs her towards the office and Riddhima leaves from there. She knocks on the door and a familiar voice, although she didn’t know why was it familiar answered, “Come in”. She enters the room and says, “Good Morning Sir” without seeing Vansh because Vansh had her back towards her and before turning his hands reached towards his eyes and he wiped his tears. He then turns towards Riddhima and says, “Good Morning”. Riddhima is shocked to see Vansh, she remembers he is the same man she colluded with the previous day and scolded him for bumping into her, and now there he was standing in front of her as her boss. She couldn’t help but regret her actions even more. Meanwhile Vansh notices this and worries about something (I can’t tell you why is he worried because that is the main base of my story and will be revealed in later episodes😉). Riddhima comes back from her thoughts and says, “I am really sorry Sir!”. Vansh relaxes and answers her in a very mysterious voice, mysterious because his heart wanted to be soft and sweet towards her but he knew he couldn’t and what turned out was a mixture of those two voices.

Vansh: What for?

Riddhima: The other day I bumped into you due to my mistake and started scolding you. I really wanted to apologise to you even then but you had already left so I am apologising to you today.

Vansh: It’s alright! And did you get the files that Angre had given you?

Riddhima: Yes Sir (handling him the files), here they are.

Vansh takes the files and signs them and gives it back to Riddhima. He could see the pain in Riddhima’s eyes and knew it was because of Sejal and Kabir. He thinks, ” I know that it is tough for you and I also know that you are in pain but I had to kidnap Sejal so that I could get you to break up with Kabir and join VR enterprises!”( There you go… congratulations everyone who guessed that Vansh is the kidnapper….you all are right). Riddhima takes the file and leaves from his room.

Riddhima thinks that there is something familiar in Vansh’s voice and Vansh himself. She thinks that why as soon as she saw him she felt that she knew him for years. She tries to remember if she has ever felt the same for anyone else and to her utter surprise she remembers that she has never felt the same for anyone else, not even for Sejal and Kabir and she couldn’t help but think why was she feeling like this. She handles the files to Angre who instructs her to prepare a presentation for an upcoming important project and also informs her that she will get an office for herself. So Riddhima goes towards her office. She enters her office and settles herself on her chair and was about to open the laptop when she notices something on the table. It’s an idol of Lord Ganesha, she is very happy to see it and it also brings a smile on her face but at the same time unknown to her there was someone watching her. She takes the idol in her hands and say,”Bappa, please give me the strength to cope with all this and save Sejal and return back to Kabir”. Saying this she keeps the idol back on the table and starts working on the laptop.

The person noticing her moves from her office and remembers himself keeping the idol in her office. He thinks,”I knew that this would definitely bring a smile on your face!” As he is walking someone greets him, “Good Morning Vansh Sir”(Yes, you got that right Vansh kept the idol in Riddhima’s office, confused aren’t you, don’t worry all this confusion will be cleared in the next 5-10 episodes and you will come to know almost all the reasons behind everyone’s actions)

Meanwhile at VR mansion,

Siya is resting on her bed with Ishani on her bedside. They both are discussing something.

Siya: I just hope Bhaiya gets successful in his plan.

Ishani: Even I wish the same, I really want him to get out of all this and be happy as he was before.

Siya: Exactly! And we need to be really careful now and don’t discuss this any further. Bhaiya has confided this to both of us only. He didn’t even confide it to Mom and Dadi.

Ishani: Yes Siya! You are right, we must be his strength and not his weakness.

They both smile when Siya’s phone rings. It’s Vansh. Siya picks it up and seeing Ishani she puts the phone on speaker.

Vansh: Siya, did you take your medicine?

Siya: Yes bhaiya, Ishani gave it to me just now.

Vansh: Good Siya…and please be careful and ask Ishani also to do the same.

Siya: Ok bhaiya

Vansh: I have an urgent meeting now, I will call you later and till then you please take rest and take your medicines on time. Saying this he cuts the call.

Precap: Vansh goes down on his knees and proposes Riddhima.

So this is it. And to all my astrologers, do predict why is Vansh proposing Riddhima. I hoped you liked this episode so please comment and let me know. And Diha and all the Kabir lovers, I am really very sorry I couldn’t put Kabir in today’s episode due to some reasons which I can’t reveal now (hope you understand). Last but not the least, lots of love from me to all my readers and thank you so very much for your support!🙏💙

  1. OMG what I read in precap🤓…. Awesome😊 amazing😍.. And no guess from my side. 😅

    1. ChillHouse

      Thanks Shivangi…..I will post the next episode really very soon!

  2. Ugh……I loss it.
    Yaar….is Ridhima is suffering from Amnesia🤔🤔😅.
    They both are lovers till she met with an accident. Master brain behind accident and amnesia would be Kabir……
    I’m waiting for your next update

    1. ChillHouse

      I will try to reduce your wait and I am damn sure the next episode will really make you go nuts!

  3. I wish the precap shouldn’t be a dream I wish it to happen in real 😄😄😄
    Really fabulous episode

    1. ChillHouse

      Thank you Sumisha…you will definitely know in the next episode whether it is a dream or not.

  4. Naira U Singh

    Really good yaar, pefect episode waiting for the next one

    1. ChillHouse

      Thanks a lot Naira…..your wait will come to an end soon!

  5. Fantastic episode yaar👏👏👏❤…So Revelation 1:I knew it was vansh who kidnaped sejal ….
    Revelation 2:he loves riddhima and im sure it has to do something about thier past

    Plz dont make riddhima ragani who was brainwashed or something😐😑 but today’s episode was really Amazing…will be waiting for next one☺😉❤❤❤

    1. ChillHouse

      Thank you so much Riansh Lover…. And I can never make Riddhima like Ragini… because to be honest…I was so sick of Ragini in the real series that I didn’t even include her in my ff.

  6. RiyaVaghani

    OH MY GOD!! I AM HEAD OVER THE HEELS FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!! update soon! and since u have planned… pardon me… i never plan… so since u have planned, u can write really fast… one time xperience… so update very soon! i am waiting!

    1. ChillHouse

      Thanks Riya..and well to be honest..I planned this whole thing yesterday and don’t mind but I am the kind of person who keeps on getting constant thoughts and ideas and change according to it…but I am sure that you will all love it!

    2. RiyaVaghani

      OMG!!! That’s exactly what happened to me! Ask Buddy! I mean Seanna…. that is the exact thing that happens to me… i keep getting ideas and i keep changing the plot…
      and i know, i will love it… i love all stories!

    3. ChillHouse

      So do I… especially novels and as I rightly guessed…we really do have a lot of similarities…hmm.. interesting…very interesting 😉

  7. Episode was amazing..
    Eagerly waiting to know what you have planned…I think ridhima nd vansh have some past connection..

    1. ChillHouse

      Thanks Aastha….and I am sure you will like the next episode!

  8. Episode was quite amazing 😉
    Vansh is in pain after putting her in this situation 🤨
    Well yup really missing him but ya I understand and I’ll manage 🙂
    I think there is more to reveal in upcoming updates 🤔
    Looking forward for an blasting twist,,😇
    Update us soon😊

    1. ChillHouse

      Thanks Diha…glad you understand my situation and the next twist will surely blow your head!

  9. From my side their are no guesses. The episode seems like a mystery book, i love this book very much. Continue with the flow

    1. ChillHouse

      Thanks a ton M…I really wanted it to be mysterious…glad my readers feel the same!

  10. Jazzmiiiine10

    Its very nice episode..I don’t wanna guess anything cuz…I don’t want my head to ache !!

    1. ChillHouse

      Thanks dear…no problem…the next episode will definitely give you a really big clue!

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