Interesting… Very interesting… Part 7 (Vansh – Riddhima first meeting)

No more introduction I will start directly….

Let’s start,

Vansh approached to the girl. He was struck by seeing her beauty. She was wearing a white salwar with orange duppatta. Her face is show cute. Her black wavy hair sshine like diamonds due to sunlight and dance according to the tunes of wind. Yes guys it’s none other than Riddhima. Vansh forgot the present world for sometime seeing her awesome beauty.
(Dil ye tere bina plays)

By seeing his staring, Riddhima moves her fingers in front of Vansh’s eyes. He came back to sense.

Riddhima : I have been shouting to you from the last five minutes, you are simply staring at me.

Vansh was standing silently. Riddhima continues.

Riddhima : Do you know what you have done. You had hitten my scooter with this car. Look

Vansh looked at the scooter, the front part is completely damaged and now it looks like a new designed vehicle which is just now delivered from shop.

Vansh was silent (Don’t know whether the silence is the silence before a thunderstorm)

Riddhima: Are you deaf ??

Vansh could not take it anymore.

Vansh : Enoughhhhh.

Riddhima become terrified suddenly

Vansh : How much is the cost for this vehicle? I will buy it and dump it some where

Riddhima was shocked with his attitude

Riddhima: Are you out of your mind? You hit the vehicle this is your mistake and you are showing attitude to me.

Vansh : Hey this is not my attitude. This is done by me that why I am talking like this. If not???

He pointed his finger towards Riddhima, Riddhima cut his finger with her and said

Riddhima : If not ? continue will you kill me

Vansh : maybe.

At that time some passers who saw the fight comes there and asked

Passers : beta what happened dear

Riddhima: Uncle this man hit my scooty with his car and he is showing attitude to me.

Passers turned to Vansh to question him but they were shocked and frightened when the saw the person’s face. It is the great Vansh Raisinghania. They know if they support Riddhima then they will be screwed.

So they changed to Vansh’s side and says

Passers : (to Riddhima) It is your mistake beta you should be more responsible.

After saying this they left from there. Riddhima was surprised. Vansh had a winner smile on his face he says to Riddhima.

Vansh : You cannot win over me. I am Vansh Vansh Raisinghania. I have the power to change you such people’s life. You better store it in your mind.

By saying he wear his glasses and went back to his car with full attitude. Riddhima was struck by seeing this…

After some time,

Riddhima (in her mind) : Oh no what I have done I missed to confront the man who changed my life. I wanted to slap him question him confront him but I missed.

Vansh in his car

Vansh (saying his mind) : what happened to me ? I didn’t immediately respond to that girl who fights with me… Why I gave this much time to her ??

The episode ends with Vansh’s questionable face and Riddhima’s shocked and disappointed face.

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  1. nice episode🥰😘😍

    1. Nicks

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  2. Vansh Riddhima fight made me laugh 😂😂
    Awesome episode dear 😘😘

  3. Naira U Singh

    Now the story is becaming interesting

    1. Nicks

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  4. So lovely …vansh just staring at riddhima while she keeps on shouting 😂😂😆…i must say …interesting very interesting….please post soon..

    1. Nicks

      Thank you. Ya next epi is on the way…

  5. Your ff is as it’s name interesting…very interesting..
    Episode was amazing nd well written..
    Waiting for the next one..

  6. I love Tom and Jerry war 😄😄😄

  7. Jazzmiiiine10

    Its really nice but short !

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  8. Interacting episode!!😍
    Keep updating us with quite long ff by next
    They are so sweet and adorable together

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