#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 18 – Riddhima shifts with Angre

Episode starts with…

Its 9am, Sejal’s House,

Rudra and Chanchal were having their breakfast when they heard knock on their house, so, Chanchal went to answer the door

Chanchal: You!

Rudra: Who’s that?

Chanchal: Angre

Angre entered wishing both of them,

Angre: Good Morning Uncle, Aunty. I hope am not disturbing

Rudra: Not at all. Come, take your seat

Angre: Am sorry, actually had got some important work so would be going out of town for tonight, so, thought would meet Riddhu and once take her home before going for my work. If you don’t mind

Chanchal: Definitely not Angre. She is your sister and you don’t need our permission to taker her home. Even that’s her home.

Angre: That’s true Aunty but you have the whole right on her than I have. So, I came to take your daughter who is also my sister.

Rudra: Angre remember one thing. Riddhima is your sister and also the daughter of this house. She loves us all the same way. You were always like my son so never hesitate to come here. I’d say why don’t you both brother and sister live together? Even we’ll be tension free. We always wanted her to live with us but your sister is so stubborn so she bought herself a flat and is staying there. So, now it’s time she shift with you here.

Angre: Actually, even I wanted to say the same so thought would first discuss with you.

Chanchal: We are always with you in any decision you’d take for Riddhima

Angre: Aunty that’s your right to take any decision related to her. I’ll always support you because I trust you.

They all were discussing when

Angre: Btw, where is she?

Rudra: Girls both are tired so didn’t yet wake up. They’d be in their rooms. Come lets go and see

They both head towards Riddhima’s room and knock the door to find Sejal opening the door

Rudra: Beta, you here! But when I saw you in the morning you were in your room

Sejal: Yes Pa, but then I came here to sleep with her 2 hours back but I woke up now. Angre Bhai, you here

Angre: Came to take her home.

Sejal: Why so early

Angre: O Sejal, its 10 already, if you wake up late doesn’t mean it’s early. Actually, the point is I have an important work so would go out of town for tonight so before leaving I’d want to shift her into our home.

Sejal: Acha ok. Come and see how your dear sister is still sleeping.

Angre entered into the room to see Riddhima while Rudra left to answer a call. Angre saw his little sister sleeping peacefully hugging her pillow.

Angre: Does she sleep like this all the time?

Sejal: Shall I tell the truth; she always sleeps hugging either her pillow or teddy but the smile you are seeing on her face is due to happiness. She is stress free and is happy to the core

Angre smiles at her and goes to sit on Riddhima’s bed and caresses her face

Angre: Riddhu. Good Morning

Riddhima: Bhai!!!

She opened her eyes to see her brother by her side smiling at her

Riddhima: Bhai!! You here this early in the morning

Sejal: O Sleeping beauty, it’s not early its already 10.

Riddhima turned to see that its indeed 10. So, she started to get up from bed in hurry when was stopped by Angre

Angre: Oooo!!! Where are you going

Riddhima: Bhai, I am late. We need to go to office. I need to visit the hospital too

Sejal: Bhai, just hit your sister on behalf of me or else I’ll do that

Riddhima was staring at them as they were laughing

Riddhima: What???

Angre: My lovely sister, today is Sunday

Riddhima (banging her head): Oops!! I forgot

Sejal: We know workaholic idiot

Angre: Acha your session won’t end so before that I’ll tell what I came for

Riddhima: Yes Bhai, you here!!!

Angre: Riddhu, I actually came to take you home. You’ll be shifting from your place to our place today.

Sejal: Yayyyy so we all will be together now. RS Mansion and Your house is just few metres away from our house so it’s almost like we are staying together. Thank you, Bhai, for taking this decision.

Angre: Why won’t I!!! Afterall I got her after years and I won’t miss a chance to stay by her. From today she’ll be with me like forever.

Riddhima was in tears and couldn’t say anything and just nodded her head in approval.

Angre: So, now you both get ready, we need to go to her place to pack everything and then shift to our place.

Sejal: Am I also coming???

Angre: Of course, not only you, Siya and Ishani are coming too. Because there would be many things to pack and I can’t let my Riddhu to work and I need helpers so taking you three with me (teasing)

Sejal threw a cushion over him as he left the room while Riddhima was laughing.

Its 11:30am,

Angre with Riddhima and Sejal left Sejal’s house and picked Ishani and Siya to proceed towards Riddhima’s place. As soon as they reached, everyone got to work on packing while Riddhima went into kitchen to get some snacks for everyone. They were singing, dancing, pulling each other’s legs, eating, and were having fun while packing.

Its 2pm, Angre’s house (from now on its Riddhima’s too)

All reached Angre’s house, Riddhima was nervous as she was entering “her home” for the first time in years. She was emotional and had tears while she was stepping into the gate. Angre who was observing his siter’s trance

Angre: Riddhu, go and open the gate and enter

Riddhima opened the gate and as she entered, she was shocked, she turned towards Angre who was having happy tears. She ran and hugged him

Riddhima: Thank you Bhai,

Angre took her towards entrance where he has planned a surprise for her with help of Rai Singhania family and Pant Family. As soon as she entered, flowers were showered on her and the path leading towards the house was filled with flower petals. She was observing how everyone was waiting for her. She observed the house and it was resembling her home years ago, the structure was almost the same, the bungalow had a lotus pond in front in the lawn. The lawn had a huge mango tree and it had a swing and there were birds feeding area. She was overjoyed by the bungalow’s resemblance as it had returned her childhood memories. She was speechless. She started walking towards door and as she opened the door she found, Rai Singhania family and Pant family standing with pooja plate to welcome her. She was out of words and her eyes told the dialogues she wanted to speak.

Dadi: Angre is the son of Rai Singhania family so you are the daughter of our family. And this is your first step in your house so how can we not come to welcome you. Chanchal, welcome your daughter in her house

Chanchal came forward and was welcoming her when both mother and daughter had tears in their eyes, the moment was to be cherished.

Angre: Riddhu, come on I’ll show you the house.

He looked back at Ishani who assured him that she’ll take care of others while he is with Riddhima

As the bro – sis duo started exploring the house, Angre guided her to each room while she was keenly observing her childhood pics with her family, her grandparents, her bro, her childhood home, her birthday celebration pics. She realized her childhood has been preserved by her brother all these years. Every inch of the house was almost filled with her childhood pics. She was overjoyed. Angre led her to her room and as soon as she opened the door, she could feel the welcome balloons and all her pics arranged in the room, she even found pics with Sejal, her college pics, her pics with Rudra and Chanchal, her pics as doctor, her pics as an event manage. The room was filled with pics of hers and at the corner of her bed she found many soft toys, she had a small library in one of the corner, her window is whole decked up for her to enjoy her night watching and her balcony had soft grass beneath her legs and there were all the sought of plants she likes. She was speechless as to how come her brother knew her dream room, she turned towards him with tears in her eyes and questions

Angre: I got to know all this from Sejal and she was the one who helped me with the pics too. Did you like it?

Riddhima: I love it Bhai. Bhai, I wanted to ask you about dadi and Dadu. Where are they? They still live in our vacation house?

Angre (emotional): Riddhu, they passed away few years back and the house is preserved under me as that has many memories of our childhood.

Riddhima: Bhai, I couldn’t meet them for the last time (tears rolling). I always missed them. Sweets dadi used to prepare and stories dadu used to tell, I miss them

Angre: We missed you a lot. Dadu used to always remember you. He always thought if at all you were alive then you’d have been a naughty girl as usual and would have created a mess of the house. Vaise if you check that corner of your room then you’ll find something.

Riddhima smiled and moved towards and found a small cupboard where there were many gifts. She was amazed

Angre: These are the gifts I always used to get for you on your birthdays, festivals, and all other occasions from past 20 years

They both smiled and had a warm hug, which was interrupted by Siya and Sejal who were running around the house for something while Ishani was trying to control them.

Angre: Arrey calm down you too. Now what happened?

Sejal: Bhai, this girl isn’t letting me to cook for my Riddhu

Siya: Jeeju, I want to cook for Riddhima and everyone

Angre: Jeeju???!!!! (confused)

Ishani: Aren’t you her Jeeju? (raising eyebrows)

Angre (composing himself): Ishani, dear I didn’t mean that but…

Ishani: But what Angre ….

Angre: Ishu, I meant that sounding is so weird. I never heard it right, it’s going to take time for me to get used to it. I’ll get used to asap (trying to avoid any clash)

Ishani: You better (folding her hands near her chest)

Riddhima, Sejal and Siya couldn’t control their laughter and burst out while Angre looked at them in stern way which was observed by Ishani and she too gave him a stern look, because of which he changed his expression while Ishani too joined the girls and burst into laughter and then Angre too joined and they laughed hard and clicked pics.

Sejal: So, what we were saying is…

Ishani: Don’t you two enter the kitchen; I have recently arranged everything and if you too enter it then you are going to mess up

Sejal & Siya: But….

Riddhima: Enough you too, today I’ll cook for everyone

Ishani: Riddhima, there are only us five, others have left

Riddhima: Why?? I thought I’d cook for everyone

Sejal: Pa had some work for which they both left

Siya: Dadi and everyone left too citing some of their works

Ishani: Its ok Riddhima, you can cook for them some other day. And for today…

Angre: And for today, I’ll cook for us

Riddhima was stunned and turned towards her brother who assured that he’ll cook for his sister.

Riddhima: Bhai, you know cooking?

Ishani: Riddhima, don’t underestimate your brother and mine (Vansh), they are perfect Chef’s you could ever meet and taste their dishes. You can trust him in this (laughing)

Angre: If your leg pulling is done, shall I cook?

Ishani: Acha ok, I’ll help you in this.

Sejal & Siya: And we’ll…

Angre: Don’t you dare enter kitchen, help her in unpacking her luggage’s. While we are in kitchen

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

  1. O so Riddhima shifted with Angre! Now we will be able to witness cute moments between the brother and sister. Today’s episode was very nice. It was very funny when Angrey said I need helper and who is jeeju. I loved those funny moments a lot. After a long time, commenting earlier.

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Am glad that you liked it.
      I’ll make sure you get to see their bonding
      Thank you 🙂

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    ANGRE N RIDDHIMA IS REALLYY CUTE.. their bonding is so nice n would be great to see it every day….. they are really admirable brother n sister…❤️❤️❤️❤️Thanks for giving us interesting episode every day… (hmmm INTERESTING…VERY INTERESTING)😛😝😜😘 keep it up the good work….eagerly waiting for the next one… can’t wait… love uuuu❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘💕💕💕

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