Molkki 1st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Sudha’s fails in escaping from Om’s house

Molkki 1st December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manas requests his sister not to cry. I feel like crying as well. Virender’s mother asks them to come outside. I have told your father not to hurt you ever again. They haven’t eaten anything since morning. They are just like their father. Anjali suggests her to let them stay inside. This will be a good lesson to them. Purvi feels bad for the kids. She notices the vents and decides to check on the kids.

Sudha gets raped by someone from Om’s family (seems like the secret that Om’s mother was trying to hide). I cannot bear this anymore.

Purvi is peeking inside the kids’ room through the vent. He keeps threatening everyone all the time and dint even spare the kids. How can a guy like him love his wife so much?

Sudha is trying to dig her way out of the house. She hurts her fingers but continues her work. Om’s mother is switching off the lights. She decides to check in the backyard as the wall is broken there. She takes out a gun from the drawer and hears to the backyard.

Manas is hungry but Juhi tells him to remain hungry. Papa slapped me! Keep quiet. Purvi starts mumbling to herself how Virender should change his number to Krur Singh. I wont let these kids sleep on an empty stomach till the time I am here! She turns and notices Virender standing behind her. She loses her balance and falls in his arms. Moh Moh ke dhaage. He keeps her down. What were you mumbling up there? Who is Krur Singh? She excuses herself. He calls her mad.

Sudha drops a stone on her feet and winces in pain. Om’s mother hears her voice. I think there is an intruder. I will teach him a lesson! Sudha’s dupatta gets stuck. She is trying to free it when Om’s mother points the gun on her forehead. Don’t you know that you are a Molkki? A Molkki cannot go back alive after being sold!

Everyone is seated at the dining table. Virender is about to take a bite when his mother tells him that the kids haven’t eaten anything. You shouldn’t have slapped Juhi. He speaks of disciple and strictness. They trouble everyone as soon as I leave. They will fail in life if this behaviour will continue! They have to be changed for good. That can either be done with love or strictly. He leave. Virender’s mother refuses to eat anything as well. Purvi assures her that she will make sure that the kids will eat. I wont let them sleep on an empty stomach. She excuses herself. Virender’s mother compliments her brother on his choice for Virender.

Om’s mother complains to her family how a Molkki tried to get out of her cage when so many men are here! Get the wall fixed asap. Let’s stay somewhere else till then.

Purvi finds out what the kids love the most and decides to make them herself. The servants are hesitant but she is positive about it. She starts cooking herself.

Mama calls Om. Come early tomorrow. Mukhi has to discuss a business plan with you. Om suggests meeting tomorrow. We have started some renovation at home and will look for a place tomorrow. Mama agrees.

Purvi announces the name of the favourite dishes outside the door. Manas gets tempted. Juhi tells Manas this is a trap. Don’t go out. Purvi tries her best to tempt them. Juhi tells Manas to stay put but he says I am just going to take in the fragrance. It is delicious. He asks his sister to come. Purvi asks them to come outside quietly. You can eat the food. I promise I wont tell anyone if it was the mice in the haveli or the mice in your stomachs that ate this food. She leaves. Manas requests Juhi to eat them. Manas takes the food inside. Purvi smiles seeing him take the tray inside. She peeks inside through the vents again. They feed each other sweetly. Purvi thinks they ate today but who will pacify them once I am gone. I wont let them be sad till the time I am here. I will take good care of them. I think I found a way through which I can stay in this house as Purvi!

Priyu reaches Navin’s place. I will give this to his father and ask them to fix my marriage with Navin asap. She notices a wedding taking place there and looks on. The guy turns out to be Navin. She shouts his name in shock. She confronts him. This is wrong. She opens the gathbandhan. I got dowry. Marry me now. Navin’s mother asks her to leave. Priyu says this isn’t with his wish. He loves me. How can he marry someone else? She tells Priyu that Navin does not love anyone. Priyu asks Navin to answer her. Navin pushes her away. I don’t love you. I am marrying her by choice. Stop this drama and leave! Priyu slaps him. Priyu tells the bride that she aborted her kid. will you marry a guy like him? The girl’s parents question Navin’s parents. Priyu curses Navin that he will never be happy after ruining her life. She picks up her bag and leaves in tears.

Mama is all set to leave. Virender’s mother praises Purvi. She passed her first test. Mama is sure she will pass all the exams. She will be like their own mother. He notices Virender going to his study room. His sister shares that Virender has been sleeping in his study since his wedding. Sakshi is his wife as per him. He tells his sister that Virender will sleep in his room with his wife after today. I will make it happen!

Priyu wonders what she should do now. I will be killed if I go back there. Only Purvi can do something for me. She hears a conductor asking people to board the bus to Rewari and sits inside.

Virender asks a guy to find the best master for his kids. He scans the resumes one by one. Accountant finds Purvi’s resume in the lot. Virender is taken aback. She gave her resume too? Purvi says you heard it right. Virender looks at her.

Precap: Virender asks Purvi why she needs a job. She replies that she isn’t ready to be a Molkki. I wasn’t aware of it and I will return your money to you with the tuition money. Kids keep a bucket full of coloured water on the door which falls over Purvi as soon as she steps inside. Virender tells her she wont be able to handle his notorious kids.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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