Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Amma’s bad dream worries her

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dada ji getting happy to see Amma sleeping and thinks to kiss her, but she wakes up and shouts asking what is this cheap thing? She asks why you was shouting being a soul. Dada ji says I am your husband and asks why did you shout? Amma tells that she has seen a bad dream, and saw Happu and Rajjo separating. Dada ji says you want this to happen. Amma tells that she knows that Rajjo is a diamond and she can’t lose her. She tells that it is early morning dream and that’s why she is worried. Dada says he saw many naughty dreams, but didn’t tell her. Amma gets worried for Happu and Rajjo. Dada ji gets romantic. Amma asks him to get in the frame, says I am not in the mood, says get out.

Next day, Happu reads in the newspaper about someone taking all the wealth by taking thumb impression. Kids come and greet Happu. Ranbir asks for money to watch the film. He tells the film name. Malaika says you will not see, but we want to watch. Kat says please…father, all my fear will go seeing this movie. Ranbir asks for 2000 Rs. Happu asks him to put his head inside the pit and then take out the money from it. Malaika says this is a joke. Happu refuses to give money. Kat says if we miss it today then we have to watch it next month. Happu asks her not to do the make up and says you will get scared seeing yourself. Rajjo comes there and argues with Happu, for not letting them watch the film. Happu asks her not to take their side and offers to take them next week. Happu asks Amma to dig the land, as mummy is taking us to watch the film and you have to pay it. Kat says mother is Mother India. Rajjo tells that she has used her mind to handle the kids. Amma hears them and gets happy seeing Rajjo handling the kids.

Happu is playing game on his mobile. Resham Pal asks him to concentrate on his work and calls him useless and lazy. He then tells that a rat bite my file. Happu says you are talking about madam and says she is not rat. Resham Pal says she is a tigress and I am rat infront of her. He says he is talking about the real rat whom bit the file yesterday. Happu assures to catch the rat. Manohar scares happu. Happu asks him to take out the same game. Manohar says sorry, says it is deleted by mistake. Happu throws his mobile angrily.

Kat tells Rajjo that she was thinking that they can go to bird house. Chamchi says can we go and see the birds sanctuary. Hritik says he wants to see the animals too. Ranbir says let us go. Rajjo scolds them. Happu comes there. Hritik complains to Happu about Rajjo. Happu asks why are you refusing to let them go? Rajjo says she will not let them go. Happu assures to take them to birds sanctuary next week. All the kids get happy. Happu says I will take the kids to the birds sanctuary. They leave. Happu winks his eyes and tells Rajjo that he has postponed the planning. Amma hears them and prays for their unity and good compatibility.

Amma lights the diya for Happu and Rajjo’s unity and togetherness, but the match stick couldn’t light up. Dada ji teases her. Amma tells about his bad dream and says that’s why I am lighting diya for their relation. She manages to light the match stick. Dada ji relieves his gastric trouble and the diya gets set off. Amma asks him to go. Dada ji goes.

Rajjo sings song. Happu comes to the room and says I want badayun wali bride. Rajjo asks him to move. Happu shows the ittar for her. Rajjo says if you had brought lipstick or powder then? Happu says you are sparkling without lipstick. He applies ittar on her hand. Rajjo asks him to move. Happu says it is easy to handle the kids because of you. Chamchi stops to hear their plan and hear them fooling them. Rajjo says you have fooled them too, they will forget next week. Rajjo says they are like you and calls him Lallu.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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