Mere Sai 1st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Mohan and Purna’s alliance is fixed

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Sai kneels down in front of the tiger. I understand that you are in pain, are afraid and need help but it does not mean that you will scare people away. It wont take your fears away. I know you kno the truth now. You must accept the truth. Digambar hopes that the tiger attacks Sai asap. Tiger sits down in front of Sai and wags its tail. Everyone looks on in amazement. The tiger breathes its last. His caretakers are in tears. Sai is also sad for the tiger. You are free from your pain and in Ram ji’s shade now. You wont feel any pain there. All villagers come out. Sai looks at the caretakers. It is natural to feel pain as you were with him since so many years but we must understand that everyone’s time to come and go is written already. No one can change what Ram ji has written. The tiger is free from the pain which it had been bearing for years. Appa says it is said that those who die in front of saints get moksha. You are great, Sai. You take care of all the beings. Digambar looks miffed.

Purna asks Mohan why he risked his life to save her. who does that for someone else? He says you do that for others. You did that for Rajaram ji. I was coming to meet you when I heard about the tiger. They discuss how the world would be a better place only if people will stop believing in superstitions. Purna offers to support Mohan in his endeavour. I will consider myself lucky if you will take my help. She notices him smiling. What happened? He says nothing.

Gangadhar tells Digambar that he and Mohan think differently yet he is the apple of my eyes. There should be a way to save him from being punished for committing the sin of insulting a Guru. Digambar suggests making Mohan do penitence for all the times when he has disrespected Digambar in the past. He is the only one in this house who is against me. Mohan remarks that there will be 2 such people in this house soon. Everyone looks at him in confusion. Digambar asks him who the other person is. Mohan tells his parents he is ready to marry. Digambar finds it fishy whereas Gangadhar and Savitri are thrilled with the idea. Gangadhar tells Digambar to select a girl for Mohan. Mohan says I have chosen the girl already. She is the perfect fit for our family. She will respect my parents. I want them to come with me to the girl’s house right away and fix the alliance. He turns to Digambar. No work can become possible without your consent. You must come as well. Gangadhar calls it a positive change in Mohan. Let’s finalise this girl for him. Savitri is curious but Mohan agrees to tell everything later. Let’s get going. Gangadhar and Savitri go to get ready. Digambar glares at Mohan.

Sai asks Appa what he is looking at. Appa says by now we all know you are different than all of us. No trouble can reach you yet I cannot stop worrying for you. I was dead scared when you were having a face-off with the tiger. I wanted to stand between you two just to save you. I later realised that you are Sai and you can calm anyone in this world. Why can’t I stop myself from worrying about you even after knowing everything? Sai says a mother’s love towards her kid and a disciple’s love towards his Guru is without logic. It is another form of love. Appa says only someone like you can describe love like this. You have only spread love all your life. Not just Shirdi, your every disciple is lucky to have you!

Raghupati welcomes Gangadhar, Savitri, Mohan and Digambar. Raghupati asks Purna to bring water for everyone. Raghupati asks them if they needed flowers. You could have called for me. Savitri says we have come to take a very different flower from you – Purna. Mohan wants to marry her. Raghupati and Purna are in for a pleasant surprise. Raghupati looks at his daughter who goes inside with a shy smile on her face. Digambar is seething with anger. Purna smiles at her Baba from inside. Raghupati is unable to believe his ears. He stands there quietly for few minutes. Gangadhar asks him if he is against this alliance. Raghupati denies. I thought I was day dreaming. What else can one ask for? Digambar predicts a doom. Purna will cause destruction in any home that she will go to! Raghupati and Purna feel bad. Digambar tells Gangadhar his family will spend a miserable life if they will bring Purna as their DIL. She will not be able to make your family happy. Mohan says it is your life that will become miserable. We wont let you stay there afterwards. Digambar asks Gangadhar if he will watch his son insult his Guru quietly. Mohan tells him to fight his battle on his own. Don’t bring Baba between us all the time. He challenges Digambar to try and scare him. Gangadhar requests him not to insult Digambar. We came here for an auspicious work. Mohan suggests him to do it then. Digambar speaks against Purna again. Mohan makes it clear that he will marry Purna only. I will not marry anyone else ever!

Gangadhar says Guru ji has always been our well-wisher. Mohan requests him to accept his wish. I heard you in the morning. Savitri reasons that they have nothing against Purna. We have to also think about planetary positions in relations. Guru ji must have thought of something before speaking against this alliance. Mohan says he also said that there is nothing that he cannot do. He can even speak to God. Digambar nods. Mohan says you will find a solution for this problem as well. This will be easy for you too. Should we think that you lost this time? Gangadhar seconds Mohan. Digambar speaks of a havan. You must offer a silver coconut decorated with expensive stones in the kund. Mohan thinks this is exactly what I expected him to say. Gangadhar agrees to do everything for his son’s sake. He tells Raghupati to make preps for the wedding. She touches Savitri’s feet. Raghupati says till now I was everything for Purna after her mother’s death. I was only worried for her. Gangadhar tells him not to worry about Purna anymore. Savitri will treat her just like her own daughter and I wont let her miss her father. Raghupati folds his hands but Gangadhar hugs him. Purna touches his feet as well. Mohan is all smiles. He tells Digambar that this coconut will be his last loot from his family. I promise you that this will be the last havan for our family. Your bad days will begin the day Purna and I get married.

Digambar is calculating the wedding date. Mohan tells him to find a good date or the date of the havan will also shift to a later date. Digambar announces that the wedding can be held after 15 days. Gangadhar and Raghupati share a hug. Savitri gives bangles as shagun to Purna. Purna and Mohan smile at each other.

Tiger’s caretakers come to Dwarkamai and greet Sai. They share that they have buried the dead body of the tiger in the jungle. We wanted to thank you as he could die in peace. Sai asks them what they will do now. They share that they will catch a cub from jungle now. It will be easy to train the cub. Sai advises them to make a hut for themselves in the jungle and stay there. You will find fruits and veggies there. you wont have to earn money ever again. They ask him how they will live in jungle. Sai suggests them to keep a torch with them. Wild animals wont come near you. They reason that they aren’t meant to live in jungle. Sai says the same for wild animals who are forced to come to cities. You dint think about what really mattered to the tiger. You did take care of him but you took away his freedom. Isn’t it injustice to the tiger? His external battle started since past few years but he was in pain from inside from the day you brought him from the jungle. You separated him from his mother. One should not use someone else to earn money. They admit that no one else told them this before with so much simplicity. We admit our mistake. We will do something else now and start afresh. We will tell people to leave the wild animals in the jungle itself. We need your blessings. Sai says that tiger gave you food and money his entire life. He gave you a new life after his death. You will be successful in your endeavour. Ram ji Bhala Karein!

Precap: Mohan lies down at night. I dint take medicine. I am so tired that I don’t feel like getting up now. He tries getting up but falls back on the bed. Sai leaves from Dwarkamai immediately.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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