Molkki 11th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Virender joins Purvi’s college

Molkki 11th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Anjali tells Purvi to visit a doc. There was no woman there! She tells Bhuri to bring cold water for Purvi. Purvi shouts that she did see all those things. They are not a lie. Virender says they turned out to be false though. We did both the things like you asked. There was no woman in that old house and the video turned out to be a completely different one. I think Anjali is right. You are not in the best of minds right now. You are hallucinating things. Stop arguing and take rest. He tells Anjali and his mother to let Purvi rest. She needs it. He leaves. Purvi wonders how to prove the truth now.

Prakashi tells Anjali she called her at the right time. if I wasn’t at home then Virender wouldn’t have spared you. Flashback shows Prakashi receiving Anjali’s call. Purvi has seen the woman in the old building with the help of drone. She has also seen the chains in her feet. Please delete the video before Purvi shows it to Virender. Prakashi agrees to take care of it. I will replace a very interesting video in its place. Purvi should know who she is messing with. She gives ice cream to the kids and checks out drone. They get busy eating ice cream. Prakashi removes the memory card and replaces the video later on. She next confirms to Anjali that the video has been deleted and replaced. There is no reason to worry now. You would have handled things there. Prakashi keeps the memory card back in the drone afterwards. Flashback ends.

Anjali praises her MIL for replacing the actual video with Purvi and Karan’s video. You have sowed the seed of doubt in Virender. It is the biggest enemy of anyone. It will ruin their life for forever. Prakashi says I am waiting for that day only. Dint you see how his face lost all colour after seeing the video? He said he is fine but he would be so jealous. I will prove that Molkki a crazy person.

Kids ask haathi for a break but she refuses. Juhi pretends that mosquitoes are biting them. She winks at Manas. They request her to place the mosquito net. She agrees. She tries to set it but the rope keeps coming off. Virender enters just then. Kids ask him to help haathi. He complies. He ties one end but the other one comes off easily. How have you tied it? Can you not tie a rope? He stand on the bed. They both keep colliding and hitting each other by mistake. They stand underneath and lose their balance. Juhi tells Manas that they are trapped in their plan now. We should run. This is the perfect time. Virender and Purvi share an eye lock. They move aside.

Virender asks Purvi why her friend Karan came home today. Purvi tells him everything. I am not lying. I swear upon God it isn’t how it appears to be in the recording. I hope you trust me. I am not that kind of person. Virender says why I would be upset with you. It is good to give water. You did the right thing. He goes.

Purvi asks Sudha about Priyu. I haven’t been able to meet her since she joined NGO. Sudha tells her this was the right decision for Priyu. She will be able to move on this way. Can you tell me that formula? Purvi offers to explain to her but gets confused instead. Karan is watching them. He walks up to them and explains how it is done. Sudha thanks him. You are very smart. We couldn’t do it. Karan’s friend praises Karan. He even got an offer from foreign universities but he wont leave. Karan nods. Sudha requests him to help her with the subject. He suggests meeting her after classes. We can meet wherever you want. Sudha says it will be a problem in NGO. Can we meet at your (Purvi) place? Purvi is hesitant but Sudha requests her. Purvi gives in. They agree to meet at Purvi’s place after college. A girl calls everyone to come to Principal’s office. Sudha and Purvi go as well. Karan vows to ruin Purvi and Virender’s life.

Principal welcomes the chief guest (Virender). Purvi is surprised to see him there whereas Karan looks shocked. He stands next to Purvi and watches her intently. Purvi wonders why Virender dint tell her anything. Principal shares that Virender is not just the chief guest but also the student of this college from today. Virender smiles. Principal says he has decided to resume his studies and will study with you all. He requests Virender to say a few words. Everyone claps. This shocks Purvi all the more. Purvi overhears 2 kids calls him oldie. This will become a college of aged people if a few more like him will join.

Virender addresses the students. I think it is important to study. You become a better person through education. I will be able to take care of the village and villagers much better after this. It is my wife and the Mukhiyayin who has motivated me to take this step. Purvi smiles as he takes her name. He has addressed me as Purvi Pratap Singh for the first time.

Sudha asks Purvi if she is happy now. Purvi says why dint he tell me anything though. Virender asks them if he can sit with them as well. It is my first day in college and I have no friends here. would you like to be my friend? Purvi says I don’t befriend those who hide things from their loved ones. Why dint you tell me anything? Virender says I thought to resume studies so I joined the college. You also don’t tell me so many things. She asks him what he dint tell her. He says you dint tell me that you sat with Karan on his bike and came home. She says you should have been a lawyer. You can connect one random thing to another so easily. He nods. This is the reason I am here. She is surprised to know that he will be studying law. He nods. The more I know about law, the better. I don’t want any injustice to happen to anyone. Sudha points out that he would be in Karan’s class then. He is studying the same subject. Virender says he might be my class mate. Sudha advises him to be careful. Karan is very intelligent. You must defeat him in studies now. Virender says that’s why I am here. I enjoy taking part in challenges and defeating people since childhood. Purvi welcomes him on board. He thanks her sweetly. Purvi smiles.

Juhi tells Manas that they will ask Baba to also study with them from now on. It will be fun. All 4 of us will study together. Purvi joins them. Kids share their plan with her. Purvi says I wont be able to study with you today. Virender asks her what happened. Purvi says Sudha couldn’t understand a topic and ended up inviting Karan home to explain it to us. Virender says your friend will come to teach you from today onwards. Purvi says he is not my friend. It is Sudha who invited him. It is no harm to learn something from someone. It is good for me to become better at something in which I am weak. I can send him back if you want. Virender denies. You can study from him. The one who teaches is a Guru after all. We will study here. she thanks him.

Karan and Sudha are talking about the bike ride when Purvi joins them. Karan sits between the girls. Virender looks on. I was worrying for no reason. he is actually teaching properly. I think I have been thinking too much. Karan decides to put a story on friendsbook. I update everything that I do. He asks Sudha and Purvi to come a little closer and clicks a selfie. We will upload our photo on social media for the first time. He reads the caption loudly and smirks at Virender.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. At least Purvi is aware of Karan being around her and I think mukhi jii joined college to keep an eye on him and save Purvi from getting manipulated like the time Purvi tried to warn Priyu of Vaibrav and now it is Purvi’s turn

  2. I guess Mukhi ji has fallen in love with Mukhiyayin that is why he can’t let her go off sight even when she is in college….hahaha

  3. Jealous mukhi ji ☺️😅😆😁

  4. Pooja, If I may suggest, in addition to the date the episode was telecasted, can you include the episode number at the heading. It will be easier to check which episode it is.

    Thanks a million Pooja :)!

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    Virender walks away. Karan heads to the table to take his maths book from his bag. Prakashi asks Preeti to bring puja thaal. Prakashi and Karan glance at each other. A flashback is shown where Karan’s father joins Prakashi during a puja. He pays his condolences for Vaibhav’s death. We both know who is responsible for your son’s death. Our enemy is same! An enemy’s enemy is a friend. We can join hands and punish that enemy together! She takes the bowl of ghee from him. What’s the need to wait then? Let’s start. Make sure he ends up in hell. He agrees. We will destroy their Lanka. Prakashi speaks of the Hanuman who can burn it down. Karan’s father says my son will play that part. Karan steps forward. He will follow your every word. Use him to win over your enemies. Karan touches Prakashi’s feet upon his father’s signal. Flashback ends. Prakashi tells Karan to burn Mukhi’s Lanka. Purvi has started trusting you. You have to make Mukhi jealous now. They will burn in that hell on their own then. He nods.
    The weather is stormy. Purvi wakes up in the middle of the night after seeing a bad dream. Who was that woman and why was she chained? What is Anjali Bhabhi going to do to her? I must save her but how. She has disappeared. I will go there tomorrow to find out the truth.

    Next morning, Purvi reaches the old building. She notices the guard sleeping and walks around carefully. She is unable to find the woman anywhere. Help me find her Kanha ji. I think she is in a lot of trouble. She notices the medicines and a taxi bill on the ground. She dials the number on the bill. I might find some info about her then. She asks the driver if he picked someone from the old building yesterday. He shares that his taxi was booked by 2 women. There was another old, weak woman with them. Purvi asks him where he had dropped them off. He asks her why she wants to know. She says she is ill and my relative too. I wanted to meet her. He agrees to text the address to her. Virender calls Purvi. Don’t you have to go to college? She says I do. I will be there soon.

    Karan and his friends are playing Frisbee before the class. His Frisbee flies past Virender just as he enters. Virender gives it to him. He notices Purvi in the other room and keeps looking at her sweetly. Karan notices him thus. He tells Virender it is his seat. Please get up. Virender says it was but it is mine from today. Sit somewhere else now. Their teacher walks in just then.

    Karan and his friends are arm wrestling. Karan is winning all the matches. Virender enters. He asks Purvi to come. She goes to him. Karan looks on. He wins again but challenges Virender for a match. Purvi stops Virender. He is instigating you intentionally. You might get hurt in the process. Let him talk. Virender takes a seat opposite Karan. They start the match. A girl ogles at Virender’s muscles over the kurta during the match. Virender is giving a tough competition to Karan. Karan loses eventually. Everyone cheers for Virender. Virender tells Karan not to be angry. Eat chocolate. He walks away in a huff. The same girl praises Virender. You are very strong. Social (party) is scheduled tomorrow. Virender asks Purvi about social. She tells him about the party. He asks her if people study here or party. She says they do both. Sudha takes Virender’s permission to take Purvi with her to NGO. Priyu will go back to her village in a few days. They wont be able to meet easily then. He agrees. Purvi thanks Sudha for making an excuse. How else will be able to find the truth about the old building then? Sudha says it is ok. They both go to the address together.

    Purvi and Sudha are outside a house. Sudha says this looks secluded. Purvi tells her to wait for some more time. we will find some clue sooner or later. Sudha has to return o NGO so she leaves. let me know if you need any help. The curtains move. Purvi is able to catch a glimpse of the woman from behind. It appears to be the same woman. I must go inside to find out the truth anyhow. She knocks the door. Bhuri opens it. What are you doing here? Were you following me? I work at your place but it does not mean that I am your servant. Stop following me all the time. I have a personal life as well. Don’t try to interfere. Please leave. Purvi asks her about the mystery woman. Bhuri acts innocent. You are mistaken. There is no woman here. Please leave. Purvi knows Bhuri wont give in so easily. I will go. Can you give me water? I am feeling thirsty. Bhuri leaves the door open as she goes to bring water. Purvi comes inside and notices an old woman. Who is she? Bhuri says she is my mother. She has paralysis hence she sits like this. Purvi asks her who she has brought here from old building in a taxi then. Bhuri says no such thing has happened. You are mistaken. Purvi tells her to stop lying. Driver has told me the truth. Come out with it. Bhuri says I haven’t brought anyone from anywhere. Secondly, you would have seen someone if there was a third person here. can you see some other person? I think you have been fooled. You can leave if you are done. She takes the glass from Purvi and starts combing her mother’s hair. Purvi is positive that Bhuri is lying. Where did that woman disappear though? The glass falls. The mystery lady’s feet can be seen under a bed. Bhuri stops Purvi from picking the glass. I will do it. You can leave. She heaves a sigh of relief as Purvi leaves. She checks under the bed.

    Manas asks haathi to tell them again how Babbar Sher defeated Karan. Purvi tells them again. All the girls are crazy after him. Juhi asks her if she has not fallen for him. Purvi gets shy. She turns around. Virender asks her why she is lying. Answer them. She asks him if he hasn’t received enough complements from the college girls already. You want to hear more complements? He smiles. She gives him a gift for the social day. Please wear this. You look smart, handsome and s*xy in it. Virender looks at her in surprise.

    Bhuri tells everything to Prakashi and Anjali. We must stop her before she finds out everything. Should I take her (the mystery lady) somewhere else? Prakashi denies. We need to clear Purvi’s doubts. She should not doubt you or Anjali anymore. She will otherwise follow you everywhere. We have to plant the seed of doubt in Virender’s mind instead.

    Karan calls Anjali. I am ready for what you had asked. Anjali smirks. She tells Prakashi that her prayer has been heard. We have laid the trap. Now there will be a blast!

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