Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 10th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Randhir gets rescued by Amrit and Lala

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 10th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhanu saying Amrit, Randhir asked me to go, he will come after me. They see the empty cart. Driver says a young guy wanted to come to Om Nivaas, the goons attacked him, I saved my life and came here. Amrit gets shocked seeing the blood stains in the cart. She runs. Bhanu runs. She asks how did you leave him alone and come. He says he said he will come. She says I have to go there. He says no, don’t go, I will get help. She thinks I can’t wait for Bhanu, I have to find him. She shouts Randhir. Randhir is lying behind. Abrar’s friends hide. The guy says Abrar asked us to hide the dead body, it will be tough if this girl sees us. Amrit cries. He goes to distract Amrit.

She asks him about Randhir. He says yes, I had seen him fighting the goons, he went that side. The guy says no one will know its a matter of personal enmity, it will hide behind the communal matters. Lala and Rajrani prepare a pagdi for Randhir. Brij gets Radha there. He asks Lala to make Radha out of the house. Lala says Brij is asking us to punish Radha. Rajrani says fine, I will punish her. She makes Radha wear bangles and hugs her. Brij asks what are you doing. Lala says she has opened my eyes and changed my old thinking, Brij you don’t know your wife is so good and clean-hearted, she wants Amrit’s happiness, how can I punish her, its a matter of few days now, she will get married and go. Amrit shouts Randhir and cries. Randhir is taken away in the cart. The pagdi falls down. Bhanu comes home and tells them about Randhir.

Lala goes to Amrit and hugs her. Bhanu says Abrar had ignited the fire in our shop, Amrit had seen him, he did everything, I went to teach him a lesson, Randhir came and saved him, he acted to apologize, his friends came and attacked. Uday gets angry and says I will not leave Abrar. Lala says its not the time to fight, we have to find Randhir first, if anything happens to him, I can’t forgive myself. He asks Amrit to go home. Amrit says no, I won’t go home like this. Abrar goes home and tries to hide the blood stains. Zubeda asks him to say what happened. Abrar says I killed Randhir. She gets shocked. Vashma hears this and cries. Zubeda slaps Abrar. He says I didn’t do this intentionally, don’t tell this to dad, he will make me out of the house. Zubeda says you should have thought of it before, go to your aunt’s house, I will try to handle the matter, did you leave any proof, what if they did Randhir’s dead body. Abrar says no, my friends will bury his dead body, I wanted to kill Uday, but Randhir got killed. Vashma gets shocked. Zubeda says Abrar did a mistake, don’t tell anyone. Vashma says you planned to erase the evidence, I will go and tell everyone. Vashma tries to go. Farooq comes home. Vashma stops.

He takes her inside the house. Abrar asks what are you doing, will you go against me for Randhir’s sake. Vashma says you are a murderer. Farooq asks why are you upset, your brother killed Randhir, he wasn’t from our community. Vashma says humanity is over religion, one who is human can understand this, leave my hand. She bites Farooq’s hand. She locks all of them and cries. She goes. She knocks Lala’s door. Rajrani asks what happened. Vashma says Abrar killed Randhir, he had sent Randhir outside the city. Farooq comes and takes her. Radha and Rajrani ask him to leave Vashma. Radha says I will go and inform Lala. Farooq asks his friends to follow Radha. Lala worries for Amrit. He asks her to go home, they will find Randhir, Brij has gone to police station to file report. Amrit says no, I will go home with Randhir. Radha shouts to Uday. Uday runs to see. The men catch Radha. Uday comes and beats them up. Radha gets hurt. Randhir is taken to the outskirts.

Lala asks Radha is she fine. Amrit says she is hurt. Radha says Guddu is taking Randhir in the cart. Lala asks Uday to take Radha home, they will get Randhir. Farooq locks Vashma. He asks Abrar not to worry, its their nation, they will make the outsiders leave, don’t worry, no one can harm him. He says I will take Vashma with me and go to Karachi. Vashma hears this and cries. She says until Randhir and Amrit get justice, I won’t go anywhere. She opens the window.

Guddu gets Randhir out of the cart. He digs a grave and buries Randhir. Lala, Amrit and Bhanu come there. They shout Randhir. Amrit cries. Lala says maybe they took him somewhere else. Amrit prays. A letter comes flying. She reads it.

She recalls her letter. They look around for Randhir. Randhir puts his hand out of the grave. Amrit sees his hand and holds him. They dig the grave and save Randhir. Guddu hides and looks on. Amrit holds Randhir. He smiles seeing her. He says Amrit and faints down. Amrit calls him out. Guddu says I had buried him, don’t know how they came, they took Randhir with them, I think he is alive.

Farooq says its fine, keep the money, no one shall know about it. Guddu leaves. Bhanu, Lala and Amrit get Randhir home. Lala goes to call the doctor. He calls out Rajrani. Brij comes home. Uday says we got Randhir. Brij asks what happened to her. Uday says she came to help, she got hurt, she said she doesn’t want to get the aid done until she finds Randhir. Brij gets angry. Radha says I will go and apply the lep. Uday says be careful. She goes. Lala calls the doctor home. Iqbal comes and asks what happened to Randhir, is everything fine, I will see him. Lala stops him. He says no need to touch my son-in-law, he is in this state because of your son. Iqbal asks what are you saying, why would Abrar do anything to Randhir, Amrit is like his sister. Lala says its a drama, friendship lost today, religion has won. Iqbal says don’t say this. Lala says Lala is dead for you, Amrit had seen Abrar burning the shop, Bhanu and Abrar had an argument, Randhir saved Abrar, he did this with Randhir. Iqbal says no, it can be a misunderstanding. Rajrani says no, Vashma knows it, she came to tell us about Randhir. Iqbal says no, something is not right, I will call Vashma here. Doctor Shiv prasad comes. Rajrani takes him to Randhir. Iqbal says its first time that other doctor came to your house, its a misunderstanding, such fire burns friendship also. Lala says friendship burnt in the shop fire which Abrar ignited, call Vashma and hear the truth from her. Iqbal nods.

Doctor treats Randhir and says his condition is sensitive, he had much bleeding, I will arrange blood if he needs it, inform me if anything is serious. He goes. Amrit cries. Bhanu apologizes and says I should have heard Randhir and not went to take revenge on Abrar. Amrit goes. Vashma and Zubeda come. Iqbal says they are saying Abrar has attacked Randhir, you told them where they can find Randhir, is this true. Vashma sees Zubeda. She says I told about Randhir as I heard someone talking, I didn’t take Abrar’s name.

She lies and recalls Zubeda threatening her about her baby. Rajrani says you are lying, you told us, are you saying this because of Farooq’s fear, right. Vashma asks why will he do this, he is my husband. Lala says Bhanu told me everything, whatever happened there and how. Vashma says how would I know why is Bhanu lying, he wants a chance to insult Abrar. She signs Amrit and cries. Amrit says its not the time for all this, Randhir’s state is really bad, we should pray for him to get conscious. Iqbal asks can I go and see Randhir now, is your misunderstanding over. Lala says no need, you believe Vashma, I believe Amrit, she had seen Abrar lighting fire to the shop, it can’t be a lie. He shows the door to Iqbal.

Iqbal and his family leave. Uday stops Vashma and scolds her for cheating his family. He says tell me the matter, I will make everything fine. She laughs and insults him. She says I m doing this for my family, my community and myself. She scolds him. She says you got in sorrow and left hockey, you always cry on little issues, I want someone who isn’t kid at heart, one who is mature like Farooq. Uday gets sad. She says Farooq won my heart on the first night. He shouts Vashma. She says when my husband isn’t around, I can come to meet you, we both can be happy. He leaves. She cries. Amrit asks Randhir to get fine. She prays for him.

Brij says I have to find a cure for my pain, leave from my house. Radha leaves. Doctor asks Randhir to try to get up. Randhir tries. Doctor says Randhir can’t get up or walk all his wife. His parents get shocked.

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