Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kabir learns Vansh’s secret plan

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh asking Angre to keep an eye on the guests, he will go and see Riddhima. Vansh comes to the room. Riddhima says someone is hiding there. Vansh goes and sees Daima/Anupriya. He says it was you who attacked Riddhima. Anupriya says no, I came here to help, don’t know what happened, I m not able to move. Riddhima sees her leg and says there is a mark on her leg, it means she was that attacker. Vansh says Daima, I will explain you, I had thrown the knife at you, it had poison, you will get paralyzed in next 24 hours, its happening. Anupriya worries. She recalls going to attack Riddhima. She thinks my legs aren’t moving. She switches off the lights and hides. FB ends. Vansh says you can’t be Daima, who are you. He throws water on her face. The black colour gets off. He gets shocked and removes the fake nose to see Anupriya.

He says how dare you step in my house and attack my baby and Riddhima… Riddhima says I wasn’t wrong, I had seen her coming home, since then she is staying here as Daima. Vansh says I will cage you in my jail, its impossible to come out from there. Riddhima gets the antidote. Vansh says no, she doesn’t deserves this. Riddhima says caging is enough, at least give her the antidote for our baby’s sake, I don’t want our baby to get anyone’s curse, Anupriya always did wrong, but we can’t do wrong, do something that our baby is proud of. Anupriya cries and thanks her. Vansh gives the antidote to Anupriya. He says this life is given to you by Riddhima, do anything, but I will teach a lesson to all my enemies, but for now, your game is over.

He leaves with Riddhima. Anupriya checks her legs. Kabir comes there. He says mom… She cries and says see what Vansh did, help me. He says I tracked Vansh and came here, are you fine. He gets back and says sorry mom, I can’t fail my plan, its imp, this place is better than jail, you are safe here. She says I m your mum, I did a lot for you, you are leaving me here. He says you said you go your way, I will go my way, you didn’t do anything for me, but for your happiness, I told you not to kill Riddhima’s baby, you didn’t listen, I still love you, remember that. He leaves. She cries.

Vansh says Riddhima, its a matter of few hours. Kabir comes and says its your party, you should dance, music will be fun. Vansh and Riddhima perform. She gets dizzy. Vansh holds her. Angre asks Ishani for dance. She refuses. Vansh takes Riddhima aside. Ishani adds some poison in the juice. She asks waiter to give the orange juice to Riddhima. Vansh asks are you okay. Riddhima says yes, I m fine if I have some juice. Waiter gets juice for her. Ishani smiles. Riddhima drinks the juice and coughs. Vansh asks what happened. Ishani and everyone look on. Vansh asks are you okay, tell me. Riddhima says I m fine, don’t know why I felt like coughing. Ishani thinks how is this possible, poison didn’t affect.

Angre asks are you shocked, nothing happened to Riddhima. She asks how do you know this. He recalls seeing Ishani’s crime. He changes the juice drink. He says leave it, I m shocked, how can you fall so low. She says I don’t want to answer. He asks how can you think of killing that innocent baby. She asks him to remember his status. He says if you can’t save someone’s life, then you can’t kill anyone. She says you are a servant and will always be. Kabir calls someone and says come on position and wait for my order. Vansh says its time for our last step, meet me at the secret door in an hour. Riddhima says I feel scared. Vansh says I m with you, I will end your fears. He takes her. Kabir takes Vansh for the dance. They dance. Vansh gets Riddhima to the room. He says no one knows about the secret room, when the song ends, we will stand together, a smoke bomb will blast, there will be a sound and smoke, it will be to distract people, we will go to the secret room, we will see an almirah, there will be a staircase, it will lead us out of the door, we will start a new life.

She says I understood Vansh. He says come. Kabir hears this. He says I m the Raavan in your life, how will you get saved, I know your plan, it will be fun to break your dreams. Vansh goes to Angre and asks is anyone suspicious. Angre says no. Vansh asks where is Mr. Rajawat. Kabir asks the shooter to shoot Vansh when he signals. He says no one shall see you, remember. Angre says he was just here. Vansh says I m not getting good vibes from him, go and find him. Kabir comes. Vansh says this man shouldn’t leave from the party. Angre says okay boss. Vansh goes to Riddhima. Kabir says now and signs the shooter. Vansh says get ready Riddhima. Kabir says good bye Vansh…. Shooter shoots Vansh. Vansh falls down. Riddhima shouts Vansh. Aryan and Ishani look on.

Precap: Kabir takes Riddhima outside and locks the door. Vansh gets up and goes towards the door. Kabir tells Riddhima that this is last time she will see Vansh. Vansh faints.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Vansh really got shot .kabir will kidnap ridhima such an awsome dance so cute.

    1. Looks so. However, I’m feeling something happened in between looking at the stage directions from the precap I saw on instagram. I feel Riansh will succeed with this plan and change names as the show is changing platforms

  2. themysticalmetanoia


  3. Anu got what s he deserved .she killed ppl for kabir and kabir dumped her

  4. Gabriela

    KAVA forever! I loved their dance! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    1. Thakur Priyanka


  5. Hi, I am new here. I was a silent reader. I was eagerly waiting for this update since 2 hours. I am from Germany. It will be very interesting to know whether here is anyone too from Germany. I really liked the dances. Maybe Vansh didn‘t get shot, I think Angre pushed him, because in the bts Vansh was there too in the jungle, so how could he been shot? Nevertheless I hope you feel fine with me here 😊

    1. Ameenerh

      Hloooo 💕💕

    2. Gabriela

      Hi, Hi! Welcome!😘😘😘 Kava dance was awesome and yes, I think Vansh was not shot! 😊

    3. Themysticalmetanoia

      Even I think he is not shot

    4. Thakur Priyanka

      Hiii Welcome dear

  6. themysticalmetanoia

    riansh n kava dance will be a treat to watch
    also what a plan vansh smoke blast secret door our old vr is back

  7. Ameenerh

    @gabriela 💕yeah I also lyk it💕💕

  8. Thakur Priyanka

    Wow Anupriya finally got exposed and she deserves it whatever she dit till now with Vansh and Riddhima and Angre exchanged the juice is also asm and at last I’m really scared very much I don’t know why still only 2 episodes are left

    1. Themysticalmetanoia

      Finally angre ne kuch toh kaam kiya

    2. Thakur Priyanka

      Haan shayad Angre ko laga ki t.v peh sey jatey jb kuch toh acha kaam karna chahiye

    3. Gabriela

      I think Anupriya will become a positive character now? I’m crazy right ?????🤨🤨
      I’m glad Angre is doing something good at last and I don’t think Vansh was shot, and if so he’s just hurt

    4. Gabriela, I also got a glimpse of a positive anupriya, i hope she will realize what her son did to her and be nice to riddhima and Vansh. It would be really cool, because there are so many enemies of RiAnsh and one more positive character would be great. So yeah, we will see whether she will be nice or not 🤷‍♀️

  9. Thanks guys for your welcomes 😇🤗. I hope Vansh isn’t shot, because I would like RiAnsh and their baby to live happily together and their plan should be successful

    1. Thakur Priyanka

      Every one likes Riansh very much and yeah everyone wants Riansh to live happy family with baby don’t know what happens next

  10. Episode was super thrilled …
    The way kabir backstabed anupriya ,she deserves it but felt pity for her how can a son do this to his mother who just a day before saved his life … someone form previous wu commented to kill ishani (I didn’t remember your name but I too feel same know ) … for no reason she is behind riddhima she is holding useless grudgeges over her …thank God angre was usefull some where atleast for shoping ishani.. plz vansh let this be your plan of making your enemies to belive that u are running away from VR MANSION…. if not then this will be the biggest blunder writer are doing vansh charecter…..

    Btw I wanted to whats the reason for party????

    1. Gabriela

      I think the party was for Kava. They were brilliant today. 😁😁😁
      I think Vansh’s plan will work, not exactly as it should, but I’m sure Riansh will be happy together on Saturday. And Kabir will die, in fact not really, and will return in the next series to take revenge or get Ridhima.

    2. Thakur Priyanka

      Party is to expose his enemies dear

    3. @ thakur priyanka … so u wanted to say that vansh is just exposing his plan infornt of his enimeis so that they will try to stop him and he will come to know about them … if this is gonna happen then I will be the happiest…. but still i wnat to ask u what resons he had given to invite people to party …. plz don’t get pissed off with my silly question

    4. Thakur Priyanka


      For this u have to wait and watch because only Vansh knows about it 😅😅😅

  11. Thakur Priyanka

    Maker’s had promised themselves to not let us sleep peacefully at all only 2episodes are left for t.v but still it’s full of suspense I’m super excited to know what will happen next and eagerly waiting to watch it on t.v

    1. Gabriela

      Yes, yes, until Saturday we will stay and think about what will happen in the show. 🥱🥱

    2. @Thakur Priyanka
      Prika am waiting for you since last 4 days
      Monday se exams hai aur tum gun lekar abhi tak aayi kyu nahi.

      Jaldi aa jao, 17 chapters hai aur mera ek bhi complete nai hua hai.

      Am still waiting 😃.

    3. Yaar abse Humara marjavan voot SELECT par aane wala hai😔.
      So are we still supposed to get written updates of the show as usual🙄🧐.

  12. After 65 episodes, I am seeing the whole episode today. The episode was worth watching.

    1) Before the episode was released on YouTube, I was a picture where Vansh was removing Anupriya’s nose and it was damn funny. This scene made me laugh even in the serious situation.
    2)Trust is the basis of every relationship. According to my perspective, Vansh should have made an enquiry then when Riddhima told that she saw Anupriya. Listening to the jailor was not enough.
    3) it was quite predictable that Kabir would once leave Anupriya. But I found it quite unnatural leaving your mom for the obsession you have for a girl. Though in Anupriya and Kabir’s case, neither of them are saints but still I didn’t like the fact that a son would his mother.
    4) YouTube didn’t play the real song in Riansh’s dance. Will have to until day after tomorrow until the episode airs on TV. For me KaVa rocked 🔥🔥🔥 Kava was fire while Riansh was water. Both of the dances were nice.
    5) I don’t find any logic behind Ishani wanting to kill Riansh’s baby. It is not logical that you would want to kill your brother:s baby as he couldn’t save yours. I know it is not easy for Ishani to forget about her baby’s death but it provides no logic that she would try to kill an innocent life. Rather this t,the makers could show that Ishani is caring for Riansh’s baby like her own as she finds the reflection of her child in that child. That scene would have been quite as well as appreciated. The makers could show Ishanibs caring side and love for the Riansh’s baby instead of turning her completely negative.
    6) I am glad that Angre hasn’t supported Ishani. Rather tried to correct her. Had a fear that Angre may turn but fortunately that didn’t happen.

    7)I don’t feel anything is going to happen to Vansh in this party as we all already saw a bts of outdoor shoot. I feel whatever is going to happen will happen there. I hope Vansh may succeed in saving his life.

    1. Themysticalmetanoia

      Where is the episode on utube I did alot of research but I didn’t get it

    2. Here is the link of the episode. It may not be available in India

    3. Themysticalmetanoia

      No it’s not available here

    4. Gabriela

      TSA how nice you pointed out what happened today. I agree, there are many things that should not have happened or are illogical in the series. But we are already used to it, it is part of the charm of IMM2.
      The dances were beautiful, but KAVA rocked, they were amazing. I am happy that Angre remained loyal and that Ishani did not influence him badly. And Vansh will survive the shootings if he was really shot

  13. Omg wait what did I just read? Kabir and Vansh danced together?? Omg I’m so badly fan-girling right now… 😂😂
    I always knew that something like this would happen with Anupriya where her own son would dump her. But I’m 100% sure, this realisation is for few days (or only 1 day only), after which she’ll be back in her original avatar.
    I dont even understand why is Vansh making a plan to escape with Riddhima. He only has to chuck out the toxic people from his life : Anu, Kabir, Ishani, Aryan, Chanchal, and they can live happily ever after. But then this is a serial after all, so we can’t expect something like that over here

    1. Gabriela

      I think it’s I don’t know how many times I said KAVA rocked tonight. The end of the series is near and I think it will be good for Riansh, and Kabir will be the victim, but he will return to the Voot series to take revenge.

  14. Episodes are on Fire yar…
    I hope everything should end well…
    Very interesting…

  15. Ishani is damn too wicked, after killing Ridhimma’s parents, she is still after her baby.

  16. 1st comment

    1. Gabriela

      Is this your first comment here? Then welcome to the family! 😘😘😘

  17. Okay, so I just saw the episode and am eagerly waiting to see what happens next!
    -I loved that Vansh finally found out that Anupriya is Dai Ma. I thought they would drag that out for another episode, but I’m happy that he caught her.
    -Riddhima has to stop being so nice – I don’t want a full-on revenge mode/dark RIddhima, but the woman really needs to know how to appropriately punish her victims. Anupriya is clearly dangerous and will just go back to harming Riansh and the baby as soon as her paralysis wears off, so I don’t think it was a good idea giving her the antidote – however, ruthless that sounds.
    -I don’t know what Vansh meant but leaving Anupriya in his own prison – he gave her the antidote, didn’t call the police on her, and left his bedroom door open – she’s basically free to go anywhere she wants, lol – oh well!
    -My favorite scene is when Kabir didn’t help Anupriya – honestly, I always thought Anupriya would backstab Kabir, but not vice versa – I guess Kabir has this deceptive and endearing quality where you want to trust him, but he will cheat you. In any case, Anupriya deserves it – maybe she should actually start appreciating her step-son Vansh, who did so much for her, but I doubt that would happen. It will be interesting to see what Kabir’s and Anurpiya’s relationship will be like in the OTT version. I don’t want all the villans on the same side – even if they are against Riansh, I want them to also not agree with one another – that’s more interesting to me.
    -My respect and love for Angre grew tenfold after this episode (I hope he never turns evil). I love how he stood up to Ishani and thwarted the attack on Riddhima’s baby (and the best uncle award goes to….Angre!!!). I know it was a sad scene for any Ishangre shippers because he has now been again reduced to a servant in Ishani’s eyes, but honestly Angre deserves so much more. I honestly would prefer if he went with Siya – they both would be loyal to Riansh and good couple friends lol, plus Siya would actually appreciate his love and value him, while Angre would protect her and take care of her. Plus, since Vansh is so protective of Siya, I think Angre is the only man Vansh would consider worthy of Siya (not saying it should be Vansh’s decision on whom Siya marries). I know I’m digressing, but I think it would be something interesting to see in the OTT version…plus I have little confidence that Ishani will become a positive character later on.
    -I really hope Vansh revealed his secret plan to Kabir on purpose when he was talk to Riddhima, but I doubt it…some part of Vansh’s plan has to fail, so that Kabir can kidnap RIddhima.
    -I don’t think Vansh was actually hit by the bullet…it either grazed him or he was wearing a bulletproof vest – given that he was planning to unveil all of his ennemies that evening, I’m sure he must have prepared himself for any attacks…at least I hope so.
    -Regardless if Vansh was shot or not, I’m sure that some chaos will ensue at VR mansion and during that, Kabir will kidnap RIddhima. I don’t know whether Chachi/Aryan/and Ishani will plan any more attacks on Riddhima at the party, but I hope something else happens, so that Vansh unmasks them as well.
    -Again, my only wish is that Riansh and the baby are safe.
    -Lastly, I’m curious as to what will happen to VR mansion. As per rumors, they are changing the set of IMM2 for the OTT version, so I don’t know if maybe there will be an actual explosion or something planned for tomorrow’s episode – that would maybe explain why VR mansion will no longer be there. Or, maybe Riansh will just move away and nothing will happen to VR mansion (I prefer this option – I like knowing that the house is somewhere in the ether and Riansh can always go back to it).
    -In any case, I’m very excited about what’s to come and can’t believe there are only 2 episodes left!
    -Also, I agree, it’s very unfair that international viewers can’t subscripe to Voot, even with a VPN convertor/Indian IP address. I actually tried to do it last weekend but forgot to mention it as well – yeah, foreign credit cards don’t work on that platform, and neither does Google Pay nor Amazon Pay even if you are willing to subscribe for the whole year – I find that very odd! They really should work on that because it’s my impression that most of the people who watch the series online are foreigners, but I could be wrong. If that’s the case, I hope the series can still survive on Voot even without foreign viewership. Also, I’m sure there will be many websites where you can watch the series right after it’s posted on Voot – I will let you know on Monday, once I find them.
    -In fact, I wanted to ask does online foreign viewership on Youtube/other websites factor in the online TRP count of the series?
    -Till next time!

    1. Gabriela

      Today you told us a lot, but beautifully. I liked it!
      Regarding your favorite scene when Kabir disappoints Anupryia, it was an important scene for how the characters will evolve from now on. I would like Anupryia to become positive and Ishani negative. I hope Kabir doesn’t manage to kidnap Ridhima, but if he does on Saturday we will have an explosive episode. I can not wait!!!!!
      The calculation of TRP is done only on the Voot platform from now on and considering that we outside India were restricted, I don’t know how long the show will survive in these conditions. I talked to Voot and I know 100% what I’m telling you.

    2. @Gabriela, thanks for answering my question! It really sucks that us international viewers can’t watch the series on Voot and I don’t think IMM2 has the leverage to make deals with other streaming platforms (e.g. Netflix/Hulu) in other countries in order to make the series available online abroad. Let’s see what happens – hopefully our loyal Indian viewers will make the series a hit on Voot, but since many of them are still financially dependent on their parents, that would be a tough ask. Let’s hope the makers factored in all of this information before shifting the series to Voot. In any case, it would be nice to see a positive Anupriya, but I still want her to be ruthless but this time in protecting her other “son,” Vansh. But after he paralyzed her, I can’t see that happening. In any case, I can’t wait for what is to come! Just 2 episodes left!

    3. @IMM2 Viewer you can watch immj2 on mx player.

    1. Thakur Priyanka


  18. Great episode loved it. The thrill element is back and Anupriya is finally exposed well that was pretty expected. I was busy all day so I couldn’t do the review of yesterday’s epi but it was good as well. KaVa dance 😂😂 I think it’s pretty predictable what might happen. Since Kabir has heard about Vansh’s plan and shot Vansh I think that time he will cut the lights and take Riddhima away..then Vansh will be saved and wearing casuals will go after Kabir and save Riddhima and they fake their death maybe to start a new life. Seems interesting 🤔 let’s see what happens in the next 2 episodes 🤭

    1. Gabriela

      Khushi what are you doing? Where have you gone? It’s okay, you still came up with something, a short and objective review. So do you think Ridhima will still be kidnapped by Kabir? I think it will be an action-packed weekend.And yes, I think it’s the seventh time today when I say that KAVA rocked today !!! 😁😁

    2. @Gabriela I will do my review again from tomorrow 🤗🤗 I have been overwelmed with assignments so I didn’t have time but I am free now so I will have time to do the review. Yes KaVa rocked 😍

    3. Gabriela


    4. @Khushi, best of luck with all of your assignments and nice review for today!

    5. @Imm2viewer yours was very detailed too, well written 😘❤️

    6. @Khushi, thanks!

  19. This episode is an absolute nerve wrecker, with the perfect amount of intrigue, drama and dance as well. And obviously the highlight for me is the KaVa dance! You know it’s absolutely shocking for everyone that for the first time, two males who have opposite roles are shipped together and rightly so, they have a lot of chemistry (platonic). But yeah, the episode was like every other episode of IMMJ2, in other words, amazing 😉

    1. Gabriela

      I agree with everything you said, the episode was perfect, and I’m glad everyone liked it, like me, the KAVA dance. 😂🥳 We look forward to the weekend with increased tension 😜😘

    2. Yesss❤😭

    3. @Elizabeth, yes, I agree it’s nice and suprising how viewers are so supportive of KAVA’s relationship and platonic chemistry. Also, Vishal and Rrhaul share a great comradery off-screen, which is always a treat to watch in interviews. I just hope that in the OTT version, Kabir lets go of his obsession with RIddhima and tries to seek revenge against Riansh. I would hate a Ridhibir scenario. Let’s see what happens next. In any case, I’m excited!

    4. I know right, even i was shocked at their bts videos, seeing how comfortable they are around each other! I’m excited as well. Eagerly awaiting the episode 😉

    5. Thakur Priyanka


      Hiii Welcome dear and yeah it’s a shocking for all to know KAVA dance performance and I think so KAVA rocked with their dance and I have to wait till 7PM

    6. Thanks and yes, we’re all undoubtedly waiting for 7 pm😂❤

  20. Kabir’s style:
    He used physic , chemistry and women (The first agent who died, Ridhima, Ahana, Anupriya, the dancer, who else? ) hihihi 😀

    He disguised as:
    – The man who sanitises in front of the VR Mansion when he met Ridhima near the tree before she starts loving Vansh,
    – The servant in the first weding of Ridhima and Vansh,
    – Party planner: Old man,
    – Badrinat the servant,
    – A docter,
    – Santa,
    – Arab Chikh,
    – Today as a guest
    Did I forget any other disguise of Kabir? hihihi 😉

    1. Yes dear….. we have seen him all these costumes…. but we have never seen him in police uniform … if am not wrong he is inspector right??!!…. I don’t think it will happen now as only 2 episodes are left but if it all happen i.e., to see kabir in police uniform …. Twitter will have uninvited terend #KABIRINPOLICEUNIFORM…. and Mark my word it will trend in top 10

    2. @Rimsha, yes dear, he was never a policeman only a criminel !!

    3. Gabriela

      Khawla you are right is the master of disguise and manipulation. But he’s my favorite psychopath. 🤨😜😊😁😍

    4. @Khawla Kabir also intruded as Electriction in 12 or 13 episode.

    5. @Den, yes thanks for reminding me… Also as a delivery man who delivred the parceall to Ridhima….

  21. @IMM2 Viewer you can watch immj2 on mx player.

  22. What is the party for? There was still no reason

    1. I think Vansh organized the party for his enemies to show up. And I think 🤔 he did not invite anyone to the party this enemies came on their own 😊

    2. Gabriela

      I’m thinking of 2 reasons, the first for KAVA to be able to dance freely in front of everyone 😜😁😉 and the second for the Riansh escape 🤨🤨🤨

    3. Themysticalmetanoia

      even kava did dance at ridhus birthday party it was all together rianshbir dance in that party

  23. Episode was interesting and mind blowing 😘. there is a saying “when you throw ball at the wall it bounces back at you”
    Aun mom always use injection 💉 to harm orders but today she got injected herself, I hope she will become posstive after that injection 💉.

    I was mad at Ridhima for saving Aun mom’s life but later I think Ridhima will always be Ridhima. She doesn’t want to see anyone in pain even if it’s her enemies that one thing I love about Ridhima’s character 😘.

    Isn’t it weird, Vansh sharing his plans to someone. I think this is also part of his plans because Vansh is coded you will not know what is going on in this mind.

    1. Gabriela

      You’re right, Anumom doesn’t deserve to be forgiven for everything she did, but I hope to see her from now on as a positive character. That would be a huge gain for Riansh, but I don’t think it can happen, but I still hope so.
      Akorfa, we only have 2 more episodes and I hope we will have a happy ending this week, I am impatient and very excited about it. 😍😍😍

  24. Samaila

    So Ishani poisoned the juice in front of Everyone but no one except Angre noticed. Kya?????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Gabriela


  25. Neha1

    Happy Shivratri to all… May Lord Shiva fulfill all your wishes and Bless you with a Happy life.

    1. Thakur Priyanka

      Happy Shivaratri to u

    2. Thakur Priyanka

      Gd mrng to all and Happy Shivratri to all

    3. Thakur Priyanka

      Sorry this should not be reply

    4. Happy Mahashivratri neha dhi❤

  26. Themysticalmetanoia

    guys on which song did kava danced???
    even that dancer girl of kabir
    im eager to know

  27. Thakur Priyanka

    Gd mrng to all and Happy Shivratri

    1. Happy Mahashivratri to you 💙

    2. Thakur Priyanka


  28. Happy mahashivarathi friends
    Good morning 🌞 have a nice day 😍

    1. Thakur Priyanka

      Tqq n wish u the same

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