Mohe Rang Do Laal…… IKRS Sixth Shot

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Mohe Rang Do Laal Sixth Shot …… IKRS
Hello Guys…… sorry for being super late… and most of you might know the reason as well….

A quick recap…. Viplav has come to know about Dhaani and has also realized all these years he had been loving Dhaani…. He is really in love with Dhaani and determined to not let sorrows reach to Dhaani from now on. Dhaani is still unaware about Viplav’s reality….. In the last episode you read Dhaani missing Viplav more and more and Viplav trying his best to cheer her up which irked Dhaani…..
You can find the links to previous episode towards the end… Hope you have not forgotten the plot.

The episode starts with Viplav coming to his room and saying Dhaani…. You were always stubborn and you are still the same. I had no idea I would find you like this and this sudden realization….. is…. Viplav smiles and says Viplav Tripathi…. You are in love with your shikayati pudia… He smiles….. Mere ishq ka rang safed hai yara….ishq ka rang safed plays… He then says Good Night Mr. Viplav… sojaao ab..

In the morning, Dhaani is seen praying standing infront of the small idol of god. Smiling…and wet hair kissing her face….Viplav comes out from his room and sees Dhaani. Ishq ishq rang rang plays… Viplav leans his head on the door and watches Dhaani praying in her room(Assume his room is just infront of Dhaani’s …) Viplav smiles and reminisces kid Dhaani so much engrossed in puja…. He comes out of flashback and says Ye ladki nahi badlegi…. Dhaani then turns and sees Viplav leaning like that and gives WHAT?? Wala look… She comes out of her room … Seeing this Viplav stands straight…and says good morning Dhaani ji…. Dhaani looks at him. And says Good Morning.. Viplav says Viplav… Dhaani looks at him …and says not again please… Just then Badi Amma calls them for breakfast. Dhaani asks him to come and goes. Viplav smiles and says okay… He goes behind Dhaani.

In breakfast table, Badi Amma, Dhaani and Viplav are busy with breakfast. Viplav gets a call from his Daadi. He gets up and goes to take a call. Dhaani looks at him and thinks whose call is it that Rakchas had to go leaving breakfast… She murmurs pata nahi kaun hai?? Badi Amma asks her if she said something. Dhaani nods no. She then thinks mujhe kya padi hai.. I don’t care… But She keeps looking at Viplav who is talking to his Daadi. Viplav raises his brows seeing Dhaani looking at him. Dhaani quickly turns her head and begins eating.

Viplav looks at her and smiles…. Mere ishq ka rang safed hai yaraa…ishq ka rang safed plays…. Badi Amma looks at Viplav smiling. Viplav realizes this and acts like not seeing her and walks out. Badi Amma looks on.
Viplav talks to everyone and says he misses them a lot. Whole family talks to him. Lastly,Viplav’s dad talks to him and asks if he found Dhaani… Viplav bites his tongue on realizing he forgot to tell the good news when realized he is in love with Dhaani… He tells his father that he has found Dhaani. His dad gets happy that Dhaani is found and reminisces his bond with chhoti Dhaani. He asks Viplav to make him talk to Dhaani… Viplav then thinks he should tell everything to his dad. He then says Dhaani does not know that he is Viplav…and he is staying with Dhaani as paying guest. His dad looks on and asks him to tell the truth to Dhaani ASAP. Viplav interrupts him and says dad there is something more…. His dad asks him to say it… Viplav thinks to tell him that he loves Dhaani… but Badi Amma calls him to finish food and he goes saying maaji is calling. His dad asks him to at least send Dhaani’s photo as they can see their daughter… Viplav smiles and says he will send it soon and ends the call. Badi Amma comes to him and Viplav goes inside with her to finish his breakfast.
Dhaani is watering the plants out. Viplav was busy in his work he was doing sitting on the c hair out in the small garden. He sees Dhaani. Her hair fluttering in the wind. He closes his eyes and goes to the dreamland…. Viplav comes closer to Dhaani who is watering the plants….

Viplav forwards his hand to tuck those hair strands behind her ear. He does it and Dhaani looks at him…They share a cute eyelock… while this scene is shown.. MEIN TOH TERE RANG MEIN RANG CHUKA…BAS TERA BAN CHUKA HOON…..MERA MUJHMEIN KUCH NAHIN….SAB TERA…plays…. Dhaani then sprays water to Viplav from watering pot and runs smiling…. Viplav’s dream ends…. He sees Dhaani looking at him…he then quickly grabs his phone and does some stuffs… Dhaani gives weird look to him…and thinks pata nahi…kaha khoya rehta hai…and goes inside… Viplav looks at her when Dhaani is going inside.. and says Viplav Tripathi…. Pyaar badi strange cheez hai…. Kuch din pehle tak you could talk to her endlessly and fight too but today… aaj toh ek word nahi bola jaata tumse… han?? He smiles and pats on his head….and goes inside with all his stuffs…

At night… Viplav takes out the best friend locket from his bag and looks at it. He smiles reminiscing all those sweet moments with Dhaani during their childhood. Then he reminisces his fear of losing Dhaani when that Kaaka disclosed everything about Dhaani… then his belief that nothing would happen to his Dhaani…He looks at the locket again and grabs with his fist… like he is accumulating all his moments with Dhaani with an attempt to not let it go forever…. He smiles….. Just then Dhaani comes to him to ask him about dinner… Viplav quickly hides the locket and grins looking at her. Dhaani asks tum dinner ke liye aarahe ho na… Viplav says sure.. Dhaani says theek hai…and turns to go.. Viplav says Dhaani… Dhaani stops and wonders why does she feel that someone close to her heart took her name and called her with all the love… She then turns to Viplav and says bolo… Viplav smiles and says I wanted to thanks you… Dhaani looks at him and asks thank you?? Viplav says yes… you allowed me to stay here despite having problems with me… Dhaani looks at him and wonders problems??? Dhaani says I don’t have any problem with anyone…so no need of all this..

Viplav then says you do have problems with me… right?? Dhaani says I said I don’t have any problem with anyone…neither with you nor any other … Viplav says toh phir why don’t you take my name while calling me or talking to me… Dhaani looks at him and goes mum… Viplav says mera naam itna mushkil bhi nahi hai…say it… Viplove…that’s it… Dhaani unknowingly smiles at his innocence..but composes herself and says that does not prove I have any problem with you..its just that I don’t want to take your name everytime…. Viplav looks at her and asks if my name reminds you of anybody. Dhaani freezes hearing this and goes numb. Viplav gets teary eyed seeing his Dhaani like that and turns back so that his tears are not seen by Dhaani. Dhaani looks at Viplav who has his back turned and says yes… I do hesitate …because you remind me of someone… Viplav widens his eyes and tears roll down his cheeks…but he quickly wipes it and turns back to see Dhaani in tears… She tells yes… your name does remind me of my best friend… Viplav Tripathi….Viplav smiles hearing his full name from his Dhaani after so long… He asks where is her friend now?? Dhaani says don’t know…everyday I used to wish he comes back and I could talk to him… but now I wish he does not come back so that he does not see her and sympathize with her. Viplav looks on. Dhaani continues…I wish he never knows about my existence otherwise he would take her ill fate upon himself… Viplav asks how does she know?? Dhaani replies…

I know him…he is like that…. He did everything that made me smile…. He supported me everytime…but when I needed him the most he was not there… Viplav looks on and clutches his fist… Dhaani sees him… Viplav loosens his fists.. Dhaani says mein nahi chahti ki meri zidgi ka dukh uski jindagi ko le doobe… woh jahan bhi ho…khus rahe…. Bas I need nothing more than that…. Dhaani wipes her tears and realizes she told him the truth. She looks at him and turns to go.On reaching the door she turns back and says neeche aajana…dinner is ready… Viplav smiles weakly and Dhaani’s words flash on his mind. He thinks Dhaani… I will fulfill every wish of yours but not this one….you have to face Viplav…and you have to live your life…and you have to give all your sorrows to Viplav…taaki woh Viplav tumhare gham leke tumhe khusiyan de sake… He looks at the locket he had hid… Mere ishq ka rang safed hai yaara…ishq ka rang safed plays……Dhaani is shown with tears rolling down her cheeks….

PRECAP: Viplav Dhaani’s selfie 

So guys…hope you liked it…. Do contribute your little time and encourage us with your good words……
Keep smiling…keep loving….
Stay blessed everyone 
Love you guys…lots of love……
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  1. awww sujjie u rocked it yaar….
    so dhaani was not angry with her chidhood frnd…
    i am very excited about how will she react when she got to know about viplav who is staying in her house as pg is none other than her viplav tripathi….
    i am waiting fot ur next epi very eagerly….
    ohhhh plzz plzz update ur next epi asap…
    bye sujjie.. tc
    keep smiling nd keep writing… 🙂 🙂

    1. Sujie

      Thank you so much Lalitha for your kind words…very happy that you liked it….
      I will try to post the next one soon…hope I won’t be disappointing you….
      love you 🙂
      take care
      keep supporting dear…keep your love coming 🙂

  2. EishaP

    Sujjie d can I call you sujjiiii plzzz…..episode was perfect yar breakfast pe call viplav ko aur hamari dhaani bechari jalkukdi…….whose call is it that Rakchas had to go leaving breakfast… ? ? ? ?then viplav ki imagination and sweet eyelock wow it was amazing ….last part was superb d thoda emotional tha but I can imagine every dialogue with mish sweet voice wow d …………
    Take care…
    Gooood Night Mishallians

    1. Sujie

      Ofcourse dear… you can call me by any name you want…you know what suji is my real nickname 🙂 you can call me by the name you like 🙂 🙂
      glad that you liked a jhalak of jalkukdi Dhaani 🙂 glad that you liked the scenes….
      thank you…keep the support coming dear….

  3. Maha_Aijaz

    Hellllooooo Sujie darling! Aur sab theek thaak ? Was feeling somewhat better so thought to read your creativity, in fact I want to divert my mind from all this illness and boriat so here I’m..
    “Yeh kia tha Sujie, har baar tum dil chura leti ho zabardast aur ba-kamaal episodes dey kar, kese kar leti ho humesha, tumhen koi haq nahe hai itne achi episodes dene ka, mai jealousy k maare red hogae hun *fake angry face*”
    So how was that unique plus fuzool style ? I know, I know it was pathetic but what to do I was getting soooo bore that’s why thought of doing some masti, don’t mind haan (though I know you won’t mind but formality bhe koi cheez hote hai k nahe ?)
    Well about that haq wale baat you’ve all rights and reserves for writing such amazing episodes after all you’re ViDha’s Jabra fan.
    Now coming to the actual task ie EPISODE, amazing, epic and super cute like I’m falling short of words yaar, the way you’re showing Viplav is worth imagining and you know it’s so easy to imagine him in this story, that caring nature, that pagal deewana who has extremely become mad in dhaani’s love ??
    Breakfast scene was yummy ? dhaani’s unknown jealousy was noticied by Viplav, haaiinaa and then his beautiful imagination, hayeeee, his dialogues maar daala sujieeeee tu na mujhe ??
    Last part just showed that Dhaani is in love with her RAKCHAS, actually last part was the most beautifully described, her pain, her fear of hurting her Viplav was superb and when viplav said I can fulfill your every wish but this wish can’t be fulfilled, hayeeee!
    Maza agaya bus yaar, you know I’ve read it twice and now it’s my sister’s turn to read.
    And you know the bestest thing was dialogues which were in Hindi/Urdu seriously I personally enjoy and love reading them in that language, feelings ziada achi ati hai. Uper sey the song mere ishq ka rang safed hai baba ufffhhh ?? now post the next one ASAP I can’t wait for long, achaaaaaaaaaaa and and and soulmates bhe achaaaaaaaaaaa?

    P.S: yaar don’t end these shots, I know you’re not ending it now but then also requesting before, add new tracks or something I want to read it more more and more so… Wese post the next one little longer than this though it’s long but as your reader I want to read it littttttlllleee more.
    Huh! Kafi dimagh kha liya right. Chalo will take a leave. Till then take care, buhbye!
    Love you lots ❤

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      And here I’m back, forgot to congratulate you for changing the profile picture, Mubarak ho and yes nice editing ??

      1. Sujie

        Maha…you seriously make my day with your sweet comments….welcome to the land of IMAGINE YOURSELF WITH MISHAL… haan haan tumhe bhi haq hai…kyun nahi??
        aur haan…. I call you jaan by my heart…tabhi toh dur hokar bhi I feel like we have been best friends for so many years…. love you dear….
        Tariff and all…. I get encouragement from my readers like you who keep me and my stories so close to their heart that I ultimately end up making more efforts for making my story good and sensible … I try to make you smile with my stories and I am glad that I landed here…..
        hayee…your cute words….. 🙂 love you dear…. aur haan full on haq se you can see Mishal ke sapney…akhir ek toh time esa ho jab Mishal humare kareeb ho… warna aisi kismat hamari kaha jo ab jaake serial mein Mishal ke hi opposite role mile…. uski even ek live jhalak kaafi hai mere dil ko garden garden karne mein …. bar kambhakt kismat mari dhoka de gayi…..
        Accha…you take care… aur haan …working on MRDL AND SM… will post the SM soon I guess…..Glad that my lovely friends…my faithful readers are by my side…. 🙂
        keep the love coming dear…..

    2. Sujie

      Maha meri jaan….yuhi tumhe mein ne jaan nahi kaha hai dear… you never miss a chance to encourage me…. glad that you are here….
      aur haan…khabardaar khudke mooh se nikle acche words ko fuzool kaha toh…yeh toh Maha darling ka style hai….and hum iss style pe fida hai 🙂 🙂
      honestly… I am very happy that you commented ….and such good words…hayee…hajam nahi hota yarr….
      it was not at all pathetic…. samajh gayi ya samjhayein??? *dancing eyebrows*
      and yes….mujhe haq hai…ke mein yese doston ke liye kuch dhang ka accha sa story line banau 🙂 🙂
      honestly…i am glad that you like the scenes….
      actually this last part and the imagination is mine fav too…and the most fav dialogue according to me in this one is….fulfilling wish wala…. 🙂
      I keep myself as Dhaani…and hamare pyaare wakil baabu…urf Viplav Tripathi…the handsome Mishal Raheja opposite to me…paglagayi hoon…khwab mein hi sahi kam se kam mil toh loon…accha enough of this pagalpanti of mine….
      take care dear… jaldi se thik hona…aaram karo abhi….
      aur haan… I am glad your sister too likes it…. will try to update little longer episodes…aur haan abhi end nahi karungi yarr… you remember I told MRDL will be of 7 shots…but silly me… I developed the plot in the way ab mujhe hi pata nahi ki kab khatam hoga….so sit back and chill yar… nahi SM nahi MRDL…abhi both of them are going to get continued for long….when Sujie is here …..nothing to fear rey….
      dimag khane ki baat nahi hai yar….this is your love for me… and I am glad to get a friend like you….
      aaram karo ab….jaldi theek hona hai tumhe…bye bye
      lots of love to you too dear….. 🙂 🙂 🙂
      May you dream about Mishal the whole night 😀 😀 😀 😀
      bye bye 🙂
      love you
      aur haan…thank you for liking my profile pic too… bohot mehnat lagi edit karne mein ….hehehehehheeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 🙂

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        HAHAHA! And seriously no one called me this jaan and all ever, you’re the first one ?? encouragement tou banta hai naa after all you write so cutely that I ultimately reach to the ViDha land??
        Hayee ap fida hain yeh tou ap ka bara-pan hai? comment tou karna tha you know I can’t even miss a single episode of yours afford nahe kar sakte naa itne expensive mistake ?
        Dancing eyebrows?? HAHA yeh tou Kanak rani ka style hai it won’t suite on the sweet girl, but haan samajh tou agaya hai mujhe ??
        Yeah that’s mine favourite too, then the way he said, yeh pyaar bhe bari ajeeb cheez hai kal tak tou I was fighting endlessly but today I can’t even say a single word in front of her, Allah??
        What you imagined yourself while writing chalo theek hai then from now on I’ll imagine myself as Dhaani while reading akhir mujhe bhe Haq hai apne khayalon mai he sahi us k sath thooooraaa sa time spend karne ka?? ab tum akele nahe rahe Sujie ?
        Yaaaaaay ?? this is the happiest news you’re going to add endless tracks in it, so happy yaar now I’m all set to Enjoy the beautiful ride of MRDL and soulmates ??
        Thanks dear, I’ll take care don’t worry and about dreams of Mishal that’s my number 1 job I’m usually in my dreamworld and you know what nowadays I am wishing to work in some serial with him dekho zara I never dreamed of acting but because of him I want to work in some serial and only with him, haaayeee??
        Love you too and you too take care, no thanks rey it was indeed beautifully edited aur mehnat ke hai yeh tou dekhne sey lag raha hai??
        Buhbye ??

  4. AanyaSingh

    Hello Sujie dear?. First of all extremely Sorrrryyyyy for being sooooooo late in commenting. Actually i wasn’t keeping good health for past one & half month & that’s y cudn’t b much active also on the page. I hope u’ll forgive me for that.

    Coming to the epi, it was just too good????. So beautifully u have written everything right from Vips watching Dhaani praying, then the breakfast scene & Vips’ dream, so Cute it was? & specially the last part of the story, it was so Emotional, so touching, i cud actually visualize everything in front of my eyes & also feel it in my heart, SUPERB??????, just loved it. U all r so EXCELLENT writers, May God bless u always & U all bless us with wonderful ffs?. As usual i always wait eagerly for the nxt. Love to u ??????????.

    1. Sujie

      Aanya dear….
      I had no idea you were unwell… hope you are doing good now. . and please don’t embarrass me ….you hd your reason for not commenting…. Health should be no.1 priority dear…..
      But Seriously I am happy that you coukd make it to come and read it…such lovely readers ultimately motivate me dear….
      Glad that you liked the scenes…..
      love you a lot….. and please take care of your health….. 🙂 🙂
      love you

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