Mere Angne Mein 28th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 28th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansi and Rajendra asking all lawyers not to take Shanti’s case, she is mad. The lawyer makes excuse and runs. Shanti does not get any lawyer and thinks to get Sarla’s help. Shivam meets lawyer and makes an affidavit stating Riya is alive. Lawyer asks Riya to sign. Kaushalya says I feel Riya is a devil. Nimmi says pray she signs the paper. Riya says I will sign this tomorrow, I also want my paper back, once I get it, I promise I will sign this.

Shanti comes home and says lawyer is here and I was finding lawyer away, you came with Shivam to police station to bail us out. Shivam says I told you, this lawyer will fight our case. Shanti says I had some work. She sees Riya and stops. She asks lawyer to come to room. They all go. Shivam tells Riya that he always hated this swing, Shanti took such decisions sitting on swing that everyone got hurt, today you fell so low for this swing. He goes.

Riya cries. She sits on the swing. Lawyer tells Shanti that he will make her will. Shanti says this should be between us. He says fine, give me details. Shanti says what details, I just have this house, whom shall I name this house, I have to decide. Riya hears them. Shanti says I will tell you name, you start preparing papers. Riya thinks Shanti falls weak by Sarla’s name, till I find out who trapped family, I will not let Shanti write anyone’s name.

Amit says I got free from Lallan. Rani comes and beats him. He asks what are you doing. She says I always supported you, if you lie to me again, I will kill you, you lied to me about Babloo. He says Babloo is not my son. She says I will not leave you if I know you are Amit’s father. Babloo talks to Lallan. Lallan asks why are you Amit’s son, I know son needs a father.

Kaushalya prays that they need free of the blame. She worries. Raghav says bahu is alive and we are visiting police station at this time for her murder’s blame. Kaushalya says she has become ill mannered and greedy now, what will we do if she says she is not out bahu. He asks her to think good. Kaushalya says Riya refused to sign on papers today, what about Shanti, ow will she stay in jail. She prays. Raghav pacifies her.

Shanti waits for someone. A boy comes and gives her ganga jal. He asks what will you do of this. She says I will purify house, go now. Nimmi sees Shanti and asks why did that boy come. Shanti says I asked him to get gangajal. Nimmi asks why. Shanti says I have to do shuddikaran of my swing, Riya made this impure. Nimmi asks will you make Riya leave. Shanti says once court takes decision, I will not let Riya enter the house.

Its morning, Kaushalya gets some boxes and names the spices. She tells Nimmi that she can read names and use the spices. Nimmi says nothing will happen. Kaushalya says I m scared thinking of jail. They cry. Riya gets ready and takes sindoor. Shivam stops her and asks why is sindoor needed when there is nothing between us, no need to show. She says I have to show for respect, if anyone asks why did I not apply sindoor, it can be problem in court, don’t waste time by argument. She applies sindoor. She sees him annoyed. She goes out and cries.

Kaushalya gets curd and sugar. Shanti says Raghav is worried and went to temple, he is worried. Sarla comes and says Riya has done all this, get her here, I m not scared of Riya, I called a lawyer. Shanti says we don’t want your lawyer, I will go court and manage. Riya says apply thumb impression on the paper, else lawyer won’t be needed. Shanti asks her to give statement first. Riya says no, you are not in position to demand, first you will sign, then I will sign on affidavit. Sarla calls lawyer and asks him to come fast.

Shanti says I don’t run on other’s conditions, others run on my conditions. Riya says its fine with me, I m going for movie at 11. Lawyer comes. Sarla asks who are you. Lawyer says I m lawyer, I m fighting your case, I came to bail you at police station. He asks Riya did you sign on affidavit. Riya says no, ask Shanti.

Shivam says its too much, sign on affidavit, we have to go court. Riya says I will sign there. Lawyer asks Shivam to come, she will sign in court, you all reach there. He goes. Riya says remember, hearing is at 11am. Shanti worries.

Someone kidnaps Riya. Shanti asks Shivam to see someone kidnapped Riya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Haha it’s sarla’s doing again. Wants to see shanti and family in trouble. Will shivam find Riya now?

  2. I think maybe Riya will reach court in time if not hope it becomes clear to Shivam that it was sarla and shanti’ planning to make Riya leave him in hospital. All kaushaliya does is worry and blame Riya every time.

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