Mohe Rang Do Laal…… IKRS Third Shot

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Hello everyone…..
Seriously I am apologizing for not being regular in posting the episode in spite of saying…I WILL TRY TO POST SOON…..
Now lets quickly go to recap..where you
can find Viplav cones to know about Dhaani’s cruel fate from Kaaka..and sets off to find HIS Dhaani with a belief that nothing wrong has happened to her and she is safe…..

On the other hand Dhaani and Badi Amma are waiting for their paying guest…….
Now let us move on to today’s episode…..

Dhaani is seen in market with all the heavy bags carrying veggies…. She keeps walking.. On reaching the main road,she sees two kids ..a boy and a girl playing and eating their tiffin together…. Dhaani smiles and goes into flashback…. Kid Viplav comes to kid Dhaani and asks for a laddoo.. Dhaani refuses to give…Viplav keeps asking but seeing Dhaani ignoring him..he goes aside and sits quietly… Dhaani sees him..and goes to him with laddoo in her hands… Shs makes him eat it and they have fun…Flashback ends… Dhaani has tears of joy in her eyes and thinks Raakchas…kaha ho….. Just then turns and focuses on the blurred figure… And it happens to be Viplav…. Ishq ka rang safed tune plays…..
Dhaani wipes her tears and turns to go…Viplav is coming from the other side playing with his keys….. They collide…All the stuffs from Dhaani’s bag falls down..and the packet of flour opens wide and covers Viplav’s head… Viplav moves his head left and right fluttering his hair and making the flour go away from his hair….. Dhaani looks on…Viplav then clears his eyes and looks at Dhaani.. and says… Hello Madam…what was this?? Dhaani looks on and says Are you blind??Can’t you see and walk?? Viplav raises his eyebrows and says.. Waah rey.. Aata ghire humpar… Aankhen jale humari..aur aap?? Dhaani rolls her eyes and looks at Viplav saying sorry…but you could have watched carefully and walked…all my veggies got ruined… Viplav looks on and says My eyes have got flour in them…and aapko aate(flour) ki padi hai.. Dhaani says I am sorry… Viplav says what sorry…Dhaani looks on and says…listen I know mistake happened..but you also did the same and ruined all my veggies… Viplav looks on and takes out his wallet..He takes out some money and says Keep it madam… Hope this works… Dhaani looks on ..and shoves his hand off.. Dhaani looks at Viplav..and says Aapka paisa aapko mubarak….Dhaani goes from there…But turns to say Raakchas!! Viplav gets stunned… Dhaani goes from there … Viplav turns to her…and forwards his hand ..but then stops…and mutters Raakchas…. How can she call me rakchas…People gathered there dismiss…Viplav recollects the moment Dhaani turned to say Raakchas.. Ishq ishq …ishq ishq plays…But then thinks he should focus… He takes his jeep and goes…

Later Viplav is shown meeting his manager..and asks him to search for a house to live as PG … (please…note ..during this time…he is living in a guest house…which is far away from his project site…The managers asks him to give him some time. Viplav goes towards his jeep and in mirror he sees few hair strands white in color… Viplav thinks he was wandering like this whole day….all thanks to that lady… He sets his hair right ..and goes from there…

Scene shifts to Dhaani’s home..Dhaani comes home and is super tired. Badi Amma asks her to rest. Dhaani mutters…. Its a bad day today…. Badi Amma asks if she is okay..Dhaani says she is fine…but then reminisces arguing with Viplav… And replies..Met a mad man today…Dhaani keeps muttering.. Badi Amma reminusces tge moment when Dhaani used to be bubbly girl…talking to herself…muttering all day long… Seeing Badi Amma smiling Dhaani asks is she is okay.. Badi Amma just nods her head and goes with a bag of veggies inside.. Badi Amma loks at tge bag and realizes what might have happened..

Dhaani drinks water…and goes saying she will bring the scooter back. She goes.. After sometime,Viplav’s manager comes ti Badi Amma and asks if she wants PG. Badi Amma thinks she should talk to Dhaani first… On talking to Dhaani,she asks the manager to call his boss.. As her daughter has said yes.. Viplav comes with his luggage…He enters inside…. He greets Badi Amma and they have a talk. Viplav thanks managef for finally being able to manage something good. The manager goes. Viplav then keeps his bag aside.BadiAmma asks if he is tired.Viplav nods yes cutely. Badi Amma smiles and goes to bring food for him.
Viplav looks around the house after he freshens up…. Just then he was about to see Dhaani’s pic…but Badi Amma comes with food and asks him to have it. Viplav talks with her and asks if she won’t have any problem with he living there. Badi Amma smiles and says they have no problem at all. Its just that society would talk nonsense about us and we are not affected. Viplav looks on. And says if you are noy okay then… Badi Amma says NO beta… Neithet you are going to decieve us nor you will get decieved from us…so we don’t fear anyone… We know how how to face them…Viplav smiles… Badi Amma says this societu is such…but agar mann strong ho…toh darne ki koi abasyakta nahi… There iz no need to have fear of anyone once you have a strong heart… Viplav smiles hearing that… And says he is glad that he got someone like his own…away from his home.. Just then Dhaani comes with her scooter…calls Badi Amma and she goes saying my daughter is here while Viplav continues eating…. Dhaani enters inside… She sits in sofa…besides Viplav who is eating. Both have no idea…as one is busy eating..and anothet is superrr tired… Dhaani says Namaste… Viplav greets back Namaste….. They realize it and look at each other in shock… One last bite that Viplav was going to take falls down while Viplav has his mouth open wide..Dhaani stands up…and says you…Viplav finishes swallowing it..and asks you?? Dhaani calls Badi Amma.. Viplav looks at BA and says Maaji.. Dhaani looks on saying Maaji… Dhaani goes to BA..and asks if he was the only PG we could get…She looks at VUplav..points her finger and says out..Badi Amma looks on.. Viplav says …how mean… He goes to BA .and says are intelligent..but your daughter..she is a bit dumb… Dhaani looks on and says DUMB??you dumb… Badi Amma says….one minute Dhaani beta…Viplav looks on and says Dhaani… Dhaani looks Viplav and says…yes I am….ab kya ismein bhi meri galti hai… Viplav looks on and thinks…ye meri Dhaani…nahi… There are sooo many people of same name….. this same name is just a coincidence… Dhaani looks on..and says…oh hello…where are you lost…please take your luggage and get out…Viplav looks on..and says… 100% she is not my Dhaani…ishq ishq plays…. Badi Amma asks Viplav beta…Dhaani looks on and says Viplav…. Viplav says…. Yes….Viplav Tripathi…naam sunke darr gayi…ViDhaani look at each other taking each other’s name..and says IMPOSSIBLE…and turn faces against each other….in between that jovial music of tanatanatanatanatann..tanana…Viplav wala music is being played…. Badi Amma looks on..

Precap: Viplav is asleep in the sofa..Dhaani comes out to see him.and finds him asleep… She says sota hua rakchas!! And turns to go..but sees him shivering..and comes with a blanket…Ishq ka rang safed plays..while Dhaani stared at Viplav … 🙂

SO GUYS…HOPE YOU LIKED IT….PLEASS DO COMMENT AND TELL ME HOW WAS IT….Sorry once again for the inconvenience due to irregularity in posting….
Hope tou will support me in this journey…will be back soon ..with episodes of MRDL and soulmates……

Love you all…keep smiling…

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Sujie first of all no need of apologizing as handling two fictions aren’t easy job that too with studies so post whenever it’s convenient for you, no worries?
    Now coming to your creation, epic! It left me spellbound. Those sweet memories which dhaani was reconciling was filled with overload cuteness?? then that colliding moment was too good and amazing, their reaction and dialogues were so naturally written, RAKCHAS!! That’s the most beautiful word between our viDha? so finally viplav will live in that Ashram (that’s what it is, right ?) Their surprising reaction was so entertaining? Last part was coooool? both are denying each other’s reality but koi nahe they will soon recognize as both will together!! Gosh I’m so excited?
    Acha I was having a question if dhaani wears a white saree like widows do ? If yes then how can she drives the scooter I mean it’s so funny to watch her wearing a saree and driving that scooter?? well jokes apart!! Seriously mazak kar rahe hun dil par nahe lena?
    Precap OMG!! It’s so lovely and adorable literally I’m so excited for the next one so please post it soon?
    Take care!!

    1. Sujie

      Maha…. You are sooooo sweet….tabhi toh… You are saying all these good thinks about me…tarif pe tarif….
      And yes…i will try to post parts per reader’s convenience and mine too…
      Glad that you liked the episode :heart_eyes:
      And yes coming to your question…. Dhaani usually wears light colored clothes…salwar suit…when she is at home….go back to those lovely december wale episodes…. Aur haan…as a school teacher…she wears kurti or some light colored long skirts…but not saree as in real IKRS…. Hope that answers your question…
      Lots of love dear….keep supporting

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh please yaar u are embarrassing me actually u deserve all these praisings free mai thori naa kar rahe hun?? pagli? yeah my queries are answered! Wow?? it’s so beautiful to imagine dhaani in long skirt and top like shruti wears in love story coooool!! Good choice yaara? now it’s easy to imagine her driving the scooter in kurti or light dress?
      Always dear, no worries?

      1. Sujie

        Righto yarr…. keep imagining rey….lots of love 🙂 🙂

  2. Shruthy

    YAAAY! Finally ViDha tashan. I was so excited for that actually.
    I know, people usually wait for love, and I am here happy seeing them fighting. Kya kare? Main hoon itni pagli xD
    So as I guessed it, Viplav IS the ONE AND ONLY paying guest, Dhaani could have got.
    HAHA I loved the way they didn’t even notice each other while there was mostly none them in the place. And then Viplav’s food falling on the plate while shocked seeing Dhaani. xD
    You are such a comedy piece. Writing nice and humourous scenes. I like it. <3
    Ok they got to know each other's names, which made them quite restless. But that's true, there are many Dhaanis or Viplavs in the world, how can they be sure destiny really made them meet after years?
    Precap is too cute. Cant wait for next update yaar. Please post soon 🙂

    1. Sujie

      Shruthy….finally you came….
      Aur haan….sirf tum hi pagli nahi ho….. We all can turn pagli…if we get to imagine intense…romantic….tashan wale scenes of VIDhaani… Its treat to your IMAGINATIVE DIMAAG…. So paglana manjur 🙂 🙂 😉
      and yes….keep this support coming ..really sorry thay I have been so irregular and it seems I will take few more days…..
      And haan…comedy toh mein hoon..
      .sucb scenes come in my mind when i keep myself away from all the tensions I am going through…and write in hope that my lovely readers will enjoy it….
      Keep supporting like this….and I will try to make all of you smile…and bring back the AWESOME FEELING OF IMAGINING VIDHAANI…THE ETERNAL LOVERS….. 🙂 🙂
      lots of love…..
      aur haan…was waiting for you to read 5th episode of soulmate too…time mile toh you can read it dear….love ya …..

      1. Shruthy

        Yeah sorry girl I couldn’t comment earlier. I read it once posted but couldn’t comment :/ stupid devices, cant get looged in with.
        Haan woh toh hai :p Any scenes of ViDha would just excite any fans. :p
        Always there to support my pellows <3
        Haan very. And that's a nice way indeed. Ido write down what I get in mind, no matter in which mood I am. SO basically I can sh*t but also take effort to imagine something nice. But anyways, you guys' creativity is really something else.
        I have read it als.. OOPS I forgot to comment it. Fish! Will comment soon.

    2. Sujie

      no.need of sorry worry…and glad to see your comments on MRDL as well as SM

      1. Shruthy

        I am happy to be able to comment.

  3. AanyaSingh

    Hello Sujie dear?. As i said earlier also, U r a WONDERFUL writer???. And i love the way u write. A great one it was again???. The fb laddoo scene was so cute. ??. And then the collision. How Vips’ hair get covered with flour, reminded me of the starting epis of ikrs wen in one epi Vips following Dhaani collides with smthng(that i don’t remember?) & has paint all over his hair???. But here thankfully he could clean his hair with the flour being dry?. And while fighting also they look as cute as they r wen they r loving each other. Best scenes was wen both unaware sit beside each other, Vips is busy having his good & Dhaani so tired that she just didn’t notice beside whom she is sitting & on realizing the sudden reaction & the following argument, ha ha, it was too good????. The restlessness hearing each other ‘s name shows the hidden eagerness in the hearts of both to meet one another though due to circumstances they r not aware of each other’s presence. Waiting for them to recognize one another soon. Great job dear, keep going??????.. And don’t b sorry, post as & wen u get time, we’ll always b waiting here for ALL of U??. Love to u???.

    1. Sujie

      AanyaD …so much tariff….hayee….love you ….. and glad that you commented….and much more glad thay you liked the scenes….keep supporting dear…. Love you a lot…. . 🙂 🙂

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