MMZ- Sat’z LOVE!! One shot

Hello Dearies..Today is the birthday of our beloved, sweet and Romace queen Sathya..aka Satz…aka My senorita….

Happy Birthday darling…I wish all the happiness and success for you..have a long long long life with healthiness…
This is your birthday gift..i hope my small effort will make you smile wide….

Satz POV:

I love Arjun than anything in this mortal world. I love Arjun so much that I could not ever think of anything except Arjun : Arjun are my imagination , my breath…my heartbeats..

Whenever I see sky in night. I remember one thing..Arjun..My Love….i often saw Arjun from balcony of my apartment at eighth floor.He sipping a coffee staring from his flat’s balcony towards the world….It felt like a king was watching it…I always wants to be that sunrays who can kiss Arjun fearlessly…I was writing about him on my lappy…
Only I knew how much I was happy when I noticed his name in society book since I shifted to Malaysia for my work……I couldn’t able to believe that he lives in the same building of mine…..What a lucky me!! My friends only know how much Deewani I am for Arjun..

Once I met Arjun in the elevator. He looked very happy.i could not believe my luck. Just Arjun and me in that small lift. Door closed. A tiny bell rang to make me come from my dream to reality..

“Which floor?” Arjun asked

I could not answer and stumbled badly. Third floor came quicker than return of my consciousness. I still did not answer.

“Third Floor “ Robotic voice came from machine..
Door opened and He left. I was waiting for Arjun to look back at me. Door was closing…before I became disappointed,Through the slit of closing door . I could see his handsome face turned back to trigger life again in my just dying heart…

I was resting on elevator’s wall. I don’t know how long I was standing in standstill in elevator with close door imagining Arjun besides me…

Then I met Arjun on the same day again in super market. He smiled when he found me staring him….continuously…unable to take my sight away from Arjun…I even forget common etiquette. But his smile brought my consciousness back…I felt quite embarrassing…I took my eyes away keeping Arjun’s smile in my memory frame…while returning we came together and Arjun started the convo..

“Hello..I’m Arjun….”

(Ofcourse I know you more than I knew myself…)

“……” God where is my voice……Its not coming out of my throat

“Hello??” Arjun waved his hand in front of my face

“NNNnn…nice….tttoo…mmmeeet Arjunuuuu….”

“we already met many you have name?” Arjun asked with smile

“yyyyyyy…yeah…ohhhh..ssssoorryyyy…aaa…i….am..SS…Sathya….”……God..why the hell I am stammering..he will assumed me having stammering habit like Thapaki from that serial on color..

“Nice name…Meaning is truth..right?” He asked

I nodded

“So satz….Can I call you satz….” Arjun asked again….I nodded

“So Satz what do you do?” Arjun asked

(Live for you..wait for you…try to feel your presence…) “AAaa…I..www..write….”

Though I works with an IT firm..I said what I do most of the time…I writes about you Arjun..all the time…

“wow..a writer….what do you write?” he asked again

(about You..about my love…) “Ssssss..story…”


That’s it..we talked more about which floor I stay.about hobbies….we reached out apartment…there was elderly pair waiting for elevator…No further talk…Just “bye”..while Arjun getting out at third floor.

I was still on seventh sky while reaching to eighth floor..i was still feeling that Arjun were with me…I could feel freshness of his presence still…

Like this our often meetings and talk made us friends…

Few weeks later…..

Ting tong…..

I was writing this page in my lappy and was still writing when door bell sound interrupted it…Nisha , my roommate opened the door…I could hear some talking..i thought she might have ordered pizza and would have talking to pizza I resumed my writing…

After 10 mins I was breathing heavily. I tried to save that Laptop reaching from Arjun….lappy was almost stumble and about to fall but finally rested in Arjun’s hands. Arjun came to my house to know more about my stories..taking free time from his business…As he found me writing, he simply snatched the lappy away…

I tried stopping him but could not stop him…Arjun started reading it closing himself in balcony and leaving me alone in my room biting nail in fear…I found myself helpless and unable to snatch that page from Arjun…

I tried.. “Pppppp..please..ddddoo it Arjun…plzzz” but mercilessly he denied my request… i watched him through glass door..

His expression was changing fast…I was afraid..i was afraid to lose him..our newly found friendship…he was reading every story I written on him from ETL 1 to ETL 2 ….When he reached to Krishna folder I crossed my figures in fear….God Krishnaji..what is this….are you taking revenge??? I saw him laughing often while reading it…..

then he looked at me and asked firmly…

“Charger…..” but i didn’t respond and blinked several times on his irrelevant demand…

“Satzz I asked you to give me laptop’s charger…” he repeated…

I gave that to him….My only trusted weapon that would be helpful if it wouldn’t work and let the laptop get discharged fully…but nothing sort of it happened and he continued reading….

he wrote something on the page which I was writing before his arrival.…Placing the laptop on table..Arjun gave me his most sensuous and s*xy smile..and left my apartment..….Without saying anything to me..or rather yelling on me…or without breaking our friendship..what he would have written on that page???

It took me few seconds to reach to the table in fear…and froze with happiness when I saw what Arjun wrote on the page…I blinked several times….


Happinesss has no bound….i was jumping in happiness….Finally I got my Mr. Mehra…
How’s it guys??? satz plzzzzz tell me hows it…finger you…

  1. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Dipika

      Thank you so much Kavina dear

  2. Brin

    Awesome story for Sathya’s birthday, she will love it, I really enjoy reading it. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Brin darling thank you sooooo much for lovely words ? ? ?

  3. Mica

    Arjuuuuunnn !!!!!! you ditched for Satya huh! but let’s it be.. i love Sathya more than you
    Happy Birthday Sathuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! happiness for your life
    Dipika..huhuhuhu seee..i’m bitting my nails now

    1. Dipika

      Awwwww.. My darling don’t worry.. Its her bday na thts y she got that privilege.. We will get our arjun back tommo.. Lol.. Thank u sooooo much mica darling.. Love u lots ? ? ? ?

  4. Jnana


    1. Dipika

      Jhana darling thank you sooooo much ? ?

  5. Dhara

    Awesome. Truly deserved Sathya. Happy birthday dear. May all your wishes come true. ?

    1. Dipika

      Dhara darling thank you sooooo much ? ? ? ? ?

  6. That’s amazing dipika di…… I’m sure sathya would be jumping with joy after reading it…. Happy Birthday sathya dear…. ???

    1. Dipika

      We dearyyy thank you sooooo much… M so happy ? love u lots ? ? ?

  7. arti viswanathan

    Dipika darling superb yaar…. I loved it… I liked all the scenes….tc loads of love to u from me…..and teddy hug dear…. And happy birthday to sathya darling once again and all the happiness comes in one day that is on b’day dear….. Enjoy today….

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhhh arti darling thank you sooooo much for lovely words ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  8. Rossy

    Lol…heroine u know what I most love I you…your truth and real natural way in writing…even satzy sissy won’t feel it’s a story…it’s her life story…gosh that effect u have.. Making people feel their own awesome in your story….quite hard, but was for u….the same what I felt on my birthday…m sure sissy will feel that….okay….time Ho to phir milenge on

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhhhhh m sooooo giggling in happiness queen.. I can’t described how m delighted after reading ur words. Thank u sooooo much for making me feel good.. Love u lots ? ? ? ?

  9. Gianna

    Haha amazing one Dipu, was laughing in the lift scene reminded of Ardhika list scene in Lonavla. It felt so natural throughout just amazing

    1. Dipika

      Gia darling thank you sooooo much for lovely words.. Lol. Mu too remember the lift incident.. I too qhile writing… It was so spl na.. Lol.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

  10. S.v

    dheeps awww kitni cute cute was that… lovely so much lovely…. u know what i was waiting what will he say when he read about krishna i was waiting for him to tease her but he was like i love u ?? something fishy,,,, he loves her before…. ha ha ha… lol love u so much muhhhaa love u meri dheeps…. muhhhaa love u

    1. Dipika

      Sv darling.. Fishy.. Hahahaa.. Yess sab golmal hai.. Hahaa.. See our role in krishna made arjun fall for satz.. Hahaha.. Thank u sooooo much darling… Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

  11. Sathya

    Cheri cheri cheri…. Where r u.. I wanna hug u tight for writing this so beautifully…. Oh God.. U just gave all my real thoughts as a OS.. Seriously I would have behaved as same as you mentioned if I found Arjun in Malaysia.. Lol…. I loved it darling.

    What’s that.. I m simply staring him continuously…. Lol. He caught me.. Shame shame… Sathya control control… Lol ???? we both in a same life… Only we both… Aaahayyy… I would have really fainted if that happen for sure…. He smiled at me.. N talking to me nicely… My Greek God… Yar… I m so in love with him.

    And we became friends but m. Loving him secretly na… Lol he snatched my laptop.. Ayayyo. All. My secrets r there in the laptop… I m. Gone… Cheri what u did…. Oh gosh he is reading no no no…. Wowowow my tension n nervous u wrote it so naturally dipu… M. So happy reading this OS…. And when he came to Krishna folder ?????? I myself started laughing badly… Lol how can he not…. I want that to e switched off… No charge…. He he he n finally what he gave a big shock in my life.. It’s a sweet surprise… He proposed me… Yar…. It’s a pleasant n pleasure for me… Wowowow.. I m gone… No sleep tonight. Already I m like a mad deewani now no its full….. Love u Chica for this wonderful master piece.. ??????????

    1. Dipika

      ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ohhhh my senorita here i am to give u tight n bone crushing hug…. Thank u sooooo much for liking it.. I was scared.. Yesss d. Greek god.. U said na u will. Mke ur partner to read all ur stories.. Tht gave me this i directly made arjun himself to read all ur stories.. Thank u sooooo much for being a wonderful friend.. N once again a verrrrrryyyyyy happieee birthday senorita… Love u lots ? ? ? ? ? ?

  12. The bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttt one ever I read. I loved the part where arjun wrote I LOVE YOU TOO SATZ. PLS CONTINUE IT PLZ. I wish I could give it a standing ovation and an oscar award.

    1. Dipika

      OMG shruti darling u made my day by calling it best.. I knw many herr are better than me.
      Though.. Thank u sooooo much for big compliment.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

  13. Sreee

    Sweet.. short beautiful… mesmerizing… Woooow di…wat else u have in u?…this was soooo cute…awwwie…her deewani was brought out soooo beautiful…. her voice insides…super cute…that dialogues, “for u..”… sweet right?… gosh, everything sooooo beautifuly wriiten ..cutetly narrated.. that part where she was waiting anxiously fod him…??…. u nailed it bhabhi….ufffff… heblaughing reading krishna, awww soo cute… then atlast….u stole my already stolen heart…. his style of proposing was cuteeeee just like u… am not just getting enough words to describe tgis, while me jumping like a maniac in awe of ur writing.. di, u r just awesome… my angel, i love u soooooo soooo much…muahhhhh

    1. Dipika

      Omg my very cutest nanad.. Thank u sooooo much for this sooooo lovely words.. M on moon n back now… Lol.. See i made ur bhaiya prapose satz.. Lol.. You are my sweet cute nanad darling.. Your words always encourages me to give more n improve myself.. I love you toooooop darling ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  14. Sulbi

    Dipu darling… this is so real and amazing… wow… loved it to the core… suddenly whr u disappeared girl… post ur gym wala ff… starving for it darling… and i read WOS in watty… will comment in FF… come soon darling…

    1. Dipika

      Sulbi darling thank you sooooo much for supporting me n loving me
      ? ? ? ? ? m sorry for not posting yarr. U knw whnevr i took gym story to write some work around home came in between so its taking time.. But today i will complete the chap n will. Post by today or tommo.. Pakka.. Thank u sooooo much for loving both the storirs
      ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? love u lots ? ? ?

  15. Jewel

    deepz, the story is really nice…. beautifully written…. loved it…. ending also really nice….

    1. Dipika

      Jewel darling thank you sooooo much for lovely words ? ? ? ?

  16. Gauri

    Dipu so beautiful….what a way to write OS…best you included ETL 1 and ETL 2 and best I love you too Satz ..hi Satz behosh…main to bas latoo hogayi 🙂 love u sweety 🙂 lucky Sathya 🙂

    1. Dipika

      ? ? ? ? ? omg… Thank u sooooo angel… Lol.. Don’t worry i will make neil fall at ur feet too.. Bday ane do tumhara.. Lol. Love u lots

  17. Roma

    My goodness Dipssss…it’s really superbbbb, awesomeeeeee, marvellously beautiful n outstanding os…u wrote very interesting scenes n gave so much real essence that I could see in reality….satz stammering in front of arjun…her hidden immense love for him…arjun read her stories. …awwww….n laughing reading modern Krishna. …this was hilarious. …u found her arjun in real….n the last line….arjun’s confess was the cutest ever……only u could think of it…’s really superbbbb n awesomeeeeee. ….love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my lovely dipsss ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    Happy Birthday Satzzz. .muaaaaahhhhhh

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