Mmz: One birthday (OS)

Happy birth day to you dear sissy, our satz aka sathya…many many happy returns of the day…may all ur wishes come true , may ur path always be enlighten by almighty….get all the happiness of life…and please let me know how is this os, despite I know it’s not ur genre. U know how I am lacking in all this……


Today is my birthday. People says this is a most special day for them to cherish further. But for me I understand value of this birthday just five years ago. But my most special birthday was last year because I met him last year on this particular day.

Our home was designed like a bride for my birthday. In morning my parents took me to temple and did other traditional worship, took blessings from god. Later in evening there was a small party organized. Shimla nights were mostly snowy nights between mid October to January.

Our neighbour com our family friend Mr Rakesh Das found a person for us to stay as paying guest. Yes, I forgot to tell you we are just lower middle class family, only earning came from my father. Addition my parents spent too much for my health problems. So we had many debts at that time. Papa decided to rent one part of our traditional house, its inherited. But finding a suitable person was not easy. But finally Mr Das managed. A guy worked under Indian government, at census office.

Our small party was going on full swing with some of my friends, neighbours. We organized it in front of our house, on a government play ground. We put a tent and enjoyed inside. We all knew, it was forecasted a snow fall gonna happen that night. So we were excited. As snow started to fell, we all went outside and danced happily. Suddenly out of no where I felt someone’s patting my shoulder, I turned and I swore my heart stopped at that moment or it pounded hard. Whatever, but fact was he was the most handsome guy I ever seen. But , wait, strange, why he looked through my eyes deeply like my eyes were belong to him. I felt irked. ” what??”, at least I could utter this.

” ooh…I am really sorry. I just feel I saw those eyes before”, all he could explained. But it’s completely visible that he was uncomfortable.

” it’s okay. No problem”, I replied uninterested and turned.

” can you please help me out, …mmmm….who is Mr Das here. I already went to home, but they said he was here to celebrate”, finally he spoke after a moment.

After a while I was thinking to tell him or not, Das uncle came hurriedly and spoke to him,” so, Arjun. You are here, finally. And this is your to be owner’s daughter radhika.” He pointed towards me. I was stood like a dumb when he smiled and wished me ,” happy birthday “.

” thank you”, I replied as I ran toward my parents.

My friends started their enquiries once my parent left to talk with him. “You hit a jackpot radhu, a paying guest and such a hot person, don’t let him go?” One of my friend said. I also enjoyed their teasing. But my dreams gonna shatter so soon after returning my home, who knows?!! After my dad show him his room, he went to organize his stuffs. He was one clean freak. I just crossed his rooms , I heard him talking with someone,” I love you too darling…miss you”. And I thought my story ended before it started. Poor me !!!!

But I must say he was a decent and sober guy I ever met. He had no one after his mother passed away. My parents always praised him for his behaviour & nature and started to treat him like their own kin. We too got to know each other and become friends. But I always noticed him to stare my eyes , god knew for what??? Whenever I asked him about it he just gently avoided it by saying nothing, he just felt some familiarity in my eyes.

Eight month time passed away. One day I was bit late from my office. Just I got out , I saw him standing near parking area, chatting with someone in his phone. He looked very happy. I went near him slowly and whispered, “who is she?? You looked extremely joyful”. Though I couldn’t help my envious tone. He startled all of a sudden confrontation; but replied shy,” bonnie, my girlfriend. Now I have no one other than her”.

I felt little hurt when he said he had no one than that bonnie bone. “Pheww…what a name?? it’s like a bone, I seriously thought she was a bone in my kabab story. Aargh..but, wait…that was me, if we thought technically.”, my mind screamed that. My thought about her halt when he patted me. I asked annoyed , “ why are you here?” he was shocked but replied , “ it was late, uncle aunty were worried for you”.

“ so”, I asked irritated as that bonnie was killing me inside though I did not see her once. As if he guessed my irritation, he preferred to be silent and started his bike. Without wasting a minute I followed him with my scooty. On way he said excited , “ bonnie will come tomorrow. You will see her. She is so sweet just like you”.

“Wait…what he said I am sweet. Yes that I am. He realized it .well better than never. But.. wait …wait… he compared me with that bonnie. Huh..and she come tomorrow. That’s why he excited”, my mind told me to relax and I prefer to be silent by responding a “hmmmm”. I don’t want to ride by his side, so I crossed him. God knows which kind of feeling crept inside me. I admit I bowled away by his handsome appearance but; it’s true that in those eight months when I know him well, how good upbringings he had, a perfect gentle man like we dreamt that attract me more toward him. Importantly he respected and treated well my parents more than me.

I straight went to my room by saying, I had no appetite. My dad was following but ; he said he would manage. My dad had a great faith on him after he saved me twice. Once from a pervert group and next from my inner turmoil. Shocked!!! yes I had something in my past which was killing me inside, every night I turned out to be vulnerable. After his constant mental support I got my sanity back. Well whatever like every time he succeed to brought me up to dining table. My parents were smiling. But then after dinner when he talked about bonnie, I thought more than me my parents got shocked. Later they managed situation though, but my curiosity was its high level. Did they think same like me???? Why not !! if anyone could get such son like in law, who wanted to let go ..but my luck!! Again poor me.

Next day was Sunday . I didn’t try to wake up. If I did then he would drag me with him , to meet his bonnie bone. I was in no mood to do that. But, was that possible?? He knocked constantly on my door. What the hell?? What my parents were doing, why did not they stopped his madness on my door?? With a irritation I opened the door , glared him hard. In return he smiled and dragged me to hall, “ see radhu, bonnie is here”. My eyes widened in the front view. I saw a slim classy figure stood in front of me. She wore latest designed oufit. Properly make up. In short a fashionista. I looked back to me,” how embarrassing!! why couldn’t I vanished now”, my mind screamed. I was on my sweat dress, didn’t know on which year I bought that, messy hair and half opened eye. I tried to hide behind him.

“ radhu where is your manners. When we see some guest we greet them”, said my mother who looked like now interested on the sudden guest of our house. I couldn’t understand the extremely sweetness and politeness of my parents toward bonnie bone. I was stepping back to my room again but, that idiot held me again.

“Nice to meet you. I was really curious when Arjun told me about you”, bonnie said sweetly but her eyes said different story.

“What this guy said about me? Why she gave me those looks?”, I thought .she continued immediately , “ in our two year relationship, I never seen him to take interest on anyone and talked about them. But from past months I heard only about you”.

“ oooh”, I could muttered only that and ran to my room. I did not know why but I was happy , I rushed for bathe . I messed my room in selection of a dress to show that bone that me too a classy model. but in vain. I searched my drawer for any make up kit, but poor me forgot I don’t use anything except gloss , compact and liner. For the first time I got angry on myself . finally I came out . my parents and he were dumbfounded. “ am I looking that horrible”, I thought. I put aside that thought and went to greet bonnie bone properly. I even told her to help her visiting local places. She rejected directly , “ there is nothing to see in such small towns. I have some work in my branch office , so I burdened to come here”.

“ aargh nerve of the girl. I wanted to smack her face right then. Hell with her work and status. Isn’t Arjun important for her”. I stopped my wild thoughts and said my parents that I had some work . I needed to go outside. For a moment I looked his face , he looked so dull. He was so excited till she come, what happened now?? I thought to let the love bird together , so I went to my fried home.
When I was returning from my friend’s home I saw Arjun sat near lake side. He was throwing marbles to water. I went near him, but shocked see him crying. I immediately wiped his tear and hugged him. I never consoled anybody in my life. I didn’t know how to do that. But he always do that for me. I didn’t do anything other than patting him, just saying, “ everything will be fine”. Gosh as if I knew that everything.!! I tried to parted but he didn’t let. He told me in between his sobbing. I interpreted that

“ after I went away he went out with bonnie to accompany her to her work venue. He was very happy until some colleague of her came and dragged her to have some fun. When they asked about him, bonnie just introduced him as a care taker and follower of her. Still he beared that insult and went with her to party place. He couldn’t figure out what’s going on there. Some random guy came and she went away leaving him alone. When he found her she was drank and busy kissing other guy. His blood boiled as he pulled out bonnie. But she slapped him by saying him middle class useless thing. She said she was obsessed with his handsome appearance, but he was not worth to be her servant. They broke up there”.

I couldn’t decide whether I should be happy or sad. But seeing Arjun’s condition I felt sad. I felt like killing that bonnie bone. Somehow I consoled him and we came back. My parents asked why we were back together. Where was bonnie?? I threw a glance toward them not to ask anything right then. They understood and he went to his room with that gloomy face. I told my parents everything and got unexpected reactions. Wow….the spark in their eyes..were they my parents or kids !! my dad almost jumped up from sofa and my mother started her dancing. Had they gone nutcase?? I glared them , they back to normal. We all decided to enlighten his mood, like he did. Well it was one crazy night . I never seen my mom and dad was performing tom &jerry, or nobita & sizuka. Finally we succeed. We were all tired that we slept in that one room that night. In midnight I woke feel something coiled around my stomach. It was his hand. I didn’t know why, but I felt it was my right. I turned his side , caressed his cheek and planted a chaste kiss on his forehead. I said, “ you deserve all the happiness of world. So never cry”. He stirred a little. I closed my eyes as I felt his grip got stronger .

It was 9:20 AM . I got up and screamed aloud why my mom didn’t let me wake up. I immediately freshen up and ran toward my scooty. But he held my hand and told me have breakfast. I show him time, he told he would drive and I could eat. My mom looked us in a twinkling eyes. He ride slowly till I completed my breakfast and then at a speed to my office. He was waiting there when I came back. I was surprised with his sudden appearance. But from that day I felt his changing nature toward me. I felt his possessiveness which was completely unlike him, when my male friends or colleagues visited me. He took us many places to visit, sometimes with family, sometimes with me alone. I came to know his feelings though he tried to hide while his colleague meet us at a mall. His colleague asked genuinely , “ hey man , who is she”. Though I stood some distance but I clearly heard his reply , “ my everything”. Wow….i couldn’t express that feeling. It was beyond any words. But……

But…….i thought my happiness lasted a little. That day when my parent went to rakesh uncle home, I was seeing my old photos. One particular photo caught my attention, I looked it drowned. I didn’t know when he came and sat behind me. But as soon his view fell on that photo, he snatched it from me immediately. I could see his face colour changed. He asked hurriedly, “ do you know her? How?”

I was so startled with his behaviour but said , “ Nandini Mehera, she was the one whom I wanted to see , wanted to thank badly but; …..i stopped a moment and continued , “ I lost my eye sight in one accident before 6 years ago. I hated extra light from my childhood, but that one year I stayed in darkness I understood what was the meaning of light.i was frustrated enough I thought death was better than this. I was always screaming and shouting. Cursing god, why he did that with me?? I become a selfish that at one point I thought if I get light by someone’s bad timing. But I didn’t spit out intentionally, didn’t know something horrible happened to this lady. I knew her in some of my treatment , she was nurse at that hospital. After her accident , she gave me her eyes ; but still in my heart I felt guilty, felt sad. Nandini Mehera , she was an angel for me.” As my statement were completed I felt a hot tear on my hand. I looked up he was crying holding that photo. He only muttered, “ mom” and rushed out. I was shocked.

From that time he never returned back. I too lost my hope, I know how does he feel . seeing the person always in front of you who have your deceased mother’s eyes, is difficult. I don’t know if I was right or wrong , but still I wanted to see him one last time.

Today is another birthday of mine. There is another snow fall forecasted. But I don’t feel any excitement. But I did everything for my parents robotically. After all they are my everything, they are always there for me no matter how much trouble there. Everybody start their dancing as snow falls. I stood silent in one corner. After some time someone dragged me out, by putting his hand on my eye and mouth. “ who the hell he is? A familiar kind of touch. Let him free me once. I will teach him a lesson for sure”, I thougt myself. And yesssss…I did that too. I must say a great punch of mine life. But next moment I halted seeing a big snowman in front of me, with a placard “ I AM SORRY. BUT , I LOVE YOU”.

I was in my trance, when a painful voice said, “ what a punch? If only I knew you would be this much angry on me I would have back soon or put some iron shield on me”. I looked back to stood grounded , he is standing there, Arjun Mehera . what should I do? I don’t know. There is a sudden urge in me, to run and hugged him tight. But considering past I stepped backward while my eyes filled with tears and still am backing. But he suddenly came forward and hugged me tight. He constantly mumbled, “ I am sorry dear. Please don’t let me alone now. I am afraid.”. he said after a few good minutes , “ I know I was wrong. For a moment I thought because of your prayer or curse my mom faced accident. It was momentary. But , I was too silly that time. But after parting from you I felt the real pain, real misery. What it felt to be alone, I experienced it in this whole month. But it is true I love you, and only you. I realized this . after bonnie left I never felt such pain because you all were with me, but after leaving you, I become a robot.”

I just looked at him in disbelief, if he is for real or some ghost possessed me?? I came back to my sense when I heard my parents are saying , “ say something radhu, say YES.” Without giving me any time my parents jumped up . my dad hugged Arjun , “ see beta, never thought yourself alone. We are here. We are your parents . and I don’t say it because you are gonna marry my daughter. But I meant it from my heart.” My mom patted him affectionly. He was going to be emotional I shouted, “ don’t , if you try to emotional again, I won’t love you”. Do I say something stupid?? Why all are laughing.

My dad coughed to hint something my mom and they go away leaving us alone. Now I look him intently and my mind stucked up at one point. “ what an idiot, proposed blankly. Wait…. This is my birthday and he came without nothing”. I narrow my eyes toward him. Its like he understand me and knees down infront of me , “ though I am giving myself to you, still I want to fulfil some formalities”. I am laughing hard hearing him and he put one ring on me. He step forward closing the distance between us and say , “ now I am going to gift you something which is very first for me too”. With that he pull me by my waist and kiss me on my lips…and my heart started pounding like when I fist saw him,….DHAK….DHAK….DHAK…..


Sissy seriously I tried hard, but I know u will understand I am not good in this genre. Still say me your views.

  1. Kavina

    Loved it

  2. Brin

    Outstanding, it is a beautiful story, love it to the core, Rossy you nail it, well done. 🙂

  3. Roma

    Sunshineeeeee. …it’s incredibly beautiful., marvellous, outstanding and very very veryyyyyyy awesoooooome. …loved the way you narrated ardhika meeting, his generous personality. ..his handsomeness and kind behavior with everyone. ..n that Bonnie bone…lol…so funny bone….I got sad for arjun for his breakup but was glad that he realized his true love for rads…n his mom Nandini donated her eyes to rads…that’s why he was feeling so connected to her eyes…wowwww. ..what a lovely plot….n then he returned n apologized. …so cute confession n gift from him was the first kiss….for both …that’s the precious. …awwww….sooooo beautiful…very lovely narration n awesoooooome dialogues. ….loved it from the bottom of my heart. …..rosie… sunshine …my soul sissyyyy. ..I love you soooooooo muchhhhhh my sweeeeeethearttttt. ..n very happy birthday to my satzz….I’m sure she would dearly love this story. …keep it up honeyyy. you loads my sunshine. …muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

  4. Mica

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    emotional, romantic, gooosshhhhh..
    and happy bday Sathuuuuuuuuuuuu

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  8. Gianna

    I knew this had to be you and I was right so am patting my own shoulder for that. Utterly beautiful this was, their journey from the first meeting till the gift, just beautiful and I loved it. Amazing dear just amazing

  9. S.v

    Twini u always choose something diff u now proved me right… how sweet romantic and who said u cant write romantic ?? haan see u write is cute and nice and this has a message of eye donation how sensible…. u r unique that makes me proud of myself as im ur twin right….. ha ha ha self flattering aap ki shiksha 😉 love u so much muuhhhaaa

  10. Dipika

    Wowwwwwwwwwwww rose darling.. U always says i wrote naturally bit what is this.. You wrote it so beautifully having natural touch… Sabse jyada i liked thta bonnie the bone part.. Bone in kabab story.. What a humorous write up darling.. U nailed it.. U always says tht u could nt write romance.. Bt after reading this any one will doubt on it.. U r amazing writer darling.. Truly amazing.. I loved this os a lot.. Love u lots ? ? ? ?

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