Hello friends, this is my first attempt to fill MMZ page with my story,
As this story somehow valueless, i wish you can take it for fun only,
please “don’t try at home “….



ARJUN MEHRA :27 years old, actor, married
RADHIKA MISRA :22 years old, actress, orphan

A boy and a girl stood facing each others, tears rolled on their face
“i love you Neil”
“i love you too Samaira”
they hugged each others tightly, cried.
“aaaannnd…cuuuuttt!” a man yelled from nearby, immediately they
released the hug,some noise sounded kinda humming bee from few crews
as they started to maintenance the stuff around, camera,lighting etc.

“It’s done for today,thank you so much Radhika, Arjun!”the director
said to the boy and the girl, “good job!”.
Radhika and Arjun only smiled, said “thank you!” in unison.

Radhika started to walk to her cabin, meanwhile Arjun spotted a girl
which gave an angry gaze on him, he walked fastly to her.
“What Bonnie ? why you are angry ?” Arjun asked in confusion.
“what is that haaa ?? how can you hug her so tight ? do you love her ?
do you like to hug her ?” Bonnie blurt out in rage.
“Omg Bonniee! how many times i should say that i don’t love her, it’s
just acting, she is my pair in this serial, it’s called professionalism.”
Arjun irritated.
“Professionalism my foot! i knew it! i knew that you enjoy it!” Bonnie
Arjun closed his eyes in frustration, fist his palm and shook his head
to hear his wife nonsense talk.

‘Let’s go home! i don’t want you create any drama here” Arjun hold
her hand, tried to drag her when she jerked him and walked to Radhika
which stood in front of her cabin door.

“Hei, you! Radhika!” Bonnie called in rage.
“Hello Bonnie maam! how are you ? ” Radhika smiled.
“Stop acting innocent! i know you tried to seduce my husband! such
cheap girl!” Bonnie pointed her finger on Radhika, she dazed to hear that,
tears flew to her cheeks.
“Bonnieee!” Arjun yelled from behind. He put his uncomfortable gaze
to Radhika, folded his hand muted sorry to her. She only nodded.

Arjun dragged Bonnie, but again Bonnie jerked him, turned to Radhika,
“and tell your fans to stop their nonsense pairing you and my husband!
such cheap fellow!” Bonnie walked away shouted ” don’t tell that i
didn’t warn you!’

Arjun walked behind Bonnie, followed her path, only to hear another
her blabbered ‘it’s lucky of me that Kavya also working in this project,
that she can put her eyes on you both huh! otherwise maybe that cheapo
Radhika brings you to her bed!” Arjun heard her silently, shook his head
in disbelief. Suddenly…

“Kavyaaa darling! thank god we meet here! i want ask you join me to
Flamboyan club tonight, i though you go home already!” Bonnie run,
hugged kavya, leaving Arjun, they chit chat.

Radhika was still sobbing when Teji came to her,asked in concern tone,
“Are you crying ? what happened ?” Radhika only silent,yet put her gaze
to Bonnie that stood lil far away from them with Kavya.

Followed her gaze, Teji understood, it made him i peak point of anger
“That CHUDHAILL!” Teji started move to Bonnie when Radhika hold his hand
shook her head in no. Teji so annoyed on her.

“Every time she called you cheap, characterless, and you only cry,cry
and cry, stop it Radhika! she crossed the limits!” Teji scolded her.
She smiled faintly, ‘let’s it be, Teji!”
“But….!” Teji wanted to protest when someone called Radhika. Radhika left


“Tell me Kav what that cheapo did today to my husband ? “Bonnie started
to interrogate Kavya.
“Hmmm you can’t imagine! on hug scene today, they retake for more than
20 times you know ?” Kavya said in evil tone, made Bonnie boiled in

“WWhat ? but i saw only once.”Bonnie in confusion.
“As you arrived after they took a break! it’s happened before they took
a break! the directors so upset!” Kavya added fire “well you know that
cheapo only has opportunity on this matter, so smart!”

“AArrrrgghhhh!!!! i should slap her, huh!” Bonnie turn to anger bull
turned around only to see Radhika talked to Arjun. She run to them,
lift her hand to slap Radhika, but Teji hold her hand on the middle.

“what wrong with you CHUDHAIL ?” Teji roared.
“I just left him for second, but you already roamed with my husband”
Bonnie shoot Radhika with her red eyes.
“I..i..director asked me to tell the tomorrow schedule to Arjun!”
Radhika stammered.

Bonnie dragged Arjun made Arjun startled back to sense to saw the
recent incident, but he couldn’t do anything as it will be more drama.

Kavya went close to Radhika and Teji, offered to Radhika “Raddu, i’ll do
shopping! wanna join me ? ” she said sweetly.
“thank you Kavya, but sorry i will go with Teji” Radhika smiled.
“Well OK then! Bye! ” kavya bid bye and walked away. Teji, who stood
silently only gave annoyed gaze to Kavya act, took a glance on her
murmured “CHAMELEON!”, made Radhika chuckled.


Morning, Radhika checked her phone, waited she queue to take shoot when
Arjun came to her.
“Morning Radhika! hmm.. i want to apology for yesterday incident” Arjun
said hesitantly.
“Hi, morning! it’s OK! i understand her, seem your wife love you so
much! you lucky to have her.” Radhika smiled.
“Lucky ?? well seem yes.” Arjun took a deep breath. “What are you
doing ?” he looked at her in curiosity.

“Oh, i only checked our fan page, we have crazy fans you know, they
named us as Saneil pair! cute isn’t it ?” Radhika said with sparkled
eyes, handed her phone to Arjun. They spared the moment.
well, there was a pairs of eyes who gave intense care to them, she was
none other than kavya. She made a call immediately,.. and we know the
rest, Bonnie came there, yelled, shouted, created drama.


“What is this Bonnie ?” Arjun threw the phone on bed, on empty space
beside Bonnie who lied on her stomach. Bonnie startled due Arjun’s
act, she got up from bed.
“What happen ha ? why you throw away the phone ?”

“It’s you! what happen to you? how can you be so rude to my fans ?
Arjun yelled.

Bonnie bend her body to grab the phone, checked it, it shown her insta
xxxxxx :@Bonniemehra maam, i’m SaNeil fans, do Radhika and Arjun
Sir like to spend time together off screen ?

“Oh this one ?” Bonnie smiled evily, “she was the one who started,
those cheapo Radhika’s fans, how they think about you and that Radhika ?
how can they imagine about you and her ? did that moron understand
that you are married ha ? and why you angry on me ? i was doing right
only, Or wait… are you happy for their cheap thought ?” she asked
in angry tone, jealousy again drive her crazy.

“For god sake Bonnie! stop it! stop your possessiveness, your jealousy,
stop bashing my fans!” he sat on bed, tried his best to give explanation
to her.
“You know, fans are important for actors, for me, we need them to
support us, to encourage us, i know sometime they crossing limit to us,
since some of them are immature on age or even on thought, but it’s
common, even SRK’s wife should have this deal with SRK-Kajol’s fans,
but look, SRK-Kajol are happy with their own family.” Arjun gave
stern look to Bonnie, “can you simply ignore them kinda Shakti arora’s
partner when Ishveer’s fans ask Shakti to unite with Radhika Madan or try to
be mature to facing immature fans ? can you ?”

“I don’t care! it’s my right to be your wife to remind them that you
are married, that morons!” Bonnie walked out from the room angrily.

“I’am the star, but you the one who get star syndrome” Arjun murmured.


Day by day, Bonnie insecurity increasing. She yelled and bashed Radhika
all the time, scolded director when there were romance scene between
Radhika and Arjun, gave rude comment to fans, made Arjun frustrated.
On his desperation Arjun tried to talk to her

“Bonnie dear, are you OK ? you are always angry nowadays, should we go
to doctor or may psychiatrist ?”
which made Bonnie exploded her anger, throwing all of any stuff at
their house “So, you think i’m mad ? i’m insane ? and you can leave me
with that cheapo ?” Bonnie hold his collar. He speechless.

Arjun depended on Kavya to made Bonnie calm any time she made drama
at his work. All that routine happened until the serial went off air
due low TRP… (nyah nyah nyah, muahahhahah)


Time passed, an evening, kavya went to Ar-Bon as they had appointment
to go clubbing. Kavya and Bonnie waited Arjun at living room when
Arjun with his dashing body came there and said ” wow kavya! red
gown suit on you body!”
Something provoked Bonnie to hear Arjun’s word, she didn’t know what
happens when suddenly her hand grab kavya dress, tore it over and over
yelled “you love her dress ha ? she is pretty in this red dress, rite?”

Arjun and kavya shocked to see Bonnie action.
“Bonniee! stop it! what are you doing!” Arjun shouted, tried to
pushed Bonnie away from kavya who only stood there silently, sobbed,
clutched her gown from total damage due Bonnie. Arjun took his
blazer to cover kavya body as her gown tore on many parts.

Kavya run out from the house, meanwhile Bonnie brought her anger, run
to her room upstairs, Arjun followed her.

“What is that! what is that Bonnie ? ha ?” Arjun slammed the door.
“You ask me what is that ? it is a wife’s deed when her husband give
other women a compliment! it is a wife’s right, you know! damn it!’
Bonnie yelled back.

“Omg Bonnie! i compliment her as i respect you being her best friend,
she is your best friend, what wrong with you ??” Arjun rubbed his
head in frustration.

“Best friend ?? ” she laugh in sarcasm, “best friend who ready to back
stabbed me, because of her, you start ignoring me, yesterday night you
carried her on your arm, your fans start yelled so called ArYa the
shorten of Arjun Kavya, so sweet ha ? ” Bonnie screamed and cried.

“You knew that i carried her as she stumble on heavy drunk and i told
you already to ignore my fans, their act, their wish are beyond our
control Bonniee!”

“I don’t care! you should only tell them to stop! you should stay
away from kavya also!”

“You know what? i’m feed up! i’m feed up with your possessiveness, i’m
feed up with your craziness, because of you i lost many contract, you
ruin everything, yelled to all my co actress, pushed, bashed my fans
for only asking signature from me, yelled to every women around me,
humiliate me in public, i’m give up! i’m leaving!” Arjun lift his

“You can’t leave me, you know the consequences !” Bonnie warned him in
worried tone.

“yeah i wish, but you know i can’t, i’m yours, my life is yours, so
please stop this, stop your jealousy, you should ask apology to kavya,
she is your best friend, you’ll be alone without her, you know that!’
Arjun convinced her.


Here after, Bonnie and kavya were back to be best friend, but her
craziness and possessiveness still there, she rude to everyone,including
Samrat and Piyali, Arjun’s parent. Arjun reputation somehow become

Another big incident happened when the trio went to public together.
There was a photographer who only asked Arjun and kavya to pose in
closeness and intimate as they both only the stars, not Bonnie. It
boiled Bonnie in anger, moreover when the photographer upload it on
his insta, tagged kavya, many fans gave compliment about how suit they
both as couple. She couldn’t take it anymore, she burst out her anger,
threw everything, her behavior almost uncontrollable, got nightmare on
her sleep, acted as mad person, Arjun so frustrated as she always
deny to go to psychiatrist.


Noon, Bonnie was sitting on couch watching TV when her phone rang.
She lift it as she knew it was Arjun who call her.

Bonnie : Hello darling, what’s up ?

OS :Arjuuun!! please put me down (girl voice)

(Bonnie whispered,”Kavya”)

OS :please Arjuuun! put me down (girl voice)

Noo..nooo.. we’ll go to your room (boy voice)

(Bonnie whispered, “Arjuuuun”)
She dazed, shivered, the phone fall from her hand but she took it,
she run to kitchen, grabbed the biggest knife, grabbed her car key.
She drove car fastly in jet speed for 1 destination, Kavya’s house.
She put hand free tool to hear another convo from her phone.

OS : well..which one your room ? (Boy voice)

this one (girl voice)

OK! here we are, beside your bed, let me put you slowly (boy voice)

let me see it (boy voice)

can i touch ? (boy voice)

aaahhhhh Arjuuuun! (girl voice)

slowwlyy pleeaseee ( girl voice)

Bonnie increased her speed on highest level, ignored all of angry words
from other drivers.

Arjun did his work when suddenly there was a bang on the door.
“Bonnie!” Arjun and kavya said in unison, shocked.
Bonnie stood there hold a shiny big knife with full of fury.

They both so scared.
“Bonnie please put you knife down! let me explain.”
Arjun said in scared tone “her leg got sprain and i helped her.”
Bonnie didn’t pay a heed on him, her gaze fixed only to Kavya who lied
on the bed, she couldn’t move due the sprain. She walked to her, lift
her knife, Arjun tried to push her, but there was strange power of
Bonnie that overpower him, she pushed him, made him fall.

kavya rolled her body, yelled ” help me please ! help me”. Bonnie
successed to stab her tight, Kavya screamed, she again got stabbed on
her hips. Arjun attacked Bonnie from behind, pushed her down.

Both Kavya and Arjun yelled for help for sometime, fortunately,
there was a servant who heard them, he run to them, “please call
police and ambulance, hurry up!” Arjun gave him order while tried
to handle Bonnie’s brutality.

after sometime, ambulance and police came there, Kavya brought in rush
by ambulance, Bonnie acted as mad person, yelled ” don’t touch him,
don’t touch my husband! i’ll kill you! don’t leave me Arjun!”
she mumbled that words over and over on police’s hand.

Arjun only sat on the floor as lifeless body.


After some hearing at court, the verdict was putting Bonnie at mental
asylum being mentality disorder patient.

Arjun went out from court in his sad face, walked to many reporters
who already waited him to get his statement.
“Arjun sir, how is your feeling now ? what your future plan ?”
one reporter asked.
“I dunno what to do, i can’t think much, this tragedy is shocking me!”
Arjun answered in desperation.

“You should divorce her Arjun!” a lady voice interfere from behind.

“Mom!! how could you ? she is suffering rite now !”

“It’s for you betterment, ask any people here who able to wait a
criminal and mad person which we don’t know when she become normal.
you should give me grand children soon.” Piyali in challenge tone.

“ha ya beta! your mother is rite,” some people said.

“Sign this divorce paper Arjun, it’s only need your signature.”
Piyali handed him a paper, with a hesitation he signed it.

“can i bring it mom ? and please, i need time and space, let me go!”
Arjun took the paper, walked away from that crowd.


Arjun walked aimlessly on a lonely road, his face sweating due the
hot of the sun, messed hair, his tie loosen, his blazer on his shoulder,
he clutched his divorce paper at his right hand. Sometime he kicked
the stone which blocked his way.

Suddenly he stopped as he saw there was a sport car on the edge of
road, lil far away from him. There was a beautiful girl stood beside
the car, wore a knee length gown wrapped her s*xy body, a lady hat
covered her head. She waved her hand to him.

He stood quietly for a while, then smiled widely, he run to her,
stretched his arm. He threw his blazer on back seat once he headed the
car, wrapped his arm to her waist, lift her and twirled her arround.
“Aarjjjuuunn!” she screamed, they laughed together.

Arjun joined his forehead to her, murmured in excitement.
“We did it baby! we did it! i’m free now! i’m free! your PERFECT PLAN
made me free! i love you baby! i love you!” he kissed her everywhere
in happiness.

“Look at this, this is my divorce paper, we can unite now, we can
marry.” he showed the paper to her,the tears flew from his eyes.

“Omg, you are crying honey!” she smiled in tears too, shed his tears.

“Because i’m soo happy! you made me happy! i love you Radhika! i love
you soo much!” he hugged her tightly, she did the same.

they released the hug, then he smashed his lips to hers, kissed her
passionately, she even reciprocate the kiss, they tasted the sweetness
of each others, poured the love, the missing feeling, their happiness.
they took a break for a while then continue the kiss.
“i missed your lips soo much.” Arjun murmured between their kiss.
“we can do that for long our life” she smiled and broke the kiss, she
wrapped her arm on his body, and put her head on his embrace.

“What our plan now ?” he asked still hugged her.
She smiled and whispered on his ear, she said in husky tone, ” a
honeymoon before the wedding, what say ?”

He widened his eyes, cupped her face ” You are naughty, i’ll love that!’
then pecked her lips.

“Let me drive!” he gave his palm, asked the car key.

“Nope!i’m driving, you are in my service now prince! ” Radhika opened
the car’s door.

“Whoo hoo thank you princess!”he hopped in. Radhika then sat on driver
seat. She gave a sunglasses to him and put a sunglasses for herself.
the car steered it’s wheel on their journey,

“Where will you bring me ?” Arjun took a map in front of him.

“It’s surprise prince! ” Radhika winked.


“Arrrjjuuunn! stop it! it’s ticklish you know!” Radhika got annoyed as
Arjun disturbed her by kissed here everywhere, her hand, arm, neck,
cheeks continuously.

“Sorry dear, i can’t control myself, i missed you soo bad!” he started
kiss her shoulder again.
“Arjuun! it’s public! don’t be so shameless.” she jerked him.
“UUgghhh it’s lonely road, no one looking ” he took a glance to the
road and back kissed her.

“Did you remove the drug from her cupboard already ? ” Radhika asked.
“Sure honey! i won’t forget that!” he gave a tight kiss on Radhika’s
cheeks and back to his seat. ” Poor Bonnie, she didn’t realize that
her vitamins were drugs, really you are such brilliant girl, baby!
beauty with brain!” he kissed her hand proudly.


a lavish room, 2 bodies lied on the bed, covered by a soft bed cover,
hiding their naked body. Their breath panting heavily, the sweat
popped up from their shining skin which red due the hotness of their
bodies. They are Radhika and Arjun.

Radhika put her head on his embrace, tried to arrange her breath to the
normal speed, after the feeling that somehow she was normal, she moved,
put her mouth to his ear whispering ” How is that ?”
Arjun only smiled and rolling her beneath him, whispered to her ”
you are soo amazing!” then he kissed her earlobe, licked her neck.

“Arjuun! stop! you should go now !” she pushed him slowly. He turned
his body back. “i hate this! uughh can i stay here tonight ?”
Radhika slide her half of body above Arjun’s, ” you can’t dear! she
will more suspicious to us !” she draw circle on his chest.
” Why don’t you divorce her ?”

“I wish i can, huh! but without a really good reason, it will be a huge
scandal for us, i can’t bear that ” He said irritated.
“So, you only care about your name ? your reputation ?” Radhika pouted,
she felt disappointment.

” No.. no.. no..! don’t take me wrong dear, it’s not about mine, but
yours! ” he cupped her face, looked at her lovingly, ” look, we are
the best jody on tv nowadays, can you imagine if only i divorce her
and marry you ? they will bash you badly, point out your character,
labeling you as homewrecker,i can’t bear that, i can’t see you sad!
i love you so much Radhika! you are the first girl i madly in love”
He hugged her tight, carressed her hair. She overwhelmed to hear his

” You know what ? sometime i think to give her poison, but still,
public will somehow suspicious to us .” He took deep breath.

“Don’t be so sadist!” she pouted. “Hmmm.. ahh idea!” she snapped her
fingers. ” How if we gave her drug ?

“Drug ? narcotics ? ” Arjun surprised.

” Noo, it’s difference, it’s drug for mentality disorder patient, i
ever heard from my psychiatrist’s friend, there is a drug for schizophrenia
patient, with a correct dosage it will be medicine, but in wrong dosage
it will be dangerous, it create hallucination, over worried, clumsiness,
it’s not harm for body, but affect much the nerve.” Radhika explained.

“Goodd! seem it will be PERFECT PLAN dear! the drug will triggered her
to do such low thing without create any auspiciousness, and may we can
get sympathy from public also! uugghh i love youuu!”

“Deal then ? i will get the drug tomorrow, put them on her vitamin
bottle, uummaah!” she pecked his lips.

——flashback end—————-

“And now here we are! dream comes true! everything turned as our
expectation! i got divorce that too forced by public, whoo hoo! ”
Arjun screamed.
“Ha! what to say your sad acting too fabulous dear,- “Mom!!
how could you ? she is suffering rite now !”-” she mimiced his face.
“you saw it ? you saw that interview ? god! ” Arjun laughed.
“you know what ? your plan to hire the photographer really effective,
asked him to upload the pic, and fans reactions, goosshh! you such
a great planner.”

“Even you!the way you manipulated her by the phone game, so s*xy!”
She kissed his cheeks.

” Imagine how smart our children later.” they both giggled.

“ugh! what is this ? ” Arjun noticed a bag beside his feet. “omg!
champagne ? you and your PERFECT PLAN!” he shook his head in disbelief,
“can i ? ” he asked permission.
“Sure! why not! ” she smiled.

POOP! the champagne opened, “time to celebrate!” he shouted, took 2
glasses from the bag, poured the champagne to a glass and handed it
to Radhika, she shook her head in no. Arjun pouted.
“Honey,i’m driving now! i can’t take a risk for us,better you drink it,
i know you are very thirsty right now after walked for long time under
the sun.” Arjun sighed.

“Where is the cooler box ?” Arjun asked after gulp the champagne.
“Oh, in the back seat!”
Arjun then put champagne on it, tidy up the lil mess, and sat back,
turned the radio. they both enjoy their journey.

After few hours, Radhika stopped the car at the edge of the cliff, the
top of hill. the view just too beautiful, the beach view beneath far
away,the forest and big trees around. She hopped out the car, stretched
her arm out releasing her tiredness. She didn’t let herself but take
a deep breath, inhaled the pure oxygen to full her lung, soo fresh.

She turned her gaze to Arjun who falling in a sleep, his face was
peaceful, she smiled to see him. Radhika hopped in the car, moved closer
to Arjun and whispered on his ear ” honey! wake up! it’s your turn
to drive.” in soft and calm tone.

_________________ S T O P H E R E ___________________________

For ending of this story, i have 2 option : SAD ENDING & HAPPY ENDING
you can choose one you prefer….
sooo, here we go..



Radhika hopped in the car, moved closer to Arjun and whispered on his
ear ” honey! wake up! it’s your turn to drive.” in soft and calm tone.
“Hmmm..seem the sleeping powder i had spread on the glass gave you
great effect.” she smiled evilly.

Radhika lift Arjun’s body with full of struggle, slide it a side inch
by inch, put him on driver seat. She tied his body and his arm with
seat belt, pretended it as rope, then put a stone on gas pedal. As she
thought everything perfect, she close the car’s door and leaned her
body to waking up Arjun.

After sometime, Arjun opened his eyes, smiled to see Radhika’s face
beside him, “Sorry Jaan, i fall….” before he could complete his
sentences, he realized that he couldn’t move his body. “Radhika what is
this ? your another surprise ?” he was in excitement.

“Everyday is surprise Mr Arjun Mehra !” Radhika smirked.
“Radhika! please release me! don’t scare me!” Arjun began to scared as
he sensed something.

“Well what i can say is, Karma is a b*tch Mr ! do you remember Ridhima
Misra ? your college friend ? i’m her young sister, Radhika Misra!”
She whispered at his ear in full of hatred.

“Rridhiima! Yyyoouuu!” Arjun whispered, His eyes wider, shocked, his
face turned white in pale.
“Yeah, me! soo..enjoy your ride to hell!” She started the engine, as
the stone step on it’s gas pedal, the car moved fastly, brought
Arjun’s body fallen to the cliff. Arjun felt the wind brushed his
face when he closed his eyes in tears, murmured ” I love you, Radhika!”
Next second, he felt the crush on his car and his body before the
sound …BOOOOOMMM!!!!!!!! the car exploded.

Stood at the edge of cliff, Radhika’s body stiffened to hear the sound.
She put on her sunglasses, whispered “GOODBYE BASTARD!” on cold tone.

Next morning, there were 2 girls sat on couch in front of TV, watched
the news program, the headline of news was ARJUN MEHRA, THE
handle the huge scandal revolved on his life bla bla bla…..

“Our mission is over, di! He got what he deserve!” a girl said in cry,
she hold other girl’s hand.
“Yeah Radhika! you did it! you completed it! you punish the bastard who
killed and raped your sister! i wish she get peace wherever she is now!”
the other girl said in tears.

“Without you it won’t be happen! thank you soo much Kavya di!” Radhika
hugged her.

“Come on! Don’t be! i know Ridhima was your sister, but She was my best
friend Radhika! it’s my duty to get justice for her!” kavya released
the hug, swept Radhika’s tears.

The news change the topic to Arjun’s parent, the public blamed them
caused Arjun’s suicide as they forced him to divorce. Radhika and Kavya
smiled to hear the news.

“Look! another culprits got punishment too.” Kavya said happily.

“You right di! they are the root of problems, they created monster but
covered it with the sheep wool for society, being parent, instead
giving punishment to their children for their crime, they hide it,
covered it for only their reputation on society.” Radhika in concerned.
“So let society eat them alive ” Radhika added.

“Same goes to Bonnie!” Kavya exhaled a deep breath, “She seem got
mental illness for loong time ago! she knew that crime, but instead
reported it to police, she burnt the prove only to forced that bastard
married her.”
“You know how shocked me when Bonnie confessed what she have been done?
how shocked me to found out that my friend able to do that.” Kavya in
sadness tone, sighed.

“Thank to alcohol, but that incident ended my clueless 2 years
investigation to find that bastard, kavya di! how frustrated me those

“Your big effort, your smartness and your PERFECT PLAN! i’m proud of
you! and tonight, Teji will propose me as he promised.” Kavya’s voice
full of excitement.

“Oh, i’m forget to say thank to Teji bhay! how he protected me from
that CHUDHAIL! congratulation for you both di!” Radhika smiled faintly.
Kavya sensed something weird, but before she would able to ask, Radhika
run away from there, shocking Kavya.

Kavya followed her worriedly as she heard a vomit sound, “are you OK
Radhika ? what happen ?” she found Radhika stood in front of a wastafel,
vomitted. In chocked voice, “don’t say that you..!!!

“I’m pregnant!” Radhika cut her question, cleaned her mouth with water,
then took tissue to dry it. Kavya stumbled back, she felt lifeless to
hear her statement, sad, confuse, mixed feeling, she only can whispered
2 words out from her mouth ” why Radhika ?”

Radhika stiffened her body, she looked herself on the mirror, a lone
tear felt from her eyes, “I LOVE THAT BASTARD, DI!”

———————– THE END —————————



Radhika hopped in the car, moved closer to Arjun and whispered on his
ear ” honey! wake up! it’s your turn to drive.” in soft and calm tone.
“honey! baby!” she caressed his cheeks, kissed his forehead.

Arjun opened his eyes to feel her touch, “ugh oh! sorry jaan! i fall
a sleep!” he adjusted his sit, his face full of guilt.
“It’s OK! i know it’s hectic day for you! but it’s your turn to drive
now, i’m tired!” Radhika pouted, it made Arjun chuckled.
‘OK cute princess! “he pinched her nose cutely, hopped out the car.
Radhika put herself on passenger seat.

Arjun sat on driver seat only to realized something, “Omg! it’s so
beautiful views! can we stay for a while to enjoy sunset ? ” he said
in persuaded way, Radhika nodded.
“Oh I love you so much darling!” he wrapped his arm on Radhika’s
shoulder, pulled her closer. Radhika put her head on his shoulder, they
entwinged their finger. Silent for sometimes.

“You know Radhika! you lifted the loads from my shoulder by your PERFECT
PLAN! You don’t know how guilty i’m in this few years by the thought
that i killed your brother ! how i blamed myself as i didn’t give my
self to police because down deep in my heart i didn’t believe that i
able to do that and i afraid to give agony to my parent! blamed my
self to be a looser as i married her when she blackmailed me.” Arjun
broke the silent, his eyes became moist.

Radhika pulled herself closer to Arjun embrace, said, “And i came to
you by a plan to take revenge from you, to destroy you, but then you
shared your problem with me without knowing that i’m Ankush’s sister,
you TRUST me, showed me the copied picture of the incident, the
picture Bonnie’s have to blackmailed you! made me know that you only
trapped, made me melt and fall in love to you, i love you Arjun!”
She kissed his cheeks.He smiled “i love you too!” then smashed his
lips to hers.

Radhika startled for the moment, but then without wasting time, she
kissed back, passionately,tasted the sweeteness of each others, the
fresh air around them demand them to feel more and more, the beautiful
environment made them feel so romantic, made them feel soo good.
they broke the kiss.

“You feel warmer now ?” Arjun cupped her face.

“What ?” Radhika in confusion.

“I know you are feeling cool now, that why i kissed you to make you

“You shameless, how can you kiss me to warm me!” Radhika hit his chest,
her cheeks turned red.

“Shameless ? me ? you asked me to do honeymoon before married and now
you call me shameless only for kissing ? how come ? ” Arjun in fake
anger, he hide his smile.
Arjun could do nothing but cursed him under her breath, her cheeks
more red by embarressment, She turned her face away.

“Now, it’s perfect!” Arjun wrapped Radhika’s body with his tuxedo. His
action made Radhika smiled happily, turned her face to Arjun,
” thank you.”

“We forgot our champagne.” Arjun showed the bottle and the glass.
Radhika a glass from Arjun. He poured the champagne to Radhika’s
glass and his. they lifted the glass.

“For our PERFECT PLAN, our future aand our shamelessness” Arjun
winked. Radhika chuckles. CHEERRRSS!!!!

“by the way baby! how did you know that i was trapped ? “Arjun in
curiousity asked.

“well, it’s simple, from the blood splashes on your shirt! if only
you stabbed my brother from close, used an 15 inch dagger,in full force
the pattern of blood splashes on your shirt won’t be like that! it
will be longer than dots, but your blood splashes pattern on your
shirt were dots, it obviously planted. You didn’t know as you were
drugged, you only knew that you woke up with blood in your shirt and
from the picture Kavita showed you. Down on the conclusion that, The
person who knew it,and used it, must be the killer. Don’t forget baby,
i’m a forensic student !” Radhika explanation made Arjun surprised.
He felt so proud to her, to have her.

he kissed her cheeks, “omg! i love you! i love your smartness!i love
you cuteness, i love your wildness!”
He looked at her lovingly ” how blessed me to have you as my soon to
be wife, to be my life partner.”

“What ? wife ? when you proposed me huh!” Radhika protested.

“Look!! sunset is starting! ” Arjun pointed the sky which turned to
be orange and red. The sun descended, replace it by beautiful moon.
Then both lovey dovey enjoyed the sunset for moment, spared champagne.

“Let’s we countinue our journey! ” Arjun started the engine.
“And i’ll be your navigator!” Radhika winked and gave mischevious smile
to him. Arjun, who knew her type of smile, murmured under breath
” oh god, save me! but i will definetally love it.”

As per his prediction, Radhika didn’t left a chance to disturb him,
kissed him everywhere, and he only enjoy it along their journey.

After a half of hour driving, they stopped in front of a small villa.
It’s beautiful in artistic country type, small real waterfall and pond
made it more unique, gives the peace feeling to the creatures around.
Sanskar spotted something in the corner, pointed it,
” can we go there ?” Radhika nodded.

That is a graveyard. A name “ANKUSH MISRA” printed well on it.
They walked closer, Arjun kneeled down, touched the graveyard said
” Hi dud! i’m so sorry for what have been done, but i want you know
that i love your sister so much, i want to spend my whole life with
her, i promise to give her happiness, to protect her, please bless me,
bless us. ”

Arjun turned to Radhika who stood with teary eyes, he walked closer
to her, took a small box from his pocket, kneeled down in front of
Radhika. He opened the box, there was a beautifull ring with a big
blinked diamond on it, he lift the open box to her, said
” Radhika Misra, what i can say just i love you, i can’t live without
you, will you marry me ? will you spend whole your life with me ?
be my better half ? be my wife and the mother of all my children.

“YESS, YESS, YESS and YESS!” Radhika gave her hand to him, and Arjun
slided the ring to her finger, stood up, twirled her. they cried in
happiness. “i love you too Arjun” they kissed each other
passionately for a while.

“Sorry honey if this proposal too simple for you.” He too worried by
tought that might he disappointed his love.
“Noo.. it’s the best proposal ever, you propose me in front of my bhay!
you propose me in front of the important person in my life .” she
burst out crying in happiness, felt blessed to get someone who know
well about her. Arjun hugged her and shed her tears, calmed her.

She walked closer to the graveyard. “Bhay! i missed you soo much! i
wish you happy now! i punished that culprit already.” she caressed
the graveyard. ” Look bhay, i found my love, my guardian angel, you
don’t worry about me know, rest in peace bhay! i love you.”

they left the graveyard, Arjun wrapped his arm on her waist, mean
while Radhika put her head on his shoulder.
“All children ?” Radhika murmured in toughtful voice, she lift her head
” how much children you want Arjun ?”
Arjun smiled and whispered on her ear” how about a cricket team”
She jerked, mouth open “that much ???” yet she whispered on Arjun’s
ear in husky voice ” let’s start make it now!” she rushed to the villa,
left Arjun in confusion.

“Radhikaa! waiiit!” Arjun shocked by her behaviour, once he realized
it, he only shook his head, murmured “oh god! i love this wild cat.”
He run to follow her.

5 MONTH LATER, they gave announcement their love relationship to public,
by the story that during the process of healing Arjun’s wound, they
met each other after long time since their last farewell party of
their project. they became closer and fallen in love to each others.
Public blessed them as newly amazing couple. The news brought biggest
happiness to SaNeil’s fans as well as Ardhika fans, their dreams come
true. Even Arjun’s parent made her as their own daughter too.

At 1 good day, on a good month, 2 months after their announcement,
they married in a huge lavish party, united by god and blessed by
everyone. Mr Arjun Mehra and Mrs Radhika Arjun Mehra,
ARDHIKA, the lovely couple.

Sometime, lives is about GIMMICK and PERFECT PLAN.

——————- THE END ————————————–


Sorry for grammatical error and spelling error….wish you like it
Love you all

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