A New Life-part 7

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Hi guys, Thank you everyone for commenting on my previous post. I am really sorry for not posting sooner, just have been busy with work and everything.

Part 7


As days went by, Anika’s health was getting back to normal. It started off with her being put on bed rest by Dadi. Slowly she started getting her strength back in her feet and started walking again. She got help from OmRu, Priyanka and Sowmya. Jhanvi and Dadi will come by and help her as well. While she accepted the help from everyone one, she still continued to ignore Shivay.

After being discharged from the hospital, she had to go to the hospital for a checkup, just to see if everything was healing as it was supposed to. Shivay had known about it as the doctors had informed him, however he didn’t know if he should go and ask her whether she wanted him to take her or not. While he was waiting for her to come to him, Anika instead went on her own. When she came back, everyone was furious with her for not taking someone with her, but Anika being Anika simply put a smile on her face and said that she was fine. “The doctors said I was completely fine, and everything was getting back to normal as it should.” She showed them the doctor’s report just in case no one believed her words.

A month later (Still in Flashback) (**5 months after the divorce hearing**)….

Anika was now completely healed and has started going back to work and everything went back to how it was before the accident. Dadi called for Anika to come into the main house as she had to discuss some event with her. Anika first refused but later entered the house.

“Dadi, you called me?” Anika asked as she joined the rest of the family who were also present.

“Yes puthar, it’s been a month since the accident, and I wanted to conduct a special Pooja for you. I called the priest already who said tomorrow is a good day to do it. You will have to sit in Pooja with Shivay in order for this to work. I need to you to stay back tomorrow. In fact no one is to go anywhere tomorrow. No school, no work, no nothing, everyone should be here” Dadi said forcefully. Everyone at once started to argue, only to be stopped by Dadi, “I don’t care if you have important things to do tomorrow. I am telling you all to be here. Be ready for 6am, and not a second later!” saying this she left from their leaving everyone in her wake. Everyone looked at each other and dispersed from there, leaving Shivay and Anika alone. Shivay looked at Anika and walked over to her.

After a little hesitation, “how are you Anika?” Anika was shocked by his question, but kept her face neutral. She didn’t answer him, instead turned her head away from him. Shivay was dumbstruck by her action, but didn’t say anything. He wanted to question her further and see if she will speak to him. He hasn’t had any form of communication with her since the day she signed the papers and left. Without his own knowledge he had started liking their bickering and small fights, and now that they stopped he missed it. He wanted her to speak to him even if it was her lashing out on him, instead all he gets from her is silence. He didn’t know what he had to do to make her speak to him. He was just about to ask her how she was again, when Anika walked away, and he just watched her. It took him a long time, but he finally realized what it was that he was feeling towards her. He wasn’t sure if this was love, but he knew that he needed her in his life.

From the other side of the room, Tia and Mrs. Kapoor were standing watching Shivay and Anika. They didn’t understand what was going on but they knew that they needed to stop whatever it was. “What are we going to do mom? We need to do something to get Anika out of Shivay’s life forever.”

“Don’t worry Tia, I already have it covered. This will be the last time we see of Anika, that you don’t worry about!” Mrs. Kapoor tells a smiling Tia. Both women look at each other and smile evilly before they leave from there.

The next morning, everyone gathered at the Oberoi mansion for the Pooja that Dadi insisted on. Anika and Sahil entered the main house at 6am sharp, which made Dadi happy and asked the Pandit to start. Both Shivay and Anika sat together to perform the Pooja and everyone except for Pinky, Tia and Mrs. Kapoor were happy about it. Although he wasn’t showing it, Shivay was extremely happy that Anika was sitting in the Pooja with him.

After the Pooja, everyone started to leave to get back to their works.

“Dadi, can I please leave Sahil here for a few hours? I have to go into work today and I don’t know where else to leave him.” Anika requested Dadi.

Dadi looked at Anika with anger and said, “Why would you even ask me this question Anika? This house is yours as well as Sahils. He can stay here as long as he wants to. I’ve told you both to stay here in this house only, but you seem adamant about staying in the guest house. You go to work Sahil will stay with us.” Anika thanks Dadi and turns to leave from there, when she sees Shivay coming towards them.

Anika quickly walks past Shivay, while he tries to grab her attention. “Anika, Anika…” Shivay calls after a running Anika.

“Don’t worry billu, one day she will accept you.” Dadi pats his back. Shivay turns towards Dadi shocked, wanting to know what she means. “What? You don’t think I see how much her avoiding you is hurting you? Other than you, I think everyone in this house knows that you care for her and are just avoiding it. But one day soon you yourself will realize this and maybe it will be too late, so before everything gets out of control, please make everything right.” Dadi requests Shivay before leaving from there as well.

Shivay stood watching Dadi walk past him, wondering what was going on with him. He knew he cared for Anika, he knew that lately he really missed her especially their badgering fights, but he knew there was no way that he can love Anika, was there? He was confused of his own feelings that he didn’t know what to do. A sudden noise from outside cause him to stir from his thoughts. He wondered what that noise was but he didn’t hear it again. He wanted to talk to Anika and see if he could get some kind of answers from her, but knew there was no way she would speak to him, just then he got a phone call and walked into his room.

Precap…Anika missing

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