I Hate You (Episode 51)

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments. It truly makes my day! I can’t express how grateful I am. I hope you guys will stick with me till the end. Now let’s get on with the episode…

Recap: Mahi, Usha, and Bebe get stuck n a temple for the night because of the storm. Twinkle and Kunj are left home alone. Kunj reveals that he knew about Twinkle’s promise. Finally, Twinj consummate their marriage.


The birds chirp as the sun shone through the windows onto the bed that held a peacefully sleeping couple. Kunj slowly opened his eyes. He looked down and smiled at his better half that was sound asleep on his bare chest. Twinkle rested her head against Kunj’s chest with her arm across his abdomen as they were wrapped under the same blanket. Twinkle slowly opened her eyes and saw her position. Blushing, she moved herself, only to be stopped by Kunj. In an instant, Twinkle was flat on her back with Kunj on top of her.
Twinkle- Kunj, what are you doing? Get off.
Kunj- Kyun?

Twinkle- Everyone must have woken up. Mummy ji must be looking for me.
Kunj kissed Twinkle’s forehead. (Cover pic of the last episode).
Twinkle- Kunj tum…
Kunj kissed Twinkle’s eyes.
Twinkle- Kunj…
Kunj kissed Twinkle’s cheek.
Both Twinkle and Kunj opened their eyes in shock.

Twinkle- I didn’t call your name this time.
Twinj- Bhabhi!
Mahi- Meri pyara devar ji. If you are awake, I cordially invite you to breakfast. Please don’t forget that your flight leaves in three hours.
Mahi giggles from the other side of the door and leaves.
Twinkle- Kunj, your flight! Now move!
Twinkle pushes Kunj off of her and grabs the blanket.
Kunj- Are are! Where are you taking that?
Kunj pulls the blanket back.
Twinkle- Kunj chodo! I need that.
Kunj- Well I also need that. Don’t forget Twinkle, it was a team effort, it wasn’t only me. Last night you also…
Twinkle quickly covered Kunj’s mouth.
Twinkle- Kunj, shut up.
Kunj moved Twinkle’s hand from his mouth.
Kunj- Last night was the best night of my life.
Twinkle- It was the most special night. We are now one soul.
Kunj- Then what is the problem. We are one, we can take a shower as one also!
Twinkle giggles as Kunj carries her in his arms and walks into the bathroom.

The Next Scene…

Twinkle and Kunj come down for breakfast.
Yuvi- Bhai, how was your sleep?
Kunj- Good.
Yuvi- Sirf good? Nothing special?
Kunj- What do you mean?
Yuvi- I mean…nothing happened? Something something?
Yuvi signs to Twinkle. Kunj starts coughing as Twinkle looks around embarrassed. Mahi steps on Yuvi’s foot.
Uv- Ow!
Mahi glares at Uv.


The family come home really late at night.
Usha- Let me go see if Kunj came home.
Uv- Maa, you go sleep, I will check if Kunj is home. Mahi, come with me.
While the rest go to their respected rooms, Mahi and Uv go to Twinj’s room. They stand in the doorway and look around the room.
Mahi- Where is Twinkle and Kunj?
Hearing nothing from Yuvi, Mahi looks over at him.
Mahi- Yuvraj?
Yuvi was staring at something with his mouth wide open. Mahi followed his gaze to the balcony and saw Twinkle and Kunj. Mahi gasped and quickly covered Yuvi’s eyes. She closed her own eyes and the two left the room.


Mahi- Nothing Kunj. Just please, do us all a favor and lock your bedroom door next time.
Yuvi and Mahi laugh while Twinkle and Kunj look on embarrassed.

(Amritsar International Airport…)

Kunj touches the elder’s feet.
Usha- Remember to eat on time. And don’t stay up too late. And call me everyday.
Kunj laughs.
Kunj- Maa. Am I still that little child anymore? I have grown up.
Usha- A child never grows up to a mother.
Kunj- Ok ma. I will eat on time and won’t stay up late and will call you everyday. Khush?
Bebe- And don’t look at other girls too much.
Kunj pulls Bebe’s cheeks.
Kunj- Don’t worry Bebe. I’ll try not to cheat on you.
Everyone laughs.
Manohar- Beta, come home quickly.
Kunj- I will papa.
Yuvi- Bhai! I’ll miss you yaar!
Kunj hugs Yuvi and Mahi. He stops at Twinkle.
Mahi- Umm…I think, we should leave you two alone.

Everyone leaves.
Kunj- Oye Siyappa Queen. Is that a tear in your eye?
Twinkle shakes her head no.
Kunj- Twinkle, I’m only going for two weeks. I’m not leaving forever.
Kunj kisses Twinkle’s forehead and Twinkle hugs Kunj.
Twinkle- Come home quickly.
Kunj- I will.

Twinkle breaks the hug.
Twinkle- Aur haa. If you even look at another girl, then I’ll kill you.
Kunj- Okay baba. I won’t.
“International flight from Mumbai to California is now proceeding with takeoff. Mr. Kunj Sarna, please be present in the airplane.”
The announcement for Kunj is made. Kunj takes his suitcase and starts heading towards the boarding area. The family waves bye to him. Kunj turns back and looks at Twinkle. (Sajna ve plays). He waves bye to Twinkle before turning back. Twinkle waves back and watches as Kunj leaves through the boarding door.

Precap: A good news for the Sarna family…

  1. Ria

    Hey Sara,
    Even your update was funny. Twinj and YuHi scene?? Aww . . I love ’em all. Omg, they all so adorable. This episode was amazing. It was incredible! Well, erm . . As you told I know your storyline already so, good news is positive pregnancy report. Yay!! Hopefully it is so and if yes, then I’m so happy and really looking forward to it. Expectantly you can post it soon.

    All my love,

  2. Hi remember me?? The girl who commented for the first time on your ff’s last episode after one year!!! I am the same. I follow this ff also from the very beginning. But commented now. I’m not able to open TU bcuz my board exams are near but just bcuz I love this ff so much I’m forced to comment on it!!!! I loved your all episodes and this one too. Keep going. I want at least 100 episodes of your ff. But have to say one thing that I commented on it before the last episode n I’m trying to become a regular appreciative towards the writings I read n it’s just bcuz of u…

    1. Sara28

      Yes Snigda, I remember you! Believe it or not, I remember you because I just loved your name! Thank you so much for this huge compliment. I’m flattered, well flattered isn’t even the right word. I’m speechless, Good luck with your exams, I know you will do great!

  3. Presha

    Hey sara this was height of a funny epi just loved it wow u e such a fun yaar nd this was aww loved it to core yaar

    1. Presha

      And I think the good news is twinkle being pregnant hoping the good news to be this

  4. Loveleen

    Thts ws a combo pack of romnc comedy n sad (cz kunj left)…I loved it …M waiting fr the good news soon….

  5. Sohi

    Aww episode was cute and romantic
    Liked yuhi pulling their legs
    Airport scenes were good
    Waiting for the good news of sarna family
    Do continue

  6. Purvi128

    Hey Sara di,
    TwiNj nd YuHi scene was very funny …, ????
    Loved it …!
    Such a cute episode it was ..
    Precap … uff i know … good news..
    Post next asap …
    Uff my kunj is leaving for 2 weeks

  7. SidMin

    Loved it ….. just too good …..
    I really liked the Uv and Mahi teasing Twinj part ?
    Post soon ❤
    Love you ?

  8. Chiku

    Loved it… it was amazing ????
    Lovely. ??loved it
    Post soon?

  9. sara di…it was spectacular……marvelous and what not…loved it…
    and the good news ummm…ummm….umm yaa twinkle is pregnant….anyways post soon….
    love u….

  10. Saraa diii it was bestum best????
    Posttt soonn

  11. Heya! Well, I loved this! The early morning romance and then Yuvraj and Mahi knowing it all ? and ofc, isn’t it obvious that the good news is Twinkle turning out to be pregnant? But I’ll still wait to see if I’m right! So for that, you gotta post soon! ?

    Love you!

  12. Hey my multi talented queen,☺☺
    As always just SPLENDID,???????and Love each and every bit of this epi,????? Yuhi teases on twinj was shoo cute and funny,???? and twinj scene was always bliss to read,????, but sad kunj left,?? now m scared coz wht will happen next don no,?? and I knw u wrap up this ff soon, but plz don end this soon, its humble rqst,?? ok plzzz plzzz post next soon,☺☺
    Love you,❤❤

  13. Romantic plus funny episode Sara I loved it

  14. Asna

    Aweaome episode… i hope the good news is that Twinj are going to be parents… keep writing n post the next soon

  15. SidMin23

    It was wonderful and yuhi catch twinj in romantic moment yuhi were ?
    And I guess twinkle is pregnant ?and hope soon kunj got to know about her pregnant ? more then family’s happy ? kunj will be the happiest one listening his siyappa queen being pregnant ? love it do post next soon.

  16. Twinjfan.tamanna

    its too good yaar… words nahi hai describe karne ke how much I loved it.. and I guess is Twinkle being pregnant.. waiting for next
    post soon

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

  17. Baby

    ohk wait srsly hahahhaahhahahaaaaaa sara di hahhaaa ohhhh god yuhi saw wat dey shouldnt have hahhhahhahahahaaaa rainbow srsly dat was too funny n embarassing moment….☺
    bechare twinj hahahaaaaaa……………….☺srsly luvd it cant wait for nxt episode
    post asap☺☺
    lovely adorable marvalleous episode☺☺
    love u lods☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺
    srsly wonderful☺

  18. Awesome amazing Superb Sara
    Sry fr late
    Love u keep smiling

  19. Aanya_pandey

    Frst of all toh really sorry i’m damn late this te commenting..
    Coming to the update it was just fab.. bit emotional but.. just loved it

    1. Aanya_pandey

      Emotional when kunj was leaving

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