Lak:looked at him….sanskar when did u
San(cuts him):points the photo..who is she??
Lak:with moist eyes my wife…now she is(finds difficult to say)
Phone ringssss
Lak attends the call…and smiles happily…hugs sanskar ..my daughter has opened her eyes…
All rushes to hospital
San eyes became teary by seeing a small child who is supported with chest leads/venflon and all..

Lak:manu manu…see pappa has came
Manu(lak’s child):slowly opened her eyes ..pappa
Lak smiles with teary eyes and hugs her…
All smiles happily after a long time…
Manu:papa where is ma??
Lak:tightly closed his eyes (in stammering voice)ma will not cum beta
Manu:cries y papa..am i done mistake??i doing my homewrk perfectly then y she is angry on me…i wont do any mistake…she again cries…and suddenly she got shorteness of breath….everyone got panicked…

After few minutes @doctors cabin
Doc:she will b fine only if she see her mother…
Lak:but doctor.
Doc:i know laksh ur wife is not alive….but manu’s strongly needes her mothers love..or else her health will deteriotes
Doc:y u shouldnt marry again
Lak:(angrily)doctor u r family doc..but it doesnt means u can say anything abt my life(leaves angrily)….
Ap/dp:sry doctor …

San who saw all this….. .feels very bad

Next day @hospital
Manu:who r u??
San:im ur dad’s frd??i hav a suprise for u
Manu:i dont need any suprise ..(looks towards laksh)pappa where is ma???
San:k i thought to speak to ur mumma as ur suprise..its k if u dont like..
Manu:uncle really..mumma came???
San:nods ..shows towards the entrance….
Manu smiles widely and immediately runs towards and hugs her tightly by encircling her small hands around her neck..
Manu:mumma do u know how much i missed u??7daddy always lied to me,u went to god and u wont came back ..
Lady is revelead as RAGINI
Rag:(feels bad by seeing her)sry beta..
Manu:(breaks the hug)u wont leave me na
Rag:looks at sanskar..nods..
Manu:again hugs happily…

After few minutes
Ap/dp:joined their hands and thanked him
San:uncle and aunty what r u doing???i know the pain of losing a parents at a small age…
ap/dp hugs him
Lak who came towards them ,hugs sanskar..i happy to have a frd like u..becaz of u i got my daughter back.
San:leave it laksh..its not for few days until manu will recover.
Ap:when v will discharge manu,laksh?
Lak:doc said to discharge today itself…

Manu:ma where r u going?
Rag:to my room beta
Manu:our room is that side…she drags ragini towards her…
Rag eyes widens to c laksh who is sleeping in the bed
Lak who came out from his half sleep..widens to c her in his room
Lak:manu wat r u doing
Manu:c pappa ,mumma use to sleep here only but suddenly she is sleeping in other room
Lak:its k beta for few days oly mom will sleep der
Manu:nods as no…i want to sleep with mumma
Lak:(to rag)u both sleep here..i will sleep in other room
Manu:holds laksh hand..no way i want to sleep with u tooo
Lak:but manu
Manu starts crying…
Rag:kk dont cry…v will sleep with u
Manu stops crying and kissed on her cheek.
Raglak slept between manu…after few minutes..ragini slowly opened her eyes and slowly starts to leave the room after confirming manu has slept….
Lak:thank u and sry…for all the troubles u r facing becaz of us
Rag:smiles abit ..its k laksh..im doing all this for my love(sanskar)by saying she leaves…

@sanskar’s room
Sanskar opens the door when he hears knocking sound and widens to c ragini at this late night…both looks into eachother(fb shows how sanskar called ragini and told everything and how he convinced her to act as sanjana for manu’s life and how laksh and his family members shocked to c ragini look alike of sanjana)
Rag:(annoyingly)till how much time u r going to c me like this
San:(came to sense)not like that..its late night
Rag:enters into the room..i hav the rights to enter into my would b hubby room at any time?(sarcastically)more over i stared spending time/sharing room with strangers itself…wats a big deal to enter into ur room??
San :who is smiling till yet ,felt bad for her last sentence…cupped her face wat happen???
rag:told everything(sharing laksh’s room)
San:i believe my frd(laksh) and most importantly my RAGINI
Rag:smiles a bit and hits him on his shoulder. I thought to b angry on u for making me like this but u know how to cool me
San chuckes and pulled her into a hug. ….i know how much its difficult for u??but v r doing for a small child…im sry ragu
Rag:nods first i accepted for u but now after seeing manu…
San:(cuts her):so manu took my place(pouts)
Rag:points her heart,it has always u
San smiles widely and pulled her into a bone crushing hug….both were lost in hug
Door knock. …
As soon as opened the door
Lak:actually manu woke up from her sleep and she is crying for ragini…
As soon as ragini hears ,she immediately went from there
Lak:im sry sanskar
San:nods as no..

@mrng @laksh’s room
Manu:ma where is ur sindhoor?
Rag:placed her finger on her hairline?i forgot it beta…
Manu:ma u hav changed alot..(fb shows how manu fought with her mother sanjana to keep sindhor on her forehead and how sanjana convinces her by saying the importance of it,like only married women should keep it)
Manu:took sindoor and drags laksh infornt of ragini and asked him to fill her hairline
Raglak :shocked
Raglak tries to convince her by telling a stupid reasons..but manu is adamant…laksh took a pinch of sindoor in shaking hand and looks at her…manu is shouting to do it fast as she is getting late for school. .when he abt to fill her hairline,ap called ragini..ragini by using the chance immediately leaves the room..laksh feels relaxed

@dining area Ap is serving food to everyone and ragini is feeding manu
San:heart pains when he notices ragini’s face is dull
Manu:ma u also cum with papa to drop me..
Rag:but beta
Rag nods unwillingly…

As soon aa ragini entered into the kitchen…sanskar pulled her to a corner
San:(wrdly)wat happen?ur face seems to b dull
Rag:plz leave me sanskar…im fine..i want to b alone..by saying she leaves confusing sanskar

As soon as raglak drops manu in her school ..
Lak:im sry for mrng incident..suddenly they hear a horn sound ..laksh smiles to c sanskar
San came towards them…
Lak:(looks at them)u people carry on..i hav to go to office
Ragsan nods

@isolated place…throughout the journey ragini didnt speak to sanskar.
San:makes her sit beside her and holds her hands
Rag:jerks and turns opposite side
San:wat happen to my would b wife?
Rag turns towards him,today may b marriage might happen between ur best frd and ur would b wife…tears r continuously flowing from her eyes
San:(in cracking voice)plz b clear
Rag:tells everything to him..wat would happen if ap aunty didnt call me at that time??
San:(pulled her into a hug)making her to fall on his chest and started carcassing her hair…nothing might happen ragini..do u think he will fill ur hairline??he knows hus limits,moreover he knows who ru?who r u to me ,to my life???
Rag:nods …cuddles into his hug….but im scared…

Hope u like….this story will have few raglak scenes..so dont wry..dont forget im also a RAGSAN FAN

happy to c ur comments.

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