Hi guys… How are u all??
I told that I will post episodes on Thursday and Friday….but I could not post.. Sorry for that.. If u have not read the 68th epi,here is the link…

Episode 68 Here

Let’s see what happens today…


Shruti takes Swadeenta’s to the room again..
The engagement is about to happen.. All have gathered.. Shruti comes and stands near Abhi..

Abhi : Oye.. Where have u been?? I was searching for u..

Shruti : Why did u search for me??

Abhi : For company only..

Shruti : U have ur new friend Ritika nah?? Do u need my company when she is here??

Shruti said it casually.. Abhi saw Ritika who was next to two ladies.. She too heard what Shruti said.. She stared at Abhi..

Shruti : Ritika.. Come here.. Why are u sitting alone??

Ritika first refuses but later comes and stands near Shruti.

Sid comes to them..

Shruti : Stupid.. What have been doing in terrace? I was holding my life in my hands.. What if somebody sees you?? There are elderly people in Swadhu’s side.. They would start taking,” when we were small” lectures.. Thank God u came on time..

Sid : That’s husband and wife things.. I won’t let u know..

Shruti : How dare u??

Abhi was standing silently.. He stared at Ritika occasionally..

Sid : Why Abhi sir is so silent?

Shruti : Hmm.. He might be wondering when his engagement would happen,isn’t it Abhi?? And remember,no girl will be ready to get engaged to u..

Shruti teased him..

Abhi : Hmm.. My story is not like all yours ..its not an ordinary story.. Mine is special.. No engagement.. Directly marriage..

He said those words looking at Ritika…

Shruti and Sid laughed..

Shruti : I am telling that no girl would even love u.. Here you are talking about marriage.. Good joke!

Abhi : Hmm..let’s see.. One day u will come to know..

Sid and Swadhu stood facing each other.. Sid made her wear the engagement ring..Everybody clapped.. Then Swadhu made Sid wear the ring..

Sid : (in husky tone to Swadhu) Dear.. I bought this ring with my own money as I promised u..

Swadhu : Wow.. Love u a lot..

She smiled at him.. They got blessings from all elders.. Then everybody started giving gifts..

Ritika gave them a gift and went to pose for a photo, Standing next to Swadhu . Abhi sees it.. He runs and stands next to Sid..

Sid : What happened??

Abhi : Nothing.. She is standing next to Swadhu.. And u are standing alone nah?? So I came to give u company..

Sid : This does not seem like a valid point..Hmm..something is happening between both of u..

Abhi grins.. He stares at Ritika.. She did not see him..

Abhi : This is our first family photo,isn’t it Ritika??

Swadhu : What do u mean??

Abhi : I mean ur family photo.. U and Sid are now family nah??

He grins again..Ritika gives an angry stare..

Shruti comes and gives handshakes..

Sid : Hey where is ur Gift?

Shruti : Hello.. I am ur gift. Because of me only u were able to see Swadhu in the terrace.. If I was not there,who else would have helped u?? This idiot Abhi?? He would have announced it to everyone..

Abhi makes puppy face..

All of them laugh..

Shruti gives them the gift given by Arnav and Vicky..

Sid : How did u get this??

Shruti : they called me and I went to get it..

Sid : Did u ask them to come??

Shruti : Of course.. I did.. But they did not listen to me.. I am also feeling bad that they did not come..

Sid : Oh..(thinks) So,u are feeling bad that Arnav did not come.. Hmm..let me see.. How long can u hide this from me..(smiles)


All of them have their lunch and Shruti was outside attending a call. She hangs up and turns.. Sanjay is standing there..

Sanjay : Hi Shruti.. Had lunch??

Shruti : Hmm.. What about u??

Sanjay : Hmm..

She turned to leave..

Sanjay : Can u give me five minutes??

Shruti : Hmm..ya.. What is the matter? (Thinks) Shruti.. He is gonna start right from the first.. That day itself he proposed u.. But u did not answer him.. So.. Today u have to tell him ur opinion whatever may be consequences.. He may turn up to that old rude Sanjay too.. Be brave.. Just tackle him..

Sanjay : Do u remember? That day,when u came to see Swadhu,I said something??

Shruti : Ya.. I do remember..

Sanjay : Thank God.. U remembered.. But u did not answer me that day??

Shruti : Sanjay.. That day I had some urgent work and that’s why I went soon..

Sid sees both of them talking..He finds something fishy and comes there and listen to what they talk by hiding.. Swadhu was talking with her relatives and she did not see him..

Sanjay : So.. Can u give me the answer now?? I am desperately waiting to know it..

Shruti : Sanjay.. I come to know that u have changed a lot.. That’s very good to hear.. And I feel very happy for u.. And u said that u love me.. But,I don’t have such feelings for u.. That does not mean that u are bad.. U are good and may be ur love is true.. But I don’t feel the way u do.. I am extremely sorry..

Sanjay : But.. Can u think once?? I am really changed Shruti.. I can prove it if you want me to..

Shruti : Sanjay.. It is not just a matter of ur good or bad.. It is my feelings.. Sorry if I hurt u.. But I want to let u know one thing.. I am in love with someone else..

Sid hears it..

Sid : (thinks) So he has told it by herself..

Sanjay : Shruti.. Don’t give reasons to avoid me..

Shruti : I am not giving reasons Sanjay.. It’s true.. I promise.. I love someone else..

Sanjay became very sad..

Sanjay : May I know who the person is??

Shruti : I have not proposed him yet.. I want him to be the first person to know about this.. I have not said it anyone,even to my friends..

Sanjay : Oh.. All the best..

He had tears in his eyes..

Shruti : Now I believe that u have changed really.. If u were old Sanjay,u would have threatened me.. I was prepared for all those.. But u have surprised me really..

Sanjay was just smiling..

Shruti : And I want to tell u one more thing.. When we were in college,u came to a conclusion that I was in love with u.. All those were just misconceptions.. I am really sorry for that.. And I wish u a better future..

By saying that,she leaves..

Sanjay was standing there with tears..


Shruti came and Sid pretends as if he came there then only..

Sid : I think u had a serious discussion with him..

Shruti : Ya..I feel light now.. He proposed me.. And I told him no..

Sid : But why??

Shruti : What are u asking?? I don’t love him.. That’s why I said no..

Sid : That’s the only thing??

He expected that she will tell about her love..

Shruti : Ya.. What else can be??

Sid : Oh..(thinks) How dare u lie to me!! Hmm.. When u tell me about ur love,I am gonna kill u for hiding this from me..

Shruti : (thinks) I have one more reason.. And that’s the real one Sid.. But I cant reveal it to u.. But I will tell u soon once I propose him.. Sorry for hiding this from u..


Swadhu and Sid announces that they are giving a party in the evening..

Sid : (thinks) So I have to bring the truth from Shruti’s mouth.. That can be possible only when she meets with Arnav.. I have a plan for it..(to Swadhu)Will ur brother come for the party??

Swadhu : He was telling that he has some meeting in the evening.. I think he won’t..

Sid : If Sanjay won’t be coming,why don’t we call Arnav and Vicky bro??

Abhi : That’s a nice idea.. I can get some company too..

Shruti : Why?? U don’t enjoy my company??

Abhi : Of course not..(he makes faces)

Shruti : How dare u!!

Sid : Stop guys.. It would be awesome if both of them join in the party with us.. After all,Shruti wants to enjoy her arrogant boss’ company..(winks)

Shruti smiles slightly blushing..

Sid : What Shruti ?? Usually u will scold him if we talk about him.. But now u are smiling..(he teased her)

Swadhu came to her rescue.

Swadhu : Sid.. U always keep ur evil eye on them whenever they talk nicely.. Stupid..

Shruti : Hmm..see Swadhu.. He is always pulling my legs..

Swadhu : He is a stupid.. (to Sid) Why are u teasing my Darlo??

Sid : Oh My God! Swadhu.. I am going to be ur hubby..

Swadhu : Even if u are my hubby,my Darlo is my first priority..

Sid opens his mouth wider.. While Swadhu and Shruti hug.. Shruti winks at him.. Abhi laughs at Sid..

PRECAP : Party fun.. Arnav -Sanjay face off..

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  1. Omg sis i was waiting fr ur epi many days…..(it was many fr me)…..but finally u posted today….but it’s worth the wait… i jst loved ur epi……i was stressful today..but wen. I saw i was smiling literally….but i missed arnav…precap omg face offf…..very excited…..pls update soon 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

    1. Anokhi21

      Ramya…Ur words mean so much to me… I am really overwhelmed… Don’t worry dear..and don’t take stress.. Be happy…keep smiling…I will post the next on wednesday

  2. Super …❤😘😘..feeling sad fa sanjay 😢. .waiting fa next one..

    1. Anokhi21

      Tq so much dearie…

  3. Aryan Bhattacharya

    It was a superb and lovely episode di. Just pray that Ritika accepts Abhi early 😊 but I know it will take little bit time 😉 par sabr ka phal meetha hota hai 😁😁 and happy belated Dussera. How are you di? And sorry main comment nahi kar paya. Actually Durga Puja tha, toh time nahi mila, aur phir kal tak visarjan tha.

    1. Anokhi21

      Wow…Aryan…happy to see ur comment after a long time.. Ya… I know that u were busy with festivals…Belated dussehra to u too Aryan…I am fine.. How are u doing?? And thank u for the lovely comment Aryan… And don’t feel sorry… That’s OK.. And that’s really sweet of u..

      1. Aryan Bhattacharya

        Doing toh sirf tuition shuru hua hai Sunday se, phir school Saturday se hai. Aur kal Lakshmi Puja bhi hai. Toh kal no tuition. 😀

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