A company is shown…and some meeting is going on…it is headed by our SANSKAR..
All the clients were listening to him keenly…
After few minutes..
His pa:sir u r awesome…v got this deal…
San smiles happily…and took his phone and shocked to c many missed calls…in mind OMG im finished today..by saying he runs hurriedly..
His pa::(confusingly)sir sir wat happen…but he has gone already…

Door knock..as soon as door opened…
San:uncle where is she???
Shek:sighs his finger upwards..
San nods and went to her room…

As soon as he enters into the room…smiles happily to c her standing in the balcony..
San:slowly goes towards her and backhugs her…HAPPY LOVE ANNIVERSARY..
but she hits his hand which is on her waist….
San:ahh….:im sry ragu…
Rag:turns towards him and glares him
San:i told sry na..
Rag:do u think everything is over if u say sry….v r in a relationship for 6 YRS..have u realized how much important day it is for us???i called u many times but u r a great businessman so didnt get a minute time to attend my call…after my parents accepts ur marriage proposal.,u became lik this..
San:(face fell by her statement)
Rag:immediately cups his face,sry sry i know u have a important meeting today but i was excited to celebrate this day with u..(blushes)because it is our last celebration day as LOVERS..next yr v will b (again blushes)
San:immediately hugs her ..im sry..do u think i forget this day??ur entry into my dark life which is now a happy one??till v have time to celebrate and ur suprise is waiting for u …
Rag breaks the hug and lloks at him
San raises her eyebrow…

@beach house..
Rag:wow sanskar..whose house is this???
San:smiles ours
Rag:widens really
San:laughs and pushed her inside the house..Shows her each and eveey corner of the room..Do u lik it?
Rag:hugs him happily and nods…
San:after marriage,u me and uncle and aunty will cum and live in this house happily…
Rag blushes and nods
And they roamed all over the places in london..

San:im going to india after 3 days
Rag:but y
San:u know na i have no one in my family..my papa’s frd family is living in india..they r my only relation who supports me after my parents death..so im going to invite them to our marriage
Rag:places her hand on his.. U hav uncle and aunty(her father and mother) and more importantly ur would be wife..then y r saying u hav no one. …both looks into each other…
Rag:if u dare to say lik that again i will kick u
San:widens and suddenly kissed on her cheek
Rag blushes and encircles her hand around his…U know how to cool me…
San nods smilingly

After 3 days..
@raginis home
Rag:i will b missing u..come back as soon as possible..v hav only 2 wks for marriage
San nods and hugs her ..in mind i will also miss u ragu..
Rag:breaks the hugs and kissed on his forehead lovingly…i know u will also miss me..
San looks at her suprisingly as she is telling it by reading his mind/heart..
He got shekar/janaki’s blessing and went. …

San:i love u..
Rag:(smiles) i love u tooo
San:i will b back as soon as possible
Rag:then i will b waiting
Both smiles and bid bye to eachother and went

As soon as sanskar enters ap and dp hugs him…they were happy when sanskar invites them for his wedding…
San:uncle where is laksh?!?
Dp:he is in his room beta
San:(stands)i will meet and cum
Ap:he is not our old laksh ,sanskar
San:aunty wat happen?y r u
Dp:v got married him 6 yrs before…..her name is sanjana…u cant c a girl like her. ..she is a pure soul..but 4 mnths b4 she died in a accident(in chocking voice)..till then laksh has forget to smile/he lost himself…and my granddaughter is still in hospital ..that small soul cant able to understand that her mom is not alive…
San feels bad ..
And immediately goes towards the room and saw laksh lifelessly holding the photo frame …
When he nears him…shocked to c RAGINI photo in his hand. …

Hope u like it…its 5 shot ff…im planning to end cousins love in 1/2 epi as i didnt have any idea

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