BEPANNAH Path Of Love Character sketch

Good Morning My Lovely Readers

Thanks alot dear Lavanya sia and jasmine

OK so before I start with episodes

I would  like to provide a small character  sketch

Path of love is a bitter sweet love story of

Zoya Siddqui  and Aditya Hooda

who are married  to each other but Aditya  has not given zoya place in his heart

This beautiful  story revolves around

1.Zoya siddqui

A gorgeous  soft spoken girl.Zoya is very loving  and sensitive  by nature

She is a general physician  (doctor) by profession .zoya believes that more than medicines  its love that cures people.Zoya is very dedicated  to her work.she is very happy with her life

She is now waiting  for her Mr Right

She wishes to get married to a person who would  give her lots of love.She is die hard romantic  and believes in crazy  bollywood  movie type romance

2.Aditya Hooda

A dashing  guy,Aditya aka adi has always  been  a chocolate  boy among girls

His smile is heartthrob  but he rarely  smiles

Adi has completed his masters  in business  administration  (MBA) degree and currently  is working  in USA

Adi prefers to live a isolated life

He likes peace

He enjoys his own company

Though  adi misses his family  terribly

He doesn’t  wish to  return  to  India

Because  his family is putting  immense pressure  on him to get married

N he believes  marriage to be bon bondage

3.Harshvardan Hooda

A builder by profession  Harshvardan  Hooda is father of Adi and Arjun

Harshvardan  is a man of principles  and is very hard working

He works in partnership  with Mr Wasim Siddqui(Zoya’s father)

Wasim  and Harshvardan  are best friends  and also business  partners  but their way of working  is completely  opposite

While Harshvardan believes  business to be worship  and is always truthful

Wasim is of opinion  that business  is all about  profit and everything  is fair in business

4.Anjana Hooda

A very stubborn  woman  Anjana  Hooda is mother of adi and Arjun

She has almost everything  in life except  her elder son Adi

She wants him to stay with his family

Anjana  desperately  wants to see adi getting  married and having  his own family


Arjun Hooda -Though Arjun Hooda is younger brother  of Aditya  He is very matured and has been taking care of Hooda family in absence  of adi

Adi and Arjun are very emotionally  attached  to  each other  and understand  each  other perfectly

5.Noor Siddqui

A bubbly immature kiddish girl Noor is zoya siddqui’s younger  sister  She is head over heels in love with Arjun Hooda

Though  they are poles apart they are madly in love

They want to get hitched  but their big concern  is their elder siblings  should  get married  first

Roshnaq siddqui -A humble lady Roshnaq  is zoya and noor’s  ammi

Roshnaq  feels that zoya is emotionally very sensitive  n deserves an understanding  hubby who would give her lots of love and happiness

Some characters  will be added as story progresses

So pls do let me know whether  u all want me to write a ff based on these characters  n theme

Pls let me know ur opinions am waiting  to read


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  1. Ya please do continue with these characters itself , now post the first chapter waiting eagerly and I hope it will be a long one chapter 😜😜😜 I love long chapters , update soon

  2. Jasminerahul

    nice cs.waiting

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