I don’t know what made me to go against you  bela ? You are such a good friend but I took advantage of your innocence.  I really feel ashamed of myself for hurting you! Now I promise you that I ‘ll clear the misunderstandings between you and mahir! It’s your vishaka promise!’ She wiped her tears and smiled at her .

“Okay I ‘ll take a leave vish! Fresh yourself and cone to eat!” To which she nodded affirmatively.

Vish took her car keys and came to open the car when she remembered the Day when her love stopped her from leaving . How he locked her , his closeness and his cologne , he smelled like musk . She closed her eyes and his eyes and his face haunted her! The way he pleaded her to leave her revenge and the way he assured her that he will take care of her! Everything seemed to haunt her that she shouted out!  Mahir who happened to pass by that side heard her shout and came to help her . He saw her kneeling down and crying .

He went and knelt down beside her ,” what happened that you are reacting way too much vish?”

She turned her head to see him annoyed ,” what bothers you mahir ? Why are you worried about my state? Don’t you have any other work?”

“Yeah it’s my mistake! It’s my stupidness to ask you why were you worried! Sorry for disturbing you vish!”

“I never meant like that! I am sorry mahir!” She whispered  and continued,” okay I ‘ll leave now! I have to go!”

“Where ‘re you going now ? That too in this state ?”

“To see my ……. naah just going out!”

” I can’t leave you alone! I ‘ll accompany you!”

“No you shouldn’t come! “

“I ‘ll come!”

“You are stubborn mahir!”

“You are as twice as mine vish!”

“Okay fine! Come!” She threw her hands in air defeated .

Mahir drove the car while she sat plainly .

They both reached ACP ‘s house and mahir didn’t get anything. He just followed vish and saw ACP ‘S photo with a garland hanging and he stood shocked while vishaka neared his photo and pulled the garland fircefully and it fell on her neck . She stood shock touching the garland and seeing him smiling in the photo . She neared him ,” why ? Why are you smiling ? Am I a joker ?  * sniffed * tell me why are you smiling ? Do you think I am happy after you left me ? Do you think like that ? Tell me ACP Sir ?? Your romona is here! Please come back ajitabh! I am here a corpse without you! Please come back! I am here for you! See mahir he isn’t responding . I am shouting but he is smiling!”

Mahir didn’t know how to console her . He himself didn’t know what is happening . All these days , Vishaka whom he taught to be arrogant is so soft and weak for him! ACP sir ajitabh ,’ I never knew vish loved him so much!  I didn’t understand her eyes which showed pain all these months ‘

” I am responsible for your death Love!  I am the one to be punished! I know you are punishing me but don’t punish me too much! I can hear you scolding me or beating me but I can’t be alive without seeing you Love! Please return soon .” She cried loudly not knowing what to do.

” mumma! Bhaiya opened his eyes! Come let’s see him “

A lady of late 50 ‘s with a son of 23 years entered a small room and saw a man in late 20 ‘s sleeping peacefully .

“Beta how are you feeling now?”

He nodded in a smile and tried to get up buy he couldn’t because he was weak . His mother helped him to get up ,” mumma for how many days you will help me?”

“It’s okay beta! I am there for you!”

“Mumma why don’t I remember anything?”

“It’s because of the poison effect on you! I don’t know what happened beta but I am there to take care of you! Drink this and sleep! You should take rest now “

“Maa……. “

” I know what are you going to tell now! How am I going to repay my debt for you etc etc etc,. First get cured fully then you can work for me and pay off your debt! Now sleep ” she caressed his forehead and kissed his forehead.

” maa what is my name? I know you didn’t know my name but you can name me one naah ” he held her hand and sounded suprised.

” Hmmmmmm……..” She was thinking …..

Meanwhile vishaka there in ACP’ S house ,” I miss you ajitabh!” She kissed the photo .

Here this guy ,” I miss you Ramona!” Suddenly his head started spinning and he held his head in pressure and shouted,” maa it’s paining badly “

She held him and made him lay down on the bed and covered him  with blanket and switched off the light and went out .

After sometime this guy ‘s mom and his brother entered inside ,” beta have food! ”
She fed him with her hands while he smiled through his tears ,” I am lucky to have you maa! I don’t remember anything before but I can bet you would have seen me with more care and affection!” She caressed his cheek and fainted a smile .

” maa my name ? You forgot!” He pouted cutely .

She smiled at his antics ,” ajit! Is that name nice ?”

” Why not ajitabh ? I have this feeling that this name is familiar to me! If I am ajit then I think ajitabh is my full name right?”

” right right!” She nodded questioningly .

” maa I don’t know who is this Ramona! I think I am strongly connected to her!”

” don’t stress yourself beta! Take rest now!”
She closed the door and went out .

” maa! Maa! Who is this Ramona bhai is talking about?”

” how do I know ? Maybe his lover or wife?”

Here Vishaka suddenly murmured,” you are my life my ACP sir! I ‘ll find you!”


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