YoU aRe MiNE SuKoR – part 6

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Hai lovely people Liya here ! How are you all ,I am getting fine .Thank you soo much for your love and prayers?.
This part don’t have Sukor confrontation as everyone is waiting for it?? (hehe sorry 4 that) but? you guys could see suvimli bond! Hope you guyz enjoy!

Note : imli loved suraj and tried to marry him by sitting in place of Tina with help of chakor but ended up marrying vivaan ! Same thing except that stupid pregnant wala track, I hate that part! Vimli later fall in love and suraj,vivaan & imli now share good bond after kn entry they become buddies!
So let’s start!

Kasturi opened the door and was shocked to see the state of her daughter,before kasturi could speak chakor hugged her?,it was indeed a bone crushing hug,kasturi sensed her daughters pain?!
Kasturi : chakoriya!!
Chakor looked up to her ,she uttered the word “Maai” and burst out into cry??…..kasturi eyes were also filled with tears seeing chakor like this and she started consoling her .kasturi thought to ask chakor later about her sudden break down as she is not in a good state now!she made chakor lie on her lap and started singing lullaby?!

Mean while Suraj have Reached aazadhganch and is heading towards? chakor’s house to tell her his feeling ,but suddenly something strike his mind? He stopped the jeep in a hush;
Suraj : “Ohh manhh!!what if she Rejects me!!” He said while biting his nails.”Does she feel the same as I feel for her”.“I wish It was like that “ he said crossing his finger and moving to & fro in tension. “If its not ,then what will I do! “He said with a sad face..
Suraj : What will I do now???…
Now his phone rings and the name “devil” is flashing on his mobile.
Suraj : urghhh !! Why this devil is calling me now?? Saying this he picked the call
Suraj : Hello devil
Ragini : What??
Suraj bite his tongue and said hello my devi ?
Ragini smiled a bit and suraj was cursing himself!
Ragini : Where were you last night??. I have called? you a hundred times.
Suraj hearing the word last night he started thinking about his time with chakor? and was lost in thoughts
Ragini : Is the work done?did chakor signed the papers?
But suraj was in another world with chakor ? ,he was not listening to her!
Ragini finding no response from suraj yelled
Ragini : SURAJ!!Are you there?
Suraj came back to sense and replied uninterestely “yaa”
Ragini : Come home ?quickly,she said in an angry tone .
Suraj said yes in an irritated tone.
Suraj : offoo …..… I will go to see whom first??, I will go to my angel?? or to that devil??❓❓……stupid me asking stupid question…definetly to my wild cat!
Suraj who is now standing in front of chakor’s house started thinking ,how to go inside❓❓ and what to say?….suddenly he saw the window and suraj smiled proudly!
Suraj : Everything is fair in love & war!???.
He peeped into the window and his eyes were struck to chakor who was sleeping peacefully on her mothers lap like a baby ,he is relieved to see chakor who reached home safely and thought to reveal his feelings ?to her soon!
Suraj has gone crazy or Crazy in love! He is fresh and alive and full of energy! The pain that was imprinted in his soul from his childhood started healing slowly! He now have a ray of hope in his life ?and that’s his love chakor?
He drove back home…..playing music and humming to its tune!he is very much happy!
At haveli:
Ragini ,Rajana & vivvan are sitting on dinning table for lunch! Imli is serving vivaan & Tejaswini is serving Ragini & Rajana!
As usual drama was going on full swing in dinning table! Ranjana is simultaneously gulping the food ??and bad mouthing tejaswinis cooking!
Ranjana : Such a hard parthas?its very difficult to chew them
Vivaan : ohh that’s why you ate five parathas in one go ,right mom and smriked at her!
Ranjana gave him a angry look and resumed her eating process.

After sometime , Ranjana whose mouth was filled with parathas were wide opened in shock ! Vivaan was laughing ?holding his stomach seeing Ranjana face ….imli ,Tejaswini & ragini tried hard to stop laughing!?
Tejaswini : Hey eating machine! Shut your mouth now otherwise mosquito will come and sit .
Ranjana glared at her and pointed towards the entrance of haveli ,all of them were shocked and their mouth was wide opened, seeing this Ranjana shot.
Ranjana : now all of you shut your mouth otherwise mosquito will come and sit??
They all looked at Ranjana then at the entrance in shock!
Sometime before :
Suraj reached haveli ….he is having ear phone and is listening to music,he is moving forward happily ,jumping and humming to the melodious tunes when he step into haveli at the hall,the song changes to tukur tukur from dilwale, now suraj started moving his leg dancing to the tunes….he was seeing chakor by his side and started dancing around her,moving his hip and giving some hot girlish move to make her laugh and yes she was smiling at him…….and he smiled back at her like an idiot ,seeing her angelic laugh … suddenly he didn’t find chakor there but he is hearing the sound of laughing ….when turned aside he saw ranjana & ragini holding hand in hand and laughing….vivaan was in floors…imlis eyes were filled with tears because of laughing too much!Suraj was totally embarassed! But there was one person whose eyes were filled with tears of happiness ,its Tejaswini…she saw her child laughing and dancing whole heartedly after long time!
Suraj hurriedly went to upstairs to avoid further embarrassment.
Suraj after bath was getting ready,he was combing his hair singing the Song pyaar hua hai ikkraar hua hai pyaar se phir kyoon darts hei dil!!!
Then suddenly he saw Vimli walking to his room .He gave a warm smile to them.
Imli : Soo?? Imli said raising eyebrows
Suraj : what ? Suraj said confused
Vivaan : Soo What ?? Vivaan also said raising his eyebrows!
Suraj looked at them confused!
Breaking the ice imli said
Imli : So what is Cooking in your mind?
Suraj : I don’t know cooking he said cutely
Vivaan : Bad joke dude?
Imli placed her hand on vivaan and said : Something – Something is happening!
Vivaan also in a teasing look said “ yaa something -something is happening to suraj “
Suraj cutely but with little blushing : what something something
Then both vimli looked at each other and started singing “ pyaar hua hei ikrar hua hei pyaar sephir kyoon darts hei di” and vivaan was dancing the same step that suraj did when he came!
Both vimli started laughing and suraj turned red due to blushing!
Vivaan : So tell me ,where were you last night?didn’t see you at home !saying this he winked at imli
Imli also joined him
Imli : you know vivaan ,Maai told me that didi was also not there at home last night!
Vivaan : Ohh chakor was also not there at home ?where would have she gone? Do you know suraj he asked while smriking at him
Suraj : How would I know ! He said avoiding eye contact

Imli hold his ears and said “ you don’t know naa you naughty boy”
Suraj wincing in pain said Noooo
“But we know” vimli said in union
Suraj looked at them helplessly and vimli was standing in front of them crossing their hands waiting for his reply!
Vivaan : will you speak or not ???
Imli : so tell us yaar…common dude
Suraj gave them a full fledged smile ,which said everything vivaan engulfed him in a hug
Imli : what about me she complained while pouting
Suraj : hey drama queen are you coming or not !
Imli also joined them and trio share a group hug!
Vivaan : your eyes speaked what’s in your heart ,now I wanna hear it from your mouth !
Imli : Metoo…!
Suraj : So then listen it from my mouth then, when I am closing my eyes I could see her,when I am taking my breath I could feel her and my heart my soul and my mind is only thinking about her …..I am restless in her absence ,I am feeling incomplete without her ….my heart only beats for her….she is the only person in my life whom I feel I have full right on too whom I could say YOU ARE MINE ….and she is CHAKOR my WILD CAT my LOVE!
Imli was teary eyed ,tears of happiness were falling down her cheek! Vivaan came and side hugged her …
Vivaan : I am happy for you my brother,still can’t believe ,it’s a history dude ….finally TOM & JERRY fallen in LOVE
Imli : I am the happiest,I know suraj you love my dii very much I could see it your eyes!
Suraj : if your emotional drama is over ,can I ask you something
Vimli : What??
Suraj : Actually….I mean actually who is Jerry or her?
Vimli : what??
Imli : you won’t change duffer!
Vivaan : yeah ,chakor kept him right name idiot
Suraj pouted cutely and said “ I know I am jerry”
Vimli shouted Noooo
And trio started laughing
Vivaan : Soo did you tell her your feelings?
Suraj nodes in no
Imli : what ,you didn’t propose her till now! …you had good chance yesterday!
Suraj : how can I propose her yesterday when I realize my feelings for her today?
Vimli looked at each other confused and then suraj narrated them the whole incident .
Vivaan : Soo you wanna know Chakor’s feeling?
Suraj : Right !
Imli : what if she ….
Suraj : doesn’t like me right !
Imli nodes Suraj sadly said “ I don’t know what I will do then!”
Vivaan : don’t loose hope yaar ! We two are with you! If she doesn’t love you then we will make her fall for you!
Hearing this imli & suraj’s face light up!
Imli : Finally you spoke something sensible !
Vivaan : What do you mean ,I am always sensible !??
Imli : hahaa stop telling joke !
Vivaan : May be after staying with you I became like this ! Poor mee he said cutely !
Imli : What did you say ? Saying this she started chasing him and started hitting with pillow and vivaan also took a pillow both started pillow fight in bed ! Suraj sat in sofa and was enjoying the scene …and started adding fuel to their fight !
Suraj : you know imli ,vivaan was complaining to me that you took 3 hours to get ready and smriked to himself!
Imli hitting him hard with pillow says” I only took 20 minutes to get ready and your saying I took 3 hr you idiot,I won’t spare you”
Vimli : you take more than 3hr to get ready and I get bored waiting!?? and started hitting her back
Suraj started laughing seeing their cute nokh-jhok.
Suraj : Arehh vivaan you know imli was saying you spoke more sweeter to your P.A than her
Vivaan : ohho you are saying I spoke more sweeter to my p.A … and started hitting her with pillow and feathers from pillow was lying in air
Imli : you spoke to that crazy girl more sweetly,than to me okk …

But suddenly they realized the cupid in their fight and turn towards suraj who was laughing holding his stomach,
Vimli : SURAJ
Suraj : I am dead now??
Vivaan : we are trying to set your love story!!
Imli : and you are making us fight you duffer!
Vimli : you are gone dude! Vimli smriked at suraj
Suraj : guyss
Before he could say anything vivaan throwed pillow feathers own him and imli poured the jug of water by her side
Suraj was numb ! He was looking like a wet cock ! Vimli give HiFi to each other and laughed at suraj!
Suraj : I won’t leave you two monsters and he started chasing them they get out of room and suraj bumped into Ranjana who got scared seeing suraj and started her drama!
Ranjana : save me ! Help me someone ! Ghoost! Ghoost !
Vimli and suraj laughed at her!
Suraj : you guys made me wet cock he said while pouting!
Vivaan : hahaa you are a lol,so get ready to go behind Chakor
Imli : soo mission chakor and forwarded
Vivaan & suraj kept their hand over her and trio started boiling their heads whole night for Sukor love story to happen
So how was today’s epi?
Are you guys liking it,plzz give your valuable suggestion.
So what will happen during Sukor face off!
Can suvimli succeed in their mission!
Will ragini change the plate!

Guys my next post will be after Dec 16th as my exam are happening till 16th sorry for that ! Hope you all enjoyed this epi

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  1. Poor Chakor she’s in so much pain. Hopefully Suvimil will be able to formulate a great plan and Suraj will win back her trust. I’m looking forward to their confrontation. Anyways good luck on your exams!! ???Study hard and make all of us Sukor fans proud lol ??

    1. Liya

      Thankyou so much dear??…you guys have much expectation from,I hope I could live up to that!

  2. awesome best part…of sukor I can’t stop my laugh today jom nd jerry…??? btw who is jerry??? ???? I wish the same part happened in udaan serial too…??the writter should take this story from u…??? I love this… ???

    1. Liya

      Thankyou so much warisha??happy to know that you smiled reading the ff .keep smiling dear?.

  3. Story is going great.
    Missed sukor’s interactions.

    1. Liya

      Thankyou mitha ! I also missed their fight while writing,I didn’t get any idea for their confrontation,so planned this!

  4. Amazing and interesting part ya………..
    We’re waitingg for (16th Dec) your next update…..
    And All the best for your exams ya……….

    1. Liya

      Thankyou nishi??…miss me and ff lol?

  5. ShinyGeorge

    Nice liya????
    But please unite suraj chakor soon.
    I am eagerly waiting for their union and their cute fights. Vimli suraj cute fight scenes are lovely. I liked it very much.

    1. Liya

      Hai shiny dear?…I will try to unite them soon .I also have no idea about confrontation! Hope my brain works at that time?

      1. ShinyGeorge

        Thanks dear?

      2. Liya

        Take care?

  6. ShinyGeorge

    Take care liya

  7. Superb liya.

    1. Liya

      Thankyou ankhur?

    1. Liya

      Thankyou lucky??

  8. Komaljanu

    loved it liya………its awesome and yup all the very best i will really pray from god that ur exams go superb…..and yup ur ff was just dam amazing……..

    1. Liya

      Thankyou soo much komal dear?..hope my exams go well !

  9. Awsm.hp misunderstanding get cleared btwn sukor soon.waiting fr 16 th december. Gd luk fr ur exams

    1. Liya

      Thankyou dear??…

  10. Beautifully written. funfilled episode. ..loved suraj and vimli bond . …thank u so much dear.

    1. Liya

      Thankyou soo much vinlora?…

  11. AMkideewani

    Superb dear????

    1. Liya

      Crazy lol finally you commented?I was waiting for your comment?thankyou soo much dear?

      1. AMkideewani

        I’m sorry that I didn’t comment earlier was busy writingmy stories and preparing for an Test????????????

      2. Liya

        Chill dear??Hope your test went well !

  12. that suvimli part was vry funny,i was unable 2 stop laughing when i read that and feeling pity 4 chakor.good job dear and best of luck 4 ur exams.i don’t know y but 20 days r looking like 1 year

    1. Liya

      That’s so sweet of you ???thankyou you so much meghuu! Happy to know that you liked this part?

    1. Liya

      Thankyou soo much mala ??

  13. Superb!! I really love ur fan fics alot???!! It’s really intersting..Excellent..

    1. And u will really get succeeded in ur exams!! All the best!!

    2. Liya

      Thankyou soo much vivi dear????sorry for the late reply lol!

      1. It’s alright sissy..?

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