love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 10)

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Hii friends this is diksha back with the next epi of “love beautiful or dangerouse” hope u all gonna like it. Let’s start the story.

@ rageet room
Ragini was really sad because of sanskar behaviour.
Ragini : how dare he shout on me? But what happened to him suddenly? Why was he angry? Let it be now I’ll not talk to him. What the hell he think of himself?
Ragini slept thinking about the incident she was really angry and upset.
Next day.
Sanrohgeet were having breakfast in cantine.
Sanskar : why ragini didn’t came yet?
Geeta : ragini had headache so she is resting in room. I don’t know what happened to her she didn’t even talk to me properly from yesterday night.
Sanskar : ok than who will gonna shoot ivs?
Geeta : obiviously me. Let’s go rohan i want to complete this work know. I want to spend my last two days with you.
Rohan : last two days.
Geeta : ya one month be completed na.
Rohan : this time flew really fast. Its like we meet yesterday and now you will go in next two days.
Geeta : now don’t be sad and lets go.
They leave.
Sanskar : i have to do something soon rohan was right time just flew away. I should meet ragini.

@ragini room.
Ragini has kept her hand on her stomach.
Ragini : to avoide mr. Hottie i didn’t go to have bf and now i m straving rat and mice are running in my stomach. Should i go or shouldn’t.
She stand to go than again she came back and sit.
Ragini : oh god what should i do? Now i can’t wait.
Sanskar came inside with the food for her.
Sanskar : hii ragini, why u didn’t come to have breakfast?
Ragini : nthng just had a bit headche so for that only taking rest.
Sanskar : ok no problm you just sit and have breakfast.
Ragini : no thanx sanskar i didn’t feel hungry.
Sanskar : oh just now i hear that rat and mices are running in your stomach and know you didn’t feel hungry. Why? Because i took food for you and you are angry with me.
Ragini : nthng like that.
Sanskar : oh really, than how’s it? Now no more drama and have your breakfast.
Ragini : no.
Sanskar : i am really sorry for my behaviour you can give me any punishment but pls have breakfast.
Ragini : why will i give you the punishment? Who m i to u?
Sanskar feel bad listening this but he know its his falt.
Sanskar : pls ragini i m sorry i was upset on another thing and my whole anger came out on u i m really really sorry pls have breakfast.
He said while holding his ears.
Ragini : ok I’ll have breakfast but on one condition. You have to tell me what happened with you yesterday night?
sanskar : ok, first you have breakfast now i have my class. In evening we will go out their we will talk.
Ragini : as you say but you will tell me the reason at evening promise.
Sanskar : ok promise now i m leaving be ready in evening at 7:00 pm ok.
Ragini : ok.
Ragini have the breakfast.

@ evening
Ragini got ready in white shirt with black denim and black flats.
@ragini room
Sanskar : ragini, r u ready for going out?
Ragini : yes let’s go.
They leave from their. They reach at a restorant.
Sanskar : ao what will you have?
Ragini : nothing i just want to know what had happened with you on that day?
Sanskar : I’ll tell you as i had promise you but first we should have something i am feeling hungry
Ragini : ok
They had caffe and sandwiches.
Ragini : now tell me.
Sanskar : u r so stubborn. I’ll tell u but not here lets go someother flace.
Sanskar take her to the sunset point they sit their. Ragini show his face he has mix emotion of anger and sadness.
Ragini : sanskar r u fine? Leave that i m not intrested in knowing anyreason leave it just enjoy the sunset how beautiful is this place? Their was silent for sometime.
Sanskar : ragini you know that day when we were dancing we bump with a couple i saw their kavita you know she has hurted me deeply. she is the only reason because of which i became like this because of whome now i hate love.
Ragini : who is kavita? What did she do?
Sanskar give her a diary.
Sanskar : ragini i don’t know why i m sharing this with u. I never tell anyone about her in this diary you will know about her. I have no gut to talk about that incident i don’t want talk about that. u read this when u go back to ur home.
Ragini understand he is sad so she decide to divert his mind.
Ragini : sanskar see monkey their at that tree.
She said pointing at a tree. Sanskar look at her in disbelief. Than he saw toward the tree their was some momkey who was jumping here and their. Sanskar smile a bit.
Ragini turning toward sanskar.
Ragini : sanskar i want icecream. Pls bring it for us.
Sanskar went out and come with icecream. ragini was opening the icecream just than a monkey come their and snatched the icecream from her ragini get frigtened and hug sanskar tightly. Sanskar too reciprocated of the hug and try to make her calm. they were their hugging each other and their in nature sunset is happening.
After sometime they come back to senses. They feel awkward to break the awkwardness he says i didn’t know that miss chuhiya get frigtened that to with a monkey. He take out and take take her pic she was stil afraid.
Ragini : delete the pic mr. Hottie.
Sanskar : no
Saying so he start running and ragini start chasing after some time ragini catch him and start beating him playfully. Sanskar hold her hand. They had a cute eyelock after sometime they came back to senses and went back to the training center.

So frined this is diksha ending this epi of “love : beautiful or dangerous.”hope u all will like and a big thanx for your preciouse comment, support and appreciation.

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