MMZ-Written on Stars!! (Chapter 15)

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Hello My lovies..Dipu striks again…Lol..Thank you soooo Much for your amazing support….I have ask one question to you guys at the end of chappy so plz drop your answer..happy reading…

Chapter 13
Neil’s Pov

I heard slight knock on my door when I was doing push-ups in my room, looked at the door to find Radhika standing in the door holding tray of juice. Radz with juice means something fishy…That clearly means she wanted something from me…

“Neil, I need to talk to you….”

I heard her coming towards me and I sighed

“What? “

“You know that in few days we are seeing Farewell party?”

That was a dumb question. The whole college was going gaga over it. Plus , every girl except my sis, Nandini and Sam asking me to go with them.

“so…why do I care about it? “ I said but I did care about it as I promised to Sam that I was intended to keep. I wonder if she really remembers the promise when we were freshers.

“You know na that I’m going with Arjun, Nandini with Sid you and Sam left odd ones in our group…So I wan’t You ask S…” her tone was chirpy.

I cut her off “ You are planning to make me ask Sam..then sorry..You are Late….” Her expression was full of shocked . I wanted to click picture of her like that..

“And Why Soooo??” her tone was angrier…

“Well, I was already planning to ask her….”
Her eyes went wide for moment , and she looked with curiosity “ What?? Are you seriously going to ask her??”

After I rolled my eyes her on her over reaction, I answered her “ I promised Sam during our First year that if we aren’t in relationship with other that I would be her partner for farewell party…”

“I never knew that..” Radz gasped

“ You don’t know everything about us Chashni, we do have our secrets…”

“ I just thought that Sam would have told me….”

I couldn’t help but to think back to that day when I promised her and her reaction was unforgettable. She was shocked. She was so sure about I would have girlfriend by then..she was much sure about my quality of making women ran behind me.

“So you are asking her because you promised her, right?” her question felt like cut to my heart, I don’t know the reason why either.

“I would have asked though Radz..she deserves the best. I know that we would have fun together. She deserves to be happy…”
Words came from my mouth instantly and I too got shocked about whatever I uttered

“You sound like her boyfriend rather than best friend” she chuckled as she spoke

“very funny Radz…” I threw pillow on her
She finally jumped in joy and hugged me tight

“I love you Bro…but you are hopeless when it comes about Sam…”

She walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. I rolled over my bed and recalled her last words..was I different when it comes to Sam?

April 2012 Week of Farewell Party

“You really don’t know how actually I hate this….” I stated when man was taking measurement of me for tuxedo.

“ You are such A childish Neil…” Sid taunted while giving measurement for his at same time.

I should have just come alone but Arjun and Sid decided to join me too for our tuxedo fitting.

“ So what do you think about Sam going with her in party? I mean she is so beautiful..and hot too…the whole male population of college luring at her..”Sid’s comment make my blood boil

“She is my friend..End of the story….”

“Ohhhh…C’mon Neil doesn’t tell me you haven’t noticed her s*xy figure yet….if I didn’t have Nandini, I would have went for Sam…”

I jerked around and grabbed him by his shirt..I forget he is my brother or what…” Don’t you ever talk about Sam like that..UNDERSTAND?”

His eyes were glittering with my reaction. He glanced at Arjun who was busy watching what happening in front of his eyes.

“See..Arjun..I guess I heat the nerve of Neil….and He says he don’t love her..Joke Of the Year….”

I released him. I didn’t say anything to them. I was really thinking about the whole situation.i shouldn’t have reacted that way..i’m not Sam’s boyfriend….but why did it bother me to hear another guy talk about her like that…I did same thing with women but why it different for Sam?

“It’s okay to feel the way you feel for her…” Arjun said looking at me with strange expression

“I don’t have thing for her other than friendship…Do you guys hears me? She spends so many time with us in garage. She is like guy to me…”

With that Sid laughed hard “ was epic…You are blind like a bat to see her like guy Neil..She is a beautiful girl…One day she gonna make someone very lucky to have her in his life….” Sid said and paused.

The thought of someone touching her made me angry and sick. No, you can’t feel like that about your friend…She is you Friend..Sam..she wasn’t in your radar for years to bed girls list…and it shouldn’t bother you some guy touching her because you want her to get married someday and that would consider a man touching her eventually…

His expression turned serious and he continued

“She is like sister to me, Neil…I just said those words to pull your true reaction for her..And I got my answer….” He smirked with pity at me.

What Answer…There was nothing between us which seek for answer.

After signing the bill and taking our bags we left the fabric shop. While driving Sid shared the news that he going to propose Nandini for marriage after the party. Arjun and I congratulated him..I know one day this two guys besides me gonna be settled with their women…and one day I too will find that right women for me to end my womanizing nature and would become part of my soul..But it’s far in the future..

I concentrated on the blabbering of Sid and Arjun but my thought coming back to the woman with dark black hair swept in front of her face and shy smile on her face. I yelled on myself internally…why I can’t stop thinking…

Day before farewell party..

I got my tuxedo and I wanted to see how it look on I quickly pulled my clothes off and slipped on in it. And I quickly stood in front of mirror to examine how it looked on me…

“ You look handsome…” My head snapped at the voice and found my mom staring at me while standing at door with sweet smile playing on her lips.

“Thanks, Mom…”

“Sam is going to love it…”

I turned around to look at her. I didn’t know what to say on that.

“Why sam’s opinion matters?” I snapped

“Oh… should know I know my son like a book…I know what you think even if you don’t know it yourself…Though you deny about Sam’s approval…You always craved for her approval…you always have and probable always will…”

Have i? Have I always wanted her approval? Why would it matters me the most?

“Neil..” she spoke as she took my hand in her and led me to the bed “ I knew you don’t want to hear it, but that day when I saw you holding her hand in yours coming from school when you guys were kid..i knew that very moment she is the one for you….Get youself clear about your feelings or you will lose her….”

“ Why all are keep saying the same thing mom? Too late? What it means? “ I said in irritation

“Neil, Sam isn’t going to wait for your forever..someday someone will took your place in her heart and will took her away from you…..”

I stood there and thought about what she said. The thought of another man in her life makes me go crazy…I don’t want to think about it so I changed into comfy cloths after mom left my room making me bewilder….I need fresh air to clear my clouded mind..

The day Of Party

I got dressed up and took by tuxedo with me and placed in back seat of my car and headed towards Arjun’s house that the place where we decided to get dressed up. My first stop was to pick up the flowers for Sam..I wanted to make this night special for her. The bouquet was wonderful having long stemmed white roses. I asked shop owner to tie violet color ribbon around it make it match with Sam’s dress..Like I had brought violet colored tuxedo to match with her.

After getting dressed we headed for my house. As I drove I felt strange. My heart pondering like drum within me. I couldn’t understand why I was so nervous. When I parked the car in drive way we met my parents and mom went upstairs to inform our partners about our arrival.

After minute, Radz and Nandini came down squealing in happiness. Both of them looking stunning and I saw Arjun and Sid gasped at their beauty. I chuckled at their reaction. I noticed Sam wasn’t come down so I talked with them.

“ Sam, come fast…..We gonna take selfie….” Stated Radz

I turned around to look at the stunning woman in front of me, she was like goddess…Epitome of Woman’s beauty. She couldn’t be Samaira Khanna..The woman was an Angel sent from heaven to torture me with her exquisite beauty.The girl standing at the top of the stairs wore a fluffy royal violet color dress that hugged her body, her hair draped in curls. Her beautiful eyes were shimmering in happiness. She moved elegantly down the stairs. She couldn’t be Sam

When she reached the bottom stair I noticed her familiar brown orbs shimmering with self-consciousness and then that proved she was my friend Sam…I slowly stepped forward and gently pulled her in my arms in hug. It feels electrify having her in my arms.

“You are looking extremely gorgeous, Sammy…..” I whispered in her ears.

I noticed her skin went crimson..God she looked so beautiful when that pink shed covered her face.For this night, she was Mine. I handed her flowers and in her arms they fitted natural.

My mind was racing. Was she always this exquisite? Was I failed to notice her beauty for all this years?

We took selfies and many pics with each other. I placed my arm around her waist, she was perfectly fitted. I felt the odd sensation in me with her touch…Ohh God!! Stupid Hormones were making me go crazy.

We went to her parents. When Sam walked into house, Piyali aunty went all weepy and emotional that how Sam grown up looked. I glanced at her picture from childhood and noticed how Sam turned into a beautiful woman, she wasn’t tall but her soft and feminine features were sharp. Her delicate but s*xy curves would make any one go crazy. I knew that she hid her beautiful body under that baggy t-shirts and jeans. God Stop it Neil.

All I was kept murmuring my mind like mantra that she was Sam but my body reacting different. I wanted to cover her lips with my kisses and I continued to kiss her as I moved to touch on her delicate curves and eventually make her moan my name as I moved my figures explore her body and night would end with her out of her dress probably. I shook that image from my mind..No it wasn’t going to happen, not with her.

God!! I’m so bastard and perverted jerk to think like that about my best friend….I kicked myself several times internally..

After we drove from her house, we arrived in college in half and hour drive. I escorted her from car and we entered in hall her arm locked in mine. I looked around many peoples where already there and I noticed most of the girls giving looks to Sam as we walked inside. The boys even looking at me with rage too..Jealous..that is what they are..

We walked to our group and talked with them. It was then Mrs D’souza anoucced voting for Mr. and Miss Night of the Year. Any senior can be Mr. and Miss when they won the voting pole by present crowed. I knew already that I would be gonna MR. of the Night. I saw Lara going crazy and chatting with Sophie. I heard rumors in college that Lara stating all in college that she gonna be Miss Night of the year. I know that she won’t. I looked at my partner and I wished it would be he. She deserves it.

I stayed closed to Sam and then Mrs. D’souza appeared again to announced the results.

“It’s glad to announce the Mr. and Miss of the Year..Our Mr. of the Year is Neil Malhotra”

As I walked to the stage, hall filled with a big round of applaud and yells from the girls.

The Principal spoke again but words brought my eyes to the girl standing across me

“ This year’s Miss Night is Miss Samaira Khanna….”

Her eyes went wide and she stood numb staring at me.

Come on Sam..Plaese…

I saw Radz poke her in the side and she began walking towards me. Everyone in the hall except Lara and her group was clapping for her. I looked at Lara and I couldn’t help but to laugh at her state. Mrs. D’souza placed tiara on her head as soon as she reached to the centre of stage. I grabbed her small hand in mine. This feels Nice. Perfect.

“Now it’s time to dance…and the officially beginning of Night to remember …”

It was then music started to play, I led Sam to the dance floor. I looked into her eyes and I knew what she was thinking. She thought she didn’t deserves this and would fall and embarrass herself. I wouldn’t led that happened though. I pulled her closure and whispered in her ear.

“You deserved this Sam. Stay close to me. I won’t let you fall…”

The lyrics of the song started to play around us and I forget where I was and what going around me. With this girl in my arm, I lost in the world. As I danced, I pulled her close to me as I could. I wanted no distance between us in that moment. Her arms wrapped around me and she rested her head on my shoulder. It was picture perfect posture.

As song came to end I wanted to yell at DJ to keep the song going….i didn’t want this moment to end. Before I knew, I was looking in her eyes and at swift moment, she leaned and brush her soft lips across my cheeks.

Ii was most s*xiest moment in my life I ever experienced. I wanted to pull her and claim her lips with mine and explore her sweetness. I shook that idea as soon as it crossed my mind.

“Thank you Neil for giving me one of the best night of my life…..” she whispered

Why she was thanking me? Didn’t she know what she making me feel in that moment? I wanted to claim her mine. I know she was my friend and it was my job to protect her rather chasing her like other men population. I was such a dog….I didn’t deserves her. she needed someone better than me.

I couldn’t form a coherent sentence so I whispered simple thing I can..

“No Sam..Thanks for everything…”

As dance ended, I observed her dancing with Nandini and Radz. She thinks she couldn’t dance but she was doing very good with her own step. I couldn’t control but to laugh at their crazy dance steps..

I noticed guys watching her like a piece of meat, my chest growled in pain. I have heard Tony saying he wanted to dance with her. That vile creature touching her making my blood boil so I never leave her alone.

As party ended after taking dinner, I led her out of the hall and escorted her to the car. While driving back home, I told her about Lara. She laughed when she heard that had happened. It was so musical.

Pulling car in-front of her house, I don’t want to end that drive. As she got out of the car and started to walk toward her house I hold her wrist to stop her. I really wish I was in love with You, Sam..But I wished someone lucky guy will make you happy one day…

I don’t know why but I was getting nervous again. Words came out of my mouth unknowingly.

“I’m very happy Sam that we spent this night together….”

“Me too Neil….i think I should get inside..It’s too late na..I’m hell tired as I went through the whole craziness to get this look..” I examined her again..she was truly looking like angel…

“ You were most beautiful girl in there tonight. No one could compare to you…” Did I really said that? God she gonna think I lost my mind..arghhh

“I think you are not exaggerating, Neil “ She laughed as i rolled my eyes. I leaned and pulled her in warm embraces.

“What I am I do to you, Samaira Khanna?”

Oh God Really..What I’m gonna do with this girl..Since she proposed me I was confused how to behave with her. Now I wanted to touch her, caress her skin, kiss her..I can’t do that to her she was special and I can’t categories her in my list of bedded women….At the end I know relationship are bound to break friendships if they go bad. I couldn’t live without Sam. I need her like I needed very oxygen to breath. Urghh..I shouldn’t over power this to me. I need my friend than desiring her.

Her head was resting on my shoulder and her arms wrapped around me..I loved this moment.That moment which I wanted to keep with my whole life. I knew she is beautiful women inside out..And for this night she was mine, only mine.

My harmones were doing their best to control me so I pulled her away but after wishing her good night I did something that I was unaware. I kissed her cheeks to taste her skin was as sweet as sugar..I fiercely control my emotion before I pull her in kiss.

As she said good night to me I walked to my car but looked at her one last time to inhale her beauty within me..Because after that I never gonna allow myself to overpower my desire for her. I soon need to find a girl for me to feel this void..

I pulled my car on driveway…I touched my skin which was still burning by her feathery touch of her skin. No girl ever turned me on like this.In that moment, I wished that Sam wasn’t my friend..i cursed myself.

Sam is my best friend I need to protect her all my life…I know soon she will get over on her so called love for me. Eventually we will find our respective partners in future and would have kids. They would play together and might be they would to become best friend like us…Exactly the way I wanted. And one day we will laugh about her infatuation about me. So why this thought feels like heart ache then?

OHHHHHOOOOO I just love writing Neil’s pov Yarrrr..He so good for his own good…

How’s this guys? I think it’s boring na?
That’s why WOS getting very less comments..
Dearies I started to think that I should stop posting WOS on TU and should limit it to watty only…

Seriously, I’m completely blind about how many of you reading and liking my story..Only my besties comments here….Guys plz tell me na should I stop posting it hear?

You guys always supported me from Never let you go, A lot like you..My little bride…Now WOS too want your love and support….Waiting for your answer……Aapka hukkum Sar aankho pe….

Please guys share your word with me na..I’m craving to hear it from you..Good or bad..whatever..I wanna hear..Pretty please…..**Puppy Eyes***

Please comment na..Small request from your Dipu..

Love you!!

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      Awwwww my cutiepieeee aasthu darling thank you sooooo much for your love…. I found myself speechless in front of ur soooo much love.. Feeling loved… I told u na he is idiot no time soon he gonna realise his feelings….
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      Hey rg darling i missed u dear.. M so happy u started commenting again.. Thank u sooooo dearyyy.. Yeaj i will continue writing here.. Love u lots ? ? ?

  20. Dipssssssssssssss….my lovely sweeeeeetheart darling sissyyyy. ….this was amazingly awesoooooome outstanding n stupendous neil’s pov……I was expecting it to be like this n u did more beautiful than my expectations….u nailed it my honeyyy to the very perfection. ….u know it’s said that your heart knows who is best for you n u feel it that way….there is no science behind it…it’s just so simple n it clicks with in you….here it’s happening with neil n sam too…the difference is sam already knew what her heart want n she confessed….but neil’s heart screaming at him but him being dumbo not listening to it….he is listening to his mind n calculating his relationship with sam as pure friendship, which wants her to deserve best in her life….n thinking himself as not good enough for her…..we all know that there is no better person for her other than him…himself….Neil Malhotra…..But looks like he needs more realization to accept this fact…..the way neil got angry on sid’s words….just mare thought of sam in someone else’s arms made him uncomfortable, he didn’t care sid was his bro or bff….and also the way he reacted seeing sam in her stunning gorgeousness. …..his heart recognized her as his soul mate but he shoved his thoughts and controlled his hormones to not do any mistake…..his heart ached of thinking her n him find there own partners n their kids to have same friendship. …the only reason for this that he wants her for himself….but denying it profusely……

    whoa….I’m totally immersed into neil’s pov here……n cursing him for his stupidity. ….the way you writing this beautiful story giving both nesam’s pov. …it’s making it more interesting n remarkable. …giving us understanding of both ppl feelings n emotions. ……well….dipssss I’m so proud of you my darling sissyyyy. ….u made it an epic story. ….n this is a very lovelyyyyyy nesam story….so please don’t pull it off TU as lots of ppl love it as I love it from the bottom of my heart. …n I love you soooooooo muchhhhhh for sharing your amazing treasure with us. ….all your stories have very special place in my heart. …n u deserve an standing ovation for your outstanding performance…..bow down thanks from me n lots of flying kisses my dearrrrr. ….keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Dipika

      Roma di what should i say when you showered me with your unconditional n pure love.. I m. Speechless literally di… You understand neil’s emotions as much as i did while writing.. God di m. Soooo grateful tht i knw a very beautiful person.. You felt his pain his desperation… M so in love with you….. Di u didn’t leave any stone unturned to make me smile wide n hav happy tears in my eyes… THANK U SOOOOO MUCH DARLING DI FOR YOU LOVELY WORDS… N don’t want ur bow but hug di.. I wanna tight hug from u… N i will keep this story on tu too di.. How can i refuse to my darling lovely sissssyyy.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ? ?

      1. Very biggggggg tight hugggg n lots of kisses my dearrrrr. ..u deserve all the appreciation n love for your beautiful n outstanding work….muaaaaahhhhhh ;* 😉 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  21. Jessie

    My god …this is just phenomenal!!! Deepzzzs….so sorry for catching so late…but….u really deserve a big round of applause for writing this… girl…I did say na this one is unique…see ..what have you done….A master piece…!!! You a new shade of Romance….I should say. After Gauri it’s you who takes it to new level…..A real challenge dear…Hope you get what I mean…!!! Am dumbstruck….!! Neil’s words…real…real…so realistic…..excellent…. dear….he says he wants her like oxygen…wow…his mom…and Arjun’s words…that’s cool one….this is my Judwa behena…!!! Muaaaahhhh…and loads of love……I just loved the love u presented here..!!! The best!!! He kicks internally for thinking so abt his best friend…and last paragraph…??????…..I so love Neil here…my buddy you know…!!! TC and stay happy….

    1. Dipika

      Jesssds darling i missed u a lot.. I thought u stop reading my stories but i knw how busy n on travelling mode u are.. But m soooo happy that u make out frm it n read this story.. Thank u sooooo darling.. You always makes me believe on myself.. Thank u sooooo much for encouraging me.. Love u lots JB.. Come soon.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

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