Million Dollar Girl 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat tells Rajat that because of him he just was loosing the compedition..Rajat tells what he did??He just buyed a con**m..Virat tells that Rajat insulted himself..Rajat tells that its nothing like and Virat dont know anything..Virat tells that Rajat have not buyed..Alia comes and stands..Rajat and Virat shy infront of Alia..Rajat tells that Virat didnt failed and still in compedition.. Virat tells that con**m is for safety not for performance..Rajat tells its nothing like that..Rajat and Virat fight..Alia shouts and tells stop it now…Alia tells will pick up Ranvijay from the ghat!!!Virat tells okey…Rajat..Alia and Virat goes..
Avanti sits near ghat Ranvijay comes and tells Hi beautiful!!!Avanti is sad…Ranvijay asks what happeend..Avanti tells that his friend Virat is not good..Ranvijay tells that Virat is not that bad as he is good from heart..Avanti tells she has many problems in life..Ranvijay tells that everyone has some problems..Like Avanti He also has some problems..But he solve it..Avanti asks how he solve..Ranvijay tells that he listen to music and indulge in that..Avanti listens music..Virat comes and calls Ranvijay..Virat sees Avanti and Ranvijay and gets angry,,
At night Ankit asks Avanti for money.,,Avanti shows phone which contains Ankit video..Ankit snatches the phone..Avanti run behind Ankit..Avanti snatches the phone..Avanti tells wait she will drink water..Avanti sees things of Fridge missing..Avanti is shocked..Ankit tells that he sold everything as Kavya said will give house rent in the end of month..Avanti tells but already he sold kavya’s scooty..Ankit tells what about the rent they are living from before..Ankit tells that Avanti cannot blackmail him by showing the video as he will tell the truth of Kavya and VIcky to his father.. Ankit tells Avanti just acts,,But she is usedless and will fail..Ankit tells that Avanti need cold water..Ankit takes bottle and falls water on floor..Ankit tells that If they doesnt have money then also does not think about cold water..After sometime at night Avanti cries and tells what to do as kavya’s scooty is also sold..No money to pay rent..
Next morning Avanti is in shop..A gal comes nd tells that she want banarsi Saree..Avanti shows the saree..Avanti shows the saree…The girl slowly takes out pictures..Avanti sees the girl taking out pictures..Avanti tells why she is clicking..The girl tells just to take suggestion from her friends..The girl tells she have to go now…The girl is about to leave..Avanti stops…Avanti tells that she knew that Virat thakur sent her to click the pictures and spoil her buisness..Avanti tells to delete the pictures..The girl refuses and tells she will not delete..Avanti tells that she will infom police..The girl tells no need to inform police as she was clicking pictures to send the design to her sister in mumba..Avanti apologises for being rude tells that she was thinking extra..Avanti tells that she will only stich and give..In market Dj plays music…Small kids dance along with Alia..BHuwan comes and asks what DJ is doing???Bhuwan tells once he came in party and did a big mistake..Bhuwan tells that DJ is forcing small kids to dance and collecting money..DJ tells to stop..DJ tells If Bhuwan fall during childhood and lost his memory..DJ tells that the small kids are poor and dancing collecting money to buy books for their studies..Bhuwan realises his mistake and goes..DJ tells like this only she will make Bhuwan fall in love with her..
Avanti shouts at tailor why is cutting wrong clothes..Tailor tells that he just known to put fall and picko…Avanti tells the tailor to go,,tailor asks for money Avanti shows the piece of cloth and tells that already he has damage this If he gave the money of damage then only she will give..The tailor goes,,,Avanti gets sad,,DJ and Alia gets comes…Alia asks what happened??Why Avanti is upset..Avanti tells Alia that a girl came and gave order of three dress..And she dont have tailor what to do???Alia tells If Avanti smile and said she will only stich..Avanti asks If Alia knows stiching??Alia tells in a day she can stich atleast 10 dress..Alia stiches the dress and gives to Avanti…Avanti gets happy..DJ tells that Alia is a “stiching Queen”..Avanti gets happy…DJ tells its awesome…Avanti asks how Alia stich soo nice??Alia tells its her hobby..Avanti tells its a very good hobby..Avanti asks how much money Alia need??Alia tells If Avanti is mad..Alia tells she want a alchol party..Avanti gets happy..Avanti,,DJ and Alia hug each other..Vicky comes to dhaaba and sees Aman sitting..Vicky mixes alchohol in colddrink and gives to Aman..Aman drinks it…Vicky tells If Aman known Avanti..Aman tells yes…Vicky tells that Aman can get better than kavya…Vicky tells If Aman is mad in love..Aman tells its nothing like that..Aman tells that kavya will be a good housewife,,As she is like a cow..will handle house and do job..Vicky tells what about kavya’s father news printed in newspaper…Aman tells that If he support kavya in this time.,,Then she will afraid from him whole life..Vicky tells to carry on,,Vicky takes the mobile from his cook that has record all video of Aman speaking about kavya..DJ and Alia eats biscuits..Alia tells lets party…DJ plays music.Alia and DJ dances…Ranvijay dances with Avanti..VIrat sees both of them,,,Virat thinks of Ranvijay and Avanti..He says its not good both of them getting close..Virat shouts loudly “Ranvijay”..Everyone is shocked..

precap::Ranvijay tells he will do whatever he want…He tells that Virat is loosing by a girl.Virat pushes Ranvijay…He tells Virat to go become a real Man and come..Virat slaps Ranvijay..Rajat comes and tells to stop itt…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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