Sadda Haq 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The new teacher says i am new dean here and i would appreciate if you come after knocking the door. sanyu says i apologize. I am sanyuka agarwal I am dream team member. he says i don’t see your name in dream team list. sanyu says you can ask anyone. He says you were part of dream team, when you withdrew your admission you cancelled your dream team membership as well. There is a new students n your place. you should know the rules. sanyu goes out it shock.

Sanyu says whom should i fight for now? there is no meaning of dream team without vrdhan. SHe looks at vardhan’s board and starts solving the last equation he wrote. Randhir says lets come and solve it together for one last time. They start solving the equation, sanyu says i wish vardhna was here to check it. PKC comes with a peon and says we have to take this board from here. randhir says why? PKC says this was vardhan’s board and now he is no more so we decided to remove this. sanyu says this board has always inspired us. PKC says but the decision is taken. sanyu says we wont let you take it from here, you can take whatever action you want. PKC says okay eep it here. he leaves. sanyu says people forget and move on so fast. Randhir says we wont forget and we will take his dream forward. sanyu says i can’t even do that i am not part of dream team anymore, she tells him everything. he says no one can take place of vardhan and no one can replace you in dream team. Sanyu says there is no meaning of dream team since vardhan has left. randhir says go rest, we will handle it all later. sanyu leaves. Randhir comes to his room and starts working on laptop. He fells frustrated and recalls how rana killed vardhan. He says why sir? why you left us?

Azan comes in parth and randhir’s room. He says i will be sharing this room with you and don’t plan on ragging me. I am your class and roommate. randhir says there is no place for you here. he says we will see. Randhir says you are not gonna get anything in dream team. parth says don’t talk to him randhir.

New dean says to cabnit, whats the agenda of this meeting? One chair says students are leaving FITE and government is inquring against us. They says Mr. Aklaviya we have selected your for FITE for your great track record. Aklaviya says everything will settle down with time. A chair says but aggradation team is coming in three weeks. He says we will start working on dream team, they will compete with other colleges.

yoyo and parth both are depressed. arpita says please calm down parth. vIdushi comes and says stay away from him, i know how to handle him. Parth says i don’t need you go from here. Vidushi leaves. Parth apologizes vidushi. Everyone is shown upset recalling the memories of vardhan. sanyu recalls how he came to her house and fought for her. sahil recalls vardhan working in his cabin.

Azan helps a guy in solving the equation before PKC. Aklaviya comes in and says where are rest of students? PKC says they are emotionally disturbed. Aklaviya says this college wont run on emotions. He leaves and announces all students go to your classes and dream team members come to lab.
When he comes to lab only azan is there. He asks azan where are rest? Azan says they think dream team don’t matter anymore. Aklaviya says i will decide it. Randhir and parth overhear some guys talking about how strict vardhan was, they get mad and start hitting them. Aklaviya comes and says i called you in lab and you are being thugs here. randhir says they were disrespecting vadhan. aklaviya says of you really cared about him you would have been in lab. now go in lab for meeting. randhir says we wont go. sanyu says no vardhan no dream team.

Precap-randhir says what he thinks he can threat us. sanyu says till we are united we dont care. sahil says he can suspend us atmost.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Plzzz update fast

  2. m 2 hi carron

  3. shinning star

    What’s going on itne senti episode maat banao vardhan sir we ol miss u can’t u come back
    Shq me se itne character gaie par jitna dukh vardhan sir ka huaa aur kisi ka nahi hua he was the damdar character with full-on power pack performance so show is quite affected vo.sirf fite ke hi nahi balki pure show ke bhi star te after sandhir chemistry

  4. 1hr episode over ???

  5. What is with this parth and vids !!!

  6. they broke up

  7. I loved that the dream team is united n they at least care for vardhan. But I want them to restart d DT agn as vardhan would not like them to stay away from their DT.

  8. Sorry guys l am new to this but following this from plays five months.

  9. k shenaz u r a shq fan dats wat matters we r happy to hv a new friend always

  10. I hope sanyu nd randhir shld cme back together in this situation for each other

  11. they will surely we will see patch up seen soon

  12. Shenaz & kiran
    WELCUM 2 TU!!!!!
    myself-official welcomer of TU
    epi….okay tha na?
    Missing Vardhaan!

  13. shinning star

    Kisi me mujhe to welcome kiya hi nahi

  14. Sanku ka admission hua kaya

  15. Welcom shinning star

  16. Sanku admission hua kaya #akash

  17. Hey

  18. I m missing vardhan so much….he was very powerfull,intelligent and good charecter ……hope sandhir unite soon….

  19. max stay in sh

  20. Tk u guys for appreciating me & tks for calling me a friend sanyukta.

  21. And yes I am a big fan of Sadda haq.

  22. And ha a very very warm welcome to Kiran too as I came to know by saddahaqrocks comment that she is also a new commer. And at last tk u saddahaqrocks for well coming me to this written update site.

  23. wow. love to see DT members united. I just hope this new dean doesn’t create any drama. ver excited 😀

  24. hi guys I am new but following this show from beggiing

  25. Arey! So many newbies!
    Welcum 2 TU every1!
    Shenaz its my duty u dont need 2 thannk me!
    V r all frnds…

  26. cutie it is not begging it is begining

  27. Hi cutie
    Very cute username!!
    How r u ???

  28. GM my dream queen.
    luv u dear.

  29. mujhe ek baat samaj nahi ayi ke uss azan ko sanyukta ki jagay kiu dream team me laya gaya?!!!!!!!!!!! jiggy bhi toh DT ka member tha ,aur uske death ke baad DT me uska place bhi toh empty tha ,toh uss azan ko jiggy ka place de sakte the DT me!!!!!!!but why sanyu???????????aur agar azan ko sanyu ke jagay laya ja raha hai,then sanyu bhi toh jiggy ko replace kar sakti hai DT me,aisa ho ta hai toh koi prblm bhi nahi hoga,atleast sanyu DT me wapas to aajayegi.

  30. U got a point there,riya…
    I wonder how thats possiblle…….

  31. max u stay in SH. dont cum in KYY.

  32. Arey mr question mark ham bhi yaha se max ko bhaga nhi paye..iyna harass kiya usne queen ko k bechari forum chodke hi challi gayii……….but its k as long as he isnt abusing eny1

  33. yahaan toh emotions ki ganga bahri {FITE}……
    plz brng some excitement……..
    missing ”interesting, very interesting” guy aka vardhan sir sooo much 🙁 🙁

  34. yaa u r right noops. li’ll bit change aaya hai usme{max}
    its too good for all of us 🙂
    no more ladayis no more jhagdas 🙂 🙂

  35. Chalo lets hope k ab yeh forum ppphirse purane TU jyesa bann jaaye

  36. hope so, noops 🙂
    ab hum hi hai yahaan???

  37. Chalo di

    Fingers crossed 4 2day……

  38. Thank u so much guys ….;-)

  39. I really cried watching last episode of vardhan sir….plz cme back

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