Service Wali Bahu 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Service Wali Bahu 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev coming to Payal while she is busy playing holi and telling that he will not disturb her from hereon, wishes her best of luck for her future, and leaves. Rajath asks who was he. She says no one and runs to her room.

Rajath’s assistant tells him if they use Payal’s name in transport department, they will get license.

Inspector comes with constable to Jogeshwar’s house, who is busy dancing in his holi celebrations, and asks who is Jogeshwar Prasad. Jogeshwar says he is and asks what is the issue. Inspector says he has been alleged with child kidnapping. Jogeshwar asks who complained. Gulkan comes and asks kids if jogeshwar hit him. They say no. She asks inspector to arrest Jogeshwar. Jogeshwar asks why will he kidnap his own grandchildren. She says he kicked them all out and now he is showing his sympathy. Inspector arrests him and puts hand cuffs. Ayodhya comes and tells there is some misunderstanding. Gulkan yells that Jogeshwar kidnapped her children. Ayodhya says he had taken out children to buy pichkari. Jugnu servant came there and brought children here. He beats sevant. Children says Jogeshwar that Papa brought them. He asks them to shut their mouth. Jogeshwar tells inspector that came here to disturb his holi celebrations and asks to arrest them both. Gulkan says she does not want to even spit at his place. He says he will not let her spit. She says she came to take back her children. He asks inspector to arrest them. Santoshi asks him to calm down. Ayodhya takes Gulkan home. Jogeshwar acts as getting panic attack.

Payal takes bath and changes after holi celebrations and reminisces Dev’s words. Neelu asks what happened. She tells he came home and apologized, said he did not know her marriage is already fixed and wished her best of luck for her new life. Neelu says he is a good man then.

Rajath’s assistant calls him and tells there is nothing wrong in taking Payal’s name to get contract. His wife hears and asks what was he talking about. He says he is starting a new job, so was discussing about it. She asks if he is not doing anything wrong. He gets irked and asks if everyone thinks he is so wrong. She says she did not mean that. He yells and leaves room.

Doc checks Jogeshwar and asks him to rest. He asks Santoshi about Dev. She gets nervous. He asks her what is she hiding. She says nothing. He frightens her. She says he does not want to meet bride’s family. He says he is getting a sanskari service wali bahu. Dev comes running and asks if he is fine. Jogeshwar shouts at him and says he just wanted him to meet bride’s family, but he does not respect his words at all. Dev asks him to calm down and says he is ready to marry whoever he says. Jogeshwar happily hugs him. He then signs and dances with Santoshi. Guddi and santoshi smile. He calls Bhuvaneshwar and informs that he is coming to his house with his son.

Rajath goes to RTO office and requests officer to give him license to drive his car from chaibasa to tata nagar. Officer shoos him off. Rajath says he is PWD officer Payal Rai’s brother. Officer agrees to grant license and tells he himself will call him after license is made.

Jogeshwar takes Dev to Payal’s house. Dev gets tensed thinking someone complained dad about his mistake, so he came to confront him. Jogeshwar asks him to come out. Dev says he will not come out of car. Jogeshwar insists and takes him out of car. Dev thinks dad will insult him for sure today.

Payal arranges dining table. Indu asks Guddan to check when will Jogshwar comes. Jogeshwar enters house and says as per promise he brought his son. Dev hides behind Jaiswal. Jogeshwar drags him out and introduces everyone that he is his son Dev. Payal is shocked to see him.

Precap: Indu tells everyone that Dev had come to their home to propose Payal and was kicked out by Rajath.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dev isn’t good looking enough for Payal,should get handsome new actor to play part of Dev.

  2. Dev is good looking with payal and their jodi is the best everytime kratika have different co actors so this one is good too

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