Million Dollar Girl 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti’s mother call’s Vicky..Vicky comes and asks If Avanti is fine..Avanti’s mother tells no,,Vicky tells he wil go and search,,kavya tells she will also come..Vicky and Kavya searches Avanti..Kavya calls DJ asks did she know where is Avanti..Dj tells that Avanti didnt met her today..kavya goes to shop but didnt see Avanti..Kavya asks Scarlett..Scarlett tells he dont know where is Avanti..Avanti calls Kavya and tells she is alright..Avanti tells that network is very low,,Kavya tells Vicky that Avanti is alright..Vicky tells Kavya that they will eat something..Kavya agrees..Anotherside Avanti tells she is feeling hungry..Avanti serach but doednt find anything..Virat seraches and find roti..Virat tells “ROTI AND CHUTNEY”,,and eats..Virat tells she is feeling very hungry and will die..Avanti tells she will die..Anotherside VIcky and Kavya is at dhabba..Vicky cooks food for kvya..Avanti runs and is about to Snatch roti but falls Virat holds Avanti ,..both looks at each goes in background “KUch to hain tujse raabta”..Kavya eats food…Virat removes his t-shirt Avanti stares Virat,,,Virat asks what she is seeing..Avanti tells she was thinking How Virat gets time to do excercise..Avanti gets a radio..Virat sleeps…Music goes onn,,Avanti shouts along with mushic,,Virat tells that Avanti born shouting..Virat goes and snatches the Radio and closes itt,,,Avanti calls Virat “EMOTIONLESS”..only think about creating mall and making profit..Virat sleeps,,Avanti tells she cannot sleep hungry..she say that have to know VIrat’s plan and his file..she sees Virat’s file slowly goes near Virat and picks up,,and opens it and read..Virat asks Avanti understand nything.
Virat tells If Avanti was intelligent she would have started her own buisnesss…Virat tells Avanti acts intelligent but she is not,,Avanti tells Virat to stop itt now..Next morning Avanti comes home..Avanti prays to tulsi..Avanti’s mother and asks where was Avanti,,Avanti is quiet..Avanti’s mother comes and beats Avanti..Ankit sees and laughs..Kavya comes and tells that Avanti was doing work at shop all the night,,Avanti tells she was registering the entries of Stock..Avanti tells that she was all doing because wanted to spend a good life,,Virat comes home and sits,,,Rajat comes and asks where was Virat..Virat tells that he was busy in work of Mall,,Rajat see red mark on Virat’s shirt and asks whether mall or “MALL”??Virat is quiet..Virat tells he will get fresh..Rajat tells Virat that he has done a lot of hardwork,,Rajat tells one time he request that If Virat unable to handle he will handle..Virat tells he will do,,Rajat tells to talk to weaver’s as soon as possible..Rajat smiles and tells Virat first to remove the red mark,,

precap::Virat does a meeting along with Bhuwan..Avanti comes inside and tells that Virat is a fraud,,Virat holds Avanti’s hand and takes her outside

Update Credit to: Ansari

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