Friends. . Condition Apply 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Friends. . Condition Apply 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shakti and Murli runs and sees Rajneil..But he is not there..Agni and Tara askes what happened..Murli tells that Rajneil is not here..Tara tells Agni that Major played his game..Agni calls and tells Major that All friends will be killed..Tara tells Murli to move away from shakti she will press the button..Murli shouts Shakti..and runs..Tara counts 1,,2,,3,,4,,Murli removes the fuses of bomb..Agni tells Murli that he want Shakti back..Major Vikram reaches juhi and is about to go..Bali shoots Major falls down..Bali takes juhi and goes away…All friends are taken in the truck and put back into the Villiage…Benoy tells that they are back in village..Benoy tells why Shakti’s bomb didnt exploded…Chirag tells Benoy to shut up..Shakti suffer’s from attack..Shakti eats the tablet..Shakti tells only last tablet is left..Chirag comes and asks what happened..Shakti tells she wanted to stay alone..
Tara scolds Murli tells why Shakti didnt killed..Murli tells If again Tara talked about killing Shakti He will leave the mission..Agni tells that Murli is right..Murli goes..Agni tells Murli is the leader and has majourity and they cannot leave Murli..Soo they have to tolerate Murli and Shakti..Agni tells Where Rajneil gone,,If he is not Major..
Tara tells Agni to search BABA..and Murli and Shakti are like ants she will kill anytime..Imple is sitting Bali comes..Bali asks what he is doing here..Imple tells nothing they got..Bali tells yes Imple didnt got freedom and They didnt got Rajneil..Imple tells that he understand..Omar comes to juhi…Juhi cries..OMar tells not to cry as everything will be okey..Juhi tells her father came eto help nut Bali shoot..Juhi tells her father came to help..Omar tells that Major Vikram betrayed..Omar tells that may be destiny wants both of them together..Omar kisses juhi..Isha goes..Benoy comes and asks what happend..Isha tells to go away..Isha calls benoy “coward and emotional fool”..Isha tells to learn something from Chirag as he will beat Benoy If anyone said against Shakti..Isha tells that Benoy pushed her infront of kidnapper’s to save himself..Benoy acts..tells that he was weak and unable to think at that time So he pushed Isha..Benoy apologises tells from next time he wont do like that..Isha tells sorry as sometimes she is judgemental..Isha and Benoy hugs..Shakti tells Murli that why he Saved her..As If she die and Bomb exploded atleast they would released BABA,,,Murli tells that it would be dangerous..Shakti tells that ALL Friends should reach home safely it is her responsibility,,Murli tells all will be good..The commando has taken Rajneil along with him..Points gun and is about to shoot Rajneil..

Precap::Tara gets close to Chirag and tells that she will do whatever he wants..Chirag smiles..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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