Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani telling Ankit that she will be back. Ankit stops her and holds her hand. Yuvraaj looks on shockingly. Suhani asks Soumya to come and sit with them. Ankit tells Yuvraaj that Suhani was smart and energetic girl in the college. Yuvraj says I know. Ankit says but not more than me. He asks Soumya, how are you? Soumya tells him about her husband leaving her. Rags says infact Soumya dumped him. Ankit says I wouldn’t have done this. Soumya taunts him. Suhani tells Ankit to have dinner at their home. Ankit says I am fan of your cooking. Pratima asks him not to be late for dinner. Ankit agrees. Madhuri leaves with him.

Rags calls Dadi, but her phone comes as switched off. She says it is Suhani’s plan. Menka says no, it is all mom’s plan. Suhani searches for the recipe on the internet. Yuvraaj gets jealous. Sharad comes and asks about Ankit. Suhani says he is very lovely while Yuvraaj calls him ill mannered. Yuvraaj says he was behaving as if this house is his and came without invitation. Suhani says he is very lovely friend.

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Yuvraaj says you didn’t tell me about him before. Suhani tells them that Ankit used to love Soumya during college days. Yuvraaj asks what about Soumya. Soumya tells Menka and Rags that every guy used to like her during college days. She says even Ankita like me and be friended Suhani to get close to me. Suhani tells that even Soumya’s mom likes him. Soumya says then he went to US. I met Krishna and then…..Menka murmus the music. Soumya says I have to concentrate on Yuvraaj. Rags asks her not to worry. Menka says don’t worry I will make everything fine.

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Suhani praises Ankit. Yuvraaj says you are praising him as if you want to marry him. Suhani says what? Sharad says Yuvraaj is getting jealous and asks Suhani to continue her fight. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to accept if he is jealous. Yuvraaj says you are saying as if everything will be fine if Soumya marries Ankit. Suhani says, but Ankita loves her. Yuvraaj says marriage won’t be successful if anyone marries against wish. Suhani teases him and asks again why you are getting jealous. Yuvraaj asks her to keep quiet and shuts her mouth with his hand. Saawre plays……………..Suhani looks at him. She asks him to accept that he is jealous. She asks him to let her go. She sees her dress stuck in the table and takes it out. She thinks she is mad.

Soumya calls her mother and asks her to stay awy from her life. Suhani comes and hears her. She asks how are you talking to your mum. Soumya says you don’t know her. It is her trick to take me back home. Suhani says it is not wrong if she wants to be friends with him. Soumya says she can’t talk to anyone like a friend as she is a married woman now. Suhani reminds her that she signed the divore papers herself. She asks did you change your decision.

Krishna tells his mother that he won’t sign on the divorce papers. His mother asks him to forget Soumya and marries some other girl. She says she selected a girl. Krishna refuses to marry any other girl and says he will bring Soumya back in the house. Suhani asks Soumya to meet Ankit once and says we will not force you if you don’t want to marry him.

Suhani tells Pratima that she is making food and tells the dish’s name. Yuvraaj says it is Ankit’s favorite dish. He asks her not to trouble his mum. Suhani says I didn’t take Maa’s help. Pratima thinks whty Yuvraaj is behaving this way. Suhani says burning smell is coming. She says my food is burnt. Yuvraaj leaves. Ankit comes alone. Pratima asks about Madhuri. Ankita says she didn’t come because Soumya is angry on her. Pratima asks him to sit. Menka asks Ankit, do you want to marry Soumya? Ankit smiles. Menka says how dare you to think that you will marry Birla girl? Ankit says she is not Birla. Menka says she is Birla as she is staying with us. She tells him not to marry her and tells about her bad habits. Ankit goes to the kitchen. Menka tells Rags that they shall get Soumya marry Ankit as he is more good than Yuvraaj. Rags looks angrily. Ankit makes food in the kitchen. Suhani praises him and says she will send Soumya there. Suhani tells Ankit to tell Soumya about the reason of his US visit. Ankit says ok. Yuvraaj looks angrily with jealously.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani to close the door as he needs to talk to her. She closes the door and tells Soumya that she will be back.

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  1. When did yuvraj realize his love for suhani???

    1. can you guys please tell me what episode is this? it seems like tomorrow’s episode…just saying.

  2. Wow yuvraj u r lukng too gud wen getting jealous pls say your love to suhani

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  4. Wow…superb episode… 🙂
    Finally yuvraj jealous ho raha hai….aur pyar k next step pe pohoch gya…i hope jald hi agle step pe pahuchhe..& i.e.confession of love… <3 u yuvani…

  5. Nic episode…pr youtube me pura episode hi nahi milta…iI want to watch ful episode any website is der.?plz someone help me.

  6. good yuvaraj! ab bas accept karlo that you love suhani

  7. Lol!!!!! Yuvraj sooooooooo muchhhhhhh jealous looking good bt when will u realise that u love her so much i want to see ur love confession Scene……..

  8. wow yaar yuvi itna jealous ankit se for suhani.that great yaar.u look cute in jealous also.great.

  9. nice episode…

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