Million Dollar Girl 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti gives full money to the person and tells that she want the Saree by anyhow..Avanti gives the money the person give Saree…Avanti takes saree and goes.. Bhuwan comes and asks the same person who was the girl..The person tells that she is supplier..Bhuwan checks and tells their is no supplier..BHuwan run too see Avanti but doesnt find her..Bhuwan meets Virat.Virat tells that because of Bhuwan’s complain his buisness is in danger…Bhuwan tells that he only listen to needy people..Bhuwan tells that that If machine takes place of people then..then this people will become labours and worker’s..And there will be no work for them..Virat tells he met with Bhuwan only to discuss problem..not to fight..Bhuwan shouts and tells that Virat did scam’s..Virat tells that

he didnt did any scam…VIrat tells he want powerloom people to come on handloom,,,Virat tells that Bhuwan day and night roam..Bhuwan tells he will die but will never listen to Virat.bhuwan goes,.Virat’s secretery tells it is very important to Bhuwan to agree..otherwise there production wil not increase..Avanti and Scarlett are sitting..One customer comes Avanti shows Saree to the customer tell that it is banarsi and just on his 40thousand..the customer tells that she want in 30.000..Avanti tells she will give in 20 thousand..Customer takes the saree and goes…
Avanti is standing..Bhuwan comes..Bhuwan tells that without card taking saree’s is illegal..Avanti tells that no one was taking saree all are using powerloom..Avanti tells that no body was taking handmade..Bhuwan tells that they are certain rules Avanti should follow…Bhuwan tells from next time Avanti should not seen in the village..Bhuwan goes..Avanti shouts Avanti tells that she will make the house in the village and will leave in the village..Bhuwan wears helmet and goes..Avanti’s mother calls Avanti..Avanti asks what happened…She tells that Vicky took Kavya to hospital to remove her fracture on hand..Vicky and kavya is in clinic..Avanti goes and tells Vicky to stay away from Kavya..Doctor asks what happened..Avanti tells Vicky’s is mental and his check up is necessary..Vicky tells Avanti not to drama As he came just to help kavya..Avanti tells Vicky to stay away from Kavya..Doctor tells kavya to stay away from Avanti..Avanti tells doctor to write the prescription fast as they have to go..Rajat tells Virat when Mall will stand..Virat is quiet..Rajat asks when Avanti will give the money..Rajat tells that Virat is handling very freely with Avanti..Rajat tells that AVanti should handle very roughly..Rajat goes in Avanti’s shop and breaks all things and throw away saree’s Sacrlett gets scared..Virat holds Rajat and tells that they are not goons.Scarlett tells stop…
Avanti calls Vicky and tells not to meet kavya otherwise she will break Vicky’s leg…Scarelett comes and tells Avanti to come fast..Virat beats RAjat and tells him to stop..Rajat is bleeding…Rajat sees angrily to Virat and tells VIrat is an outsider..Avanti comes and sees and tells Virat and Rajat to get oout of the shop..Rajat gets angry and gestures Avanti to Beware…Avanti tells VIrat that he came in shop and breaked all the things..VIrat gives money to Avanti..Avanti tells it is not enough..VIrat gives more money..Avanti takes…Virat goes..
virat comes home thinks..How Rajat’s mother scolded him..She tells that Virat is spoiling the name of family..She tells that they grow and provided food to Virat..ANd he did like this with Rajat..Virat thinks how Avanti said about his parent’s…Virat feels alone and cries,,songs goes on background “Kyun main jagoon”…Virat cries…

precap:Virat comes and tells Avanti that only 15minutes are left After 15 minutes Avanti shuld come and give the shop keys to him…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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