Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha peeps into Modi house. A sari wala brings sari and asks Radha if it is Modi bhavan. Radha says yes. She sees sari in his hand and thinks what must be happening inside. She sees Tolu/molu playing with walkie talkie, makes them fight, and steals it from them. She thinks how to keep it inside to listen what is happening inside. Laundryman delivers clothes and she hides walkie talkie in cloth bundle.

Kinjal gets ready for Modi’s function. Pappu asks her which dress to wear. She goes into his room to help, leaving her jewelry out. Urmila sees jewelry and says Kinjal that she will wear it. They both start fighting. Pappu takes jewelry from them, keeps it in cupboard and tells that neither of them will wear it and asks to take him soon to Tolu/molu’s house.

Urmila reaches Modi bhavan with Kinjal, pappu, and Madhuben. Kokila greets them in. Radha hears their conversation and thinks what is happening inside. Pari asks Gopi what is happening today. Gopi asks her to wait and watch. Meethi says garland has come. Pari asks Gopi if it is her and Ahem’s wedding anniversary. She says no. She asks Kokila if it is her wedding anniversary then. Kokila says no. Pari asks if Parag proposed her on this day. Kokila says no and says it is her marriage with Jigar today. Pari gets happ hearing that. Kokila says she has proved today that she is capable of becoming her family’s bahu. Pari thanks her. Kokila says after so many days, we are getting happiness, else Radha would have ruined our lives. Hetal says she is worried about Radha’s child. Radha who is hearing their conversation on walkie talkie gets happy hearing Hetal’s words. Kokila says we have already 4 children at home and Pari will also have children, so they don’t need Radha or her child. Hetal says she is right.

Jigar says it is good we came out of Radha’s troubles. Pari says she deserves to be out of this house. Kokila says after Pari’s marriage, she wants to handover house’s responsibility to Gopi and Pari and even divide property between them. Jigar applies sindhoor on Pari’s forehead and marries her. They both perform aarti and pray god with whole family. Kokila asks Hetal to handover keys to Pari and Gopi now. Radha comes with ladies and asks to stop. Kokila asks Meethi to take kids to their room and ask Radha what is happening. Radha says she is legally married to Jigar and needs share in property. Kokila asks what property she is talking about when she tried to kill Pari and harm whole family. Radha says she knew they would do this, so she came with mahila samiti ladies. Kokila says she will give her rights and calls police. Inspector says he has arrest warrant against her. Radha asks Kokila why did she say she is distributing wealth and did not want to arrest me. Kokila says she saw her peeping into house and realized that she will plan something, so she informed police beforehand and hatched a plan. She says she knows about walkie talkie and says she saw her stealing and keeping it under cloth bundle. She purposefully asked Meethi to keep cloth bundle in hall and knew Radha would come there and get trapped in her own net.

Precap: Radha says inspector that he does not have any proof against her, so instead he should arrest Jigar for marrying another woman when she is still there.

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  1. If director shows that Radha will be sucessfull in her plan of getting Jigar arrest then it will be ridiculous.
    How can Radha even come before the family after what she has done.

  2. I just love Radha. She never gives up. She is the best. This serial is only getting good TRP because of Radha and Pari. They rock, esecially Radha.

    1. mate, are you deluded? seems like you see nothing but radha’s pathetic acting. There’s a difference between not giving up and cunningness, which Radha seems to be born with.

  3. This is another serial that makes my blood boil. The writers really test your intelligence and the actors make it even worse. Are we really that thick that we don’t understand what is happening? The women in this serial seem to know more and the men just take a back seat most of the time.
    Kokila needs to stop acting like she’s the ‘bossman’ and let others have a word in edgeways. The Modi brothers clearly have other things to do apart from looking after their family.

    On the other hand, there’s that pathetic rat, Radha. She clearly needs some psychological help. Just a glimpse of her makes me heave, and her acting is in need of some dire help. Not to mention her ‘baby bump’, producers; make it more realistic, we can obviously see the white cushion stuffed in her sari.

  4. too much dragging

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