Shastri Sisters 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty emotionally blackmailing Rajat and saying she hates Anu and everything about her. He says he loves Anu a lot. He asks her not to hurt herself and don’t ask me to leave you, I won’t go anywhere. She says Neil is her son and he can be with her. She apologizes and says I can’t accept Anu, whatever you have to say, think and talk, its your decision. Anu recalls Shastri ji’s words and cries. She says she will ask Rajat to sacrifice once again, I m sorry Rajat, but for me, nothing is imp than my dad’s happiness. Rajat thinks about Anu and Minty, and thinks he has to choose from love and family, Anu is strong and can decide soon, but I m not so strong.

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Alka and Devyaani come to meet dad, and asks Anu to go and freshen up. Anu leaves. Anu sees Hari scolding Rohan for helping Shastri ji financially. Rohan says he is Alka’s dad and I won’t think to help him. Vrinda asks Anu about Shastri ji. Anu says he is fine, don’t worry about him, we will manage everything. Rajat says I m calling Anu, but what will I tell her. He messages her. Anu says Rajat is asking me to meet outside the hospital.

Anu comes to meet Rajat. They both see each other and are upset. The wind blows. Saajna………………plays…………….. She does not let him speak anything. She keeps her hand on his mouth, and they cry. He shows the mangalsutra. She smiles touching it. She asks can she wear it for sometime. He asks sometime? Its yours for lifetime. She wears it and smiles happily with tears in her eyes. She asks how is it looking. He says as if its in its right place. She says no, this is not its right place, I was just feeling it for some moments, which I can’t have for all my life.

Rajat says don’t say this, I feel scared. She says even I feel scared Rajat, but I m more afraid how many hearts will I break for my happiness, no our love is not so small. I will love you all my life and I can’t marry you. Rajat says we are made for each other, but can’t be together. She says yes, its time to get separated. She removes the mangalsutra and gives it back to him. He leaves it. Rajat looks on shocked and holds her, saying I can’t live without you, we can’t lose so soon. She says we did not lose, we are letting our parents win. He says he can’t live. She asks is it good if we don’t make our parents happy. He says I m not so strong, I need you. She says your parents need you, and my dad needs me.

He asks how can she become her happiness enemy. She says I can, I m hurt that I m becoming your happiness’ enemy too. He says we can choose ourselves this time. She says no, I decided, I will listen to my dad and you have to listen to your mum. She says its their right, and when we give this to them, they will be happy. She says I m sorry Rajat, it will be good if you accept it soon. I have accepted it. She cries and gives the mangalsutra. Saajna…………….plays……………… He holds her hand. She leaves his hand and goes away. They cry. Rajat looks at the mangalsutra in his hand.

Minty tells Rajat that she knows he is hurt, but he will soon realize this decision to break marriage was right. Rajat disagrees and says I have one more decision which I will take, if I don’t marry Anu, Iwill never marry anyone. They get shocked.

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