Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mr. Prabhakar and Om comes inside. Baray papa meets them and asks Prabharkar how he is. He tells Om that Prabharkar is like his son, Prabharkar tells him this is Om, his associate. Prabharkar begins to discuss the case, but baray papa says if he is in a hurry he may leave, but if he isn’t he might take tea or coffee. He asks Prabharkar what he wants to take, Prabharkar says whatever he himself would like to take. Baray papa says he is going to take whisky, both Om and Prabharkar are shocked but he was actually joking and asks what he would like. Prabharkar says tea. He asks Om, Om says tea. Baray papa calls Your Honour, then clarifies to Om he is calling his wife, he asks Your Honour for three cups of tea. Prabharkar again begins to discuss the case, baray papa asks would he like to see three new rose plants. Prabharkar stops at once, Om says they will see them after their tea and discussion. Prabharkar begins the case again, Om was playing with the Rubic cube. Baray papa watched him, Prabharkar stops Om and he places the solved Rubic cube on the table. Baray papa was impressed that he is really intelligent, it is very difficult to collect the scattered colours all in one place. Om says he can only do so on sports. Prabharkar says he often talks in riddles. Baray papa says he likes such people, and loved meeting him. Prabharkar starts the case again, but baray papa isn’t ready to listen to him.
Esha comes to kitchen saying the three of them are really bored. The ladies ask her not to speak a lot, take the samosa, cheera and biscuits to them. Deepa tell Esha to tell the guys that she made them all. Esha says she can’t even use a broom stick properly, why should she tell them she made it. She gets it that these three cartoon are here for her to get married to. She is frustrated by their urgency. Dadi comes there, Esha asks why three sad guys have come home to see her today. Dadi scolds Esha in return that she called three friends of her, one of them is sleeping with heavy snores on sofa. Esha says not her but they have called them. The ladies try to disperse, Dadi asks them to come to her front. She asks is this the way a girl and boy meet, no one knows someone is coming. Esha isn’t ready even. From today on, they must tell her if someone comes home to see Esha. Alka comes and tells Deepa that a guy’s photo came in response to Esha’s biodata on matrimonial site. She notices dadi’s stare.
Esha calls Bramhay, Bramhay asks her not to try and avoid her. He asks is she coming tomorrow. Esha says she is coming tomorrow morning. Bramhay says he was just confirming. Esha tells Bramhay that Prabharkar is here to meet Baray papa. Bramhay suspects that he must be discussing a case in isolation with him. He asks Esha to come from Prabharkar’s car right now, Esha didn’t want to come but Bramhay convinces Esha. Esha’s mood gets off.
In the car, Prabharkar tells Om she is doing a drama to sleep. Om asks why so? Prabharkar says she would tell everything to Bramhay, Bramhay sent her with them. Esha wakes up and asks if they have reached Poona. Prabahrkar says no, she must sleep now. Esha says no, she won’t be able to sleep now. Esha asks him to drop her to Shivajinagar, Om asks him to drop him there too, his bike is there. Prabharkar tells Esha Om will drop her home.
Om drops Esha and announces that her home is here. Esha says she didn’t know about it. He removes his helmet and comes to stand with Esha. Esha thanks him. Om asks her not to be so formal. Esha tells him their area is safe, but she is really afraid of stray dogs. Om says he is afraid of cracker. Esha takes a leave, Om says her house is beautiful. Esha asks did he like it. Om says it is cosy and filled with people. She says he didn’t meet many. She asks Om how was his birthday party. Om says this time it was special. Esha asks how, Om thinks for a while then says he won’t reply for this. Esha says hers was brilliant, she shows Om her baray papa’s pen. Om says it is brilliant. Esha tells him baray papa asked her to sign her first case with this. Om says he hopes it isn’t against him, else she would lose and this pen would get useless. Esha asks if he thinks he will win against her. Om says she mustn’t take him wrong, he just said he will win. Esha calls him an egg, she tells him a story about egg. She tells him that the egg didn’t break as if fell off from first step, it was its luck. It didn’t break even the second time because it was confident but it broke from the third step as it got under-confident. Esha says she would like to fight against him now. Om stops her and says he doesn’t want to go home but stay, he is afraid of dogs too, will she come to drop him. She asks what? He says just kidding, this isn’t same for them.

PRECAP: Esha tells Ashvini she has agreed to get married, Ashvini gets excited. Om asks Jayesh not to cry in front of him, he can’t see anyone cry. Jayesh wipes his tears and smiles.

Update Credit to: Sona

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