Service Wali Bahu 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Guddi happily wearing ear rings and asking Santoshi’s opinion. Santoshi asks her to hide it before Natru sees. Guddi drops her ear ring and panics. They both find it and Santoshi takes it from her, saying she will not give it to her until she clears ear ring money from Payal’s salary. She also smirks thinking she will buy a big necklace from Payal’s salary.

An NGO man comes to Payal’s office with a request to approve land for orphanage. Payal checks file and asks why is he demanding more land than required for orphanage. He says the people whom are donating want extra land for themselves. Payal says she will not sign it. He tries to bribe her, but she scolds her that she will not do anything illegal and leaves.

Natru goes to a builder’s Sinha’s office who gives him hug bribe to approve his coaching center from Payal. Natru’s eyes pop out seeing money and says he will get Payal’s sign, but he has to make his son as partner in his coaching center. Sinha’s son gets irked and asks if he is out of his senses, but Sinha asks him to give some time. Natru says he will wait out for 10 min and goes out. Sinha scolds his son and says if they make Dev as partner, Payal will promote their coaching center and they will get 10 times more profit, so there is no harm giving some profit to Payal’s husband. Natru hears that and thinks he will show a colorful picture to Payal and trap her.

Sinha’s son calls Natru in. Sinha agrees for the partnership and asks him to convince Payal to promote their coaching center. Natru asks him not to worry. Sinha hugs and congratulates him. Natru asks him to come home tonight to discuss their plan.

Dev reaches Payal’s office. Office staff start pampering him. Payal comes out, takes him to her cabin and asks why did he come there. He says Basanti told she did not take lunch box, so he came with food and also wants to thank for pressing his shirt in the morning. He says she does not have do this as she already has work pressure at both office and home. Payal asks what did bank people say. He says they did not approve his loan and said they don’t trust him, he says only after seeing his work they can trust him. Peon brings food. Payal tells Dev he is working so hard to open his coaching center, she is sure he will succeed in his mission provided he does not lose hope. He says his mission is to keep her happy.

Natru comes home and tells Jaiswal and Ayodhya that he will hunt 3 birds with his one plan. Jaiswal praises him. Ayodhya says a big PWD tender is about to release, if Payal helps him, he will earn in crores. Natru says Payal may not help him and says today she stopped him from taking 35,000 gift money for bhoomi pooja. Ayodhya says they will have to find a solution for this plan and will have to bend their finger to get the ghee out. Gulkan hears that and thinks she will plan more bigger than Ayodhya and ruin his plan.

Precap: Dev asks Sinha why he wants to make him coaching center partner. Sinha says since he has taken coaching in coaching center, he knows its function, so he wants him to be a partner. Payal says his thinking is good. Natru thinks he trapped Payal easily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Payal stop acting so innocent, ur fatherinlaw is so crooked an is going to get u in2 trouble. That man is bad news. Wake up before its 2 late. Don’t play naïve girl!!!

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