Mohe Piya Milenge 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mohe Piya Milenge 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Suresh is doing pooja, he calls meghna and gives her prasad. He says touch baba ji’s feet and call aadi desai and say yes. Meghna says i want to say something. He says we decided that we wont talk about that shorts guy. She says but.. Suresh says now live your life. Meghna says think about my happiness once. Suresh says you dont want me to be good with you? Lets decide it today. He says to madhvi we decided yesterday that we will call aadi desai and say yes to him. Meghana says please dont be mad papa Madhvi says at least listen to her once. Meghna says i dont wanna marry aadi desai. I wanna mayy my pal aadi, we decided to marry each other. Suresh says are you done? its my turn now. Meghna says we love each other. Suresh says these things happen in your age. I pardon you for this mistake, but you can’t marry him. That guy lives with his uncle. He has no good job. His uncle lives in a rental house. She is doing MA. he has not even done BA. Meghna says he went to help the poor people that is why he couldn’t study. Suresh says this love will last for 4 days, you can’t live i his small and broken house. You live in this house with all the facilities. You can think about it.

Scene 2
Vijiya serves Amit breakfast. Sanjivni says we are all worried about aadi. Amit this is first time for her. Vijiya says she has not answered him. She is making him wait so long. Sanjivni says she cant understand how good our aadi is. Amit says we need to give them time. Aadi comes and serves him food. Maa says you didn’t tell us what is your decision should we say yes? Aadi says no let her say yes. Maa says maybe she can’t talk directly. adi says no maa. It should be her decision, she has to say openly. We will decide it after he call. amit says let him live in his love. Aadi says in heart. Have i started loving her?

Scene 3
Suresh calls madhvi and asks did you ask her to call? Madhvi says no. Suresh says are you scared of her? You should have ask her to say yes. She didn’t even wear the saari baba ji gave.
Sanjivni comes and gives tea to baba. she says tell me what should we do in aadi’s case. baba says he has to do it. She says no i have to do something. Baba says i talked to him last night. He likes that girl. Maa says but she is not calling him. Baba says we should give her time. Maa says they look weird and worried. They served us well, but they were not focused. Baba says people feel awkward in these situations. Aadi did better by calling her.

Vijiya and Archana are talking about new girls, Archana says we should shortlist some new girls. Vijiya says but aadi is waiting for meghana. Archana says she should have asnwered if she wanted to. there is nothing special about her. we should look for another girl in case she says no. Aadi stands up in anger. maa says he is already upset. vijiya says we all know what her answer would be. Aadi comes and says can’t you people wait? Are we buying a saari? Archana says try to understand. you called her but she didn’t respond. adi says you people take longer than this while buying saaris. She needs some time. vijiya says he in on her side already. maa says they are right aadi. Baba comes and says why are you three teasing her? aadi leaves. Archana says we are not annoying him.

Madhvi comes and says to meghna you have fever? let me give you some medicine. Archana calls meena. Meena says don’t get us wrong, meghna is not well.She will call in two days. she will calls aadi. archana says to vijiya there is something wrong my heart says that.
Suresh says to madhvi did she decide to call or not? Madhvi says she will. She has fever. Suresh says do whatever you want but she has to say yes.

Meghna is sitting in her room. she recalls madhvi saying marrying aadi is your only way of freedom.

Precap-Meghna calls aadi desai and says you wanted to know my decision? Its positive from my side.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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