Meri Saasu Maa 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Kamlesh comes to find maasa cooking for poor people, so that she can distribute food to them, after the way even pari’s life is settled now. she asks him to write down the address for the same. he complies and leaves. he comes to bunty’s room, and calls him up, not finding him there. bunty responds from the bathroom, that he is bathing. kamlesh says that he got his appointment with his friend, for his job. he keeps the address at the table, and leaves. bunty complies. chhaya watches this from a distance and after he goes, she replaces it with some other address, that is of guptaji.

Pari in the kitchen, expresses to maasa that she is still tensed about guptaji, and decides to strike a compromise with him. maasa agrees, and asks if she should come along. pari denies, and says that she shall manage. she asks her not to tell bunty anything about it. she leaves. maasa complies. she comes to bunty’s room, and finds him dressed in white, and is surprised to find that he is going for a job interview. she is shocked, and then eyes him from top to bottom. seeing his horrible dress sense, for an interview, she makes him surf through all of his clothes, in her supervision, and finally decides on one, after much struggle, as he is dressed in a formal suit. blessing him, she asks him to leave. he says that he wont have anything, and leaves. she smiels on.

Scene 2:
Location: Outside a building
Bunty arrives at the same building, and finds pari there too. he comes and confronts pari, both find themselves outside the same building, and each ask the other how is that person there. she asks if maasa sent him. he denies, and asks whats she here for. she says that she came here for compromise with guptaji. he says that he too came here for the same. she says that she very well knows his methods of compromise, blackmail, hooliganism, and extortion, but she doesnt want any of that. they both eye each other tensedly. he says that he wont do anything of that sort. she likes his change of heart and says that guptaji isnt here yet, and hence its futile to talk to him yet. he says that he has an appointment. she asks him to get this job done then. he enters in to find a place of Satsang, where maasa was supposed to go. its revealed that kamlesh gave them both the wrong addresses.

Scene 3:
Location: Guptaji’s hideout and maasa’s residence
As maasa stealthily enters, she thinks that this cant be a place for worship. and sure enough, she finds goons coming at her, smirking at her, while she stands tensed. she asks whats the matter and why are they doing this to her. finally, guptaji comes. maasa is shocked to see him. he says that they were waiting for bunty, and not her. he says that its okay, and now she can see for herself, how bunty dies. she is aghast. she is boggled. he tells as to how bunty has been a pain for him, since long back. she says that this business is hers, and he neednt drag pari and bunty into it. he says thats the problem, as its her business, but they run it, and have posed a problem for him, and he plans to take care of it. he has her tied down, while she desperately struggles. he then calls up chhaya, and then tells her that if she wants maasa to be saved, then she should send bunty. chaaya is tensed. he smirks at her. chhaya is tensed. pari comes and asks chhaya who is on the phone. he asks her on the phone, that she shouldnt disclose anything to pari, and should silently send bunty to him. Pari asks where is maasa. chaaya says that she is at the satsang. pari thinks that she shall get her back from there, as it must have been over by now. chaaya is tensed wondering what to do.

Bunty meanwhile arrives back in the house, and talks to kamlesh about the probable change of adress. kamlesh is baffled himself. Kamlesh asks how he landed there. bunty gets distracted and leaves to change first. then pari comes, and asks kamlesh about it. he says that he accidentally sent maasa somewhere else, and explains the confusion. she asks for that address.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road and maasa’s residence
Preeti and chaaya discuss on the road, that they need to alert kamlesh and bunty so that they can go and save maasa. Preeti calls up kamlesh and bunty arrives just then too. she gives the phone to chaaya, who speaks in disguised tones, about maasa being in gupatji’s captivity, and if she is wanted, then bunty should be sent. he collapses and bunty takes the phone, and listens to everything. he clenches his fists in anger. Kamlesh asks what shall they do now. bunty assures that he shall get her back anyhow.

Meanwhile, pari arrives at the office address, but doesnt find maasa and wonders where she went. noone from the family takes the phone too, and she gets frustrated. Pari meanwile gets to know about maasa being at guptaji’s place.

Scene 5:
Bunty and kamlesh arrive at the building, and he asks kamlesh to wait outside, and if in 20 minutes, he doesnt come back, then he should inform the police. he gets in, and demands for maasa, while guptaji tauntingly welcomes him. he asks maasa to be left out of this, as its between them. guptaji says that she is absolutely fine. bunty says that he has renounced violence, and asks him to tell where is maasa. on guptaji’s signal, they bring her there, tied in ropes. both are shocked to see each other. bunty rushes to see her, but is stopped by the goons. bunty gets enraged. guptaji decides to see how much bunty can resist beating. Maasa is apalled as the goons beat bunty up, but he doesnt raise his hand back, being loyal to his promise made to pari. maasa begs him to hit but he doesnt retaliate. they beat bunty to pulp. When pari arrives, she is aghast to see him like that, while guptaji evilly smirks. pari gets enraged and asks how dare he do this to bunty. guptaji smiles evilly, and says that he hasnt done anything to bunty, compared to what all he plans to do to her, suggesting in a leering and seductive way. pari and maasa are aghast to hear this. The screen freezes on pari’s shocked face.

Precap: Pari helps an injured bunty get in the bed, and lie down, while he is surprised to see his concern. she sleeps on the other side of the bd, while he has eyes only for her. The next morning, pari gets tensed when she doesnt find him on the bed. Maasa comes with food too. Pari and maasa both are tensed as to where bunty went.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I think e went on his interview to surprise them

    1. Yes, i also think the same. He is trying to prove to his wife that he really is…want to cbe a better man.

    2. *be a better man.

  2. So glad their relationship as husband and wife is getting better.

  3. Bekwas show

    1. every day same comment from you and yet you continue to watch…lol

    2. Hahahaha. U r so right! And yet she ‘s still following the show closely (and manage to find time to comment too)

  4. BUNTY toh ek cartoon hai

  5. Pari so easily forget sattu ji and again fall in love .she is so idiot.

  6. I don’t like siddharth

  7. Katherine Arora

    Siddarth is very talented actor and dashing, his character so manly.

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