Baazigar 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Baazigar 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Aru to have the medicine. Parul says you will get some rest, have medicines. Aarav signs Padma and smiles. Padma gives medicine to Aru. Aru takes medicine. Later, Aru recalling Padma’s words. Siddhant calls Aru and says why is she not answering. Awasthi asks Siddhant about getting emotionally involved in this case, is there anything personal. Siddhant says no. Aarav comes to Aru and sees her having the tablets. Aarav answers Siddhant’s call. Siddhant disconnects hearing Aarav.

Siddhant sees Aru and his school pic and smiles. Parul asks servants to do puja arrangements, don’t make any mistake. Rishi and Padma ask why is the need to do puja here. Parul says whatever is happening here has negativity, this puja is necessary for this house and Aru. She goes.

Sahil goes to Aru and says I wanted to patchup with you, everyone said you are ill, I will play with you, you will feel good. She says I m not ill, you go and play. He says you don’t like kids, Aarav like kids, I will play with him, he made a toy room with me. He goes. Aru asks him not to go to Aarav. She goes to the room and sees so many toys. She gets shocked seeing a horrific doll. She calls out Sahil. She sees Sahil playing in lawn. Some mask guy picks Sahil and takes him. Aru gets worried and rushes to tell Padma and Parul. She asks them to help, someone is kidnapping Sahil. Aarav brings Sahil home. Aru gets shocked. Aarav says Sahil and I were just playing, Aru is getting mad, I think she could not bear Kailash’s death shock.

Parul asks Aru to sit in puja and she will get peace. Aru says I m saying true, I have seen someone taking Sahil, come with me, I will show you. She takes Parul to the toy room and sees it beautifully decorated and arranged. She says this room was not like this some time before, someone is after me and doing all this, someone wants me to prove me wrong. Parul asks why will anyone do this. Padma says you are wrong here Aru. Parul says I understand this happens sometimes, just relax. Padma and Parul leave. Aru thinks whats happening, am I really getting mad, no this is just my illusion. Aarav looks on and smiles. Aru thinks I won’t let me prove me mad. Aarav calls lawyer and says our way is almost clear, Aru can’t come to court by her mental disease, she can’t get the property, you just get the date.

Aru says whats happening with me, where is Siddhant. She sees Siddhant’s missed calls. Siddhant calls her and asks how are you. She says I don’t understand, strange things are happening with me, I can’t say what will Aarav do, Sahil is fine, I m scared. Siddhant says don’t worry, I m there, no one can do anything with you, listen to me carefully. He tells his plan.

Aru goes to Sahil. Sahil says I have doctor kit, I will make you fine, I used to make Siddhant fine when he fell ill. She smiles. He asks why do you hate Aarav, he is really nice, he gave me this doctor kit, he has many toys in room, I got hidden and saw him getting toys. She asks where is that room. He tells about library. She thinks whats Sahil saying. Dadi and Ahana come back home. Aarav looks at them. Dadi says I did puja and came back, Parul called and said Aru is not fine, what happened to her. Aarav says Aru has gone mad. Dadi and Ahana get shocked. He smiles.

Padma sees Siddhant and shouts to Aarav. Servant gives Prasad to Aru. Aru eats the laddoo and gets dizzy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what a shit program, the production team are merely morons,they make monkeys out of the cast,arundati is pathetic and i feel like kicking her backside.

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