Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryan with Sushanth reaches restaurant and is shocked to see Saachi with a boy holding his hands. He goes and smilingly asks Saachi what is happening behind him. She stammers. Rishi says Saachi is his girlfriend and who is he to object. Saachi says Aryan is his fiance and Sushanth her brother-in-law. Rishi says they are childhood friends and are playing temorary boy and girlfriend. Saachi tries to explain. Aryan asks her to relax as he knows her well.

Rishi’s parents decide a family vacation. Rishi asks them to go alone as he has a lot of office work pending. Dad says Rishi takes cae of everyone’s happiness and is ignore his happiness. Pandit comes with girls’ photos for Rishi. Dad asks what about Mittal’s daughter Sachi. Pandit says her marriage is fixed in Sethia family. Dad tells of Sachi’s allance breaks with Aryan, they can think of Sachi and Rishi’s alliance. Mom asks why is he thinking like this.

Sachi goes home and informs Tanu what happened. Tanu praises Aryan’s broad thinking and suggests Sachi to stop her chidhish behavior and helping her unwanted friends. Sachi says she is right. Aryan is with family planning monthly budget and says he will call her later.

Rishi’s mom shows her girls’ pics and he rejects each pic. Dad signs cheques and his assistant tells trader magazine people want to take his and Rishi’s interview. He says Rishi’s mood is not good, so they should deny interview and asks if magazine people are taking Sethia family’s interview. Assistant says their business is in loss. Rishi asks dad to confirm interview.

Diwakar takes monthly budget from each family member. Saachi calls Aryan and he replies back that he is busy in family meeting. She says sorry to disturb. He replies they are discussing montly budget. Aryan and Prabhath then start chatting over phone. Diwakar asks Prabhath what is he doing. His wife says he is on mobile. Diwakar takes mobile and sees them chatting and scolds. He asks Aryan if he has any demand. Aryan says his laptop battery needs to be replaced. Diwakar says okay. Prabhath’s son says he wants to join some Europena club and needs 1 lakhs fees. Prabhath scolds him.

Viren prepares pasta and khichdi fusion. Cook complains Kusum. Kusum scolds Viren. Viren asks servant tto taste pasta. She tastes it and makes weird faces. Viren says sometimes experiments fail. Saachi comes and helps him correct it. Sachi’s brother calls dad and asks to decide if they should finalize deal or not. Dad asks to decide himself. Son says it is 125 crores deal. Dad says finalize it. Kusum says both business and family drama cannot go together. Tanu says it is working here fine. Viren shakes hands with Tanu and Saachi and dances.

Precap: Saachi and Aryan’s family video chat. Saachi sees Rishi in mall and looks excited. Aryan’s mom and aunt see them together.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Superb and too too good always waiting for latest updates . like krpkab a fan fiction on ERSK should be started all the best with lots of love

  2. Sabia

    yesterday’s epi was too good …i hope RIshi or his dad don’t create any misunderstanding between ARCHI!1

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