Meri Hanikarak Biwi 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Devina accepts Gulki

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh stopping Aditya’s marriage. He gets angry and gets Aditya’s friend to tell truth to everyone. Aditya’s friend tells everything. Devina gets shocked. Gulki says I was getting married to Manohar the same day, Aditya ruined my life, so my brother got me married to Aditya. Sanaya gets angry and slaps Aditya. She says I thought you are a good man, you are a cheater, I loved you. She cries. Akhilesh apologizes to Singhania.

Singhania says you saved my daughter’s life today. He scolds Devina. He asks Sanaya to come with him. They leave. Ira introduces the family to Gulki. She asks Gulki to take blessings from Devina. Aditya warns Gulki. He says I was forced to marry, stop this drama.

Pushpa says but you did wrong with her fiance. He says I will divorce Gulki tomorrow. Ira says you can’t divorce her till 6 months. Pushpa says we will get them married here again. Aditya refuses. Pushpa asks him to leave the house. Devina slaps Aditya. She scolds him and asks him to do as Pushpa says. She gets Aditya and Gulki married again. Gulki asks Akhilesh and Ira to do her kanyadaan. Pushpa says its a good deed, so its decided. Akhilesh and Ira do the kanyadaan. Marriage rituals continue. Aditya and Gulki take marriage rounds. Pushpa asks Devina why is she upset. Aditya says wrong happened with me. He leaves. Pushpa praises Ira for saving Gulki’s life. She asks Akhilesh why did he joke with her. She says Ira can never leave me. Ira feels guilty.

Akhilesh and Ira recall each other’s words. He goes. She cries. Akhilesh meets Bhavik. He says Ira will be telling truth to Pushpa. Bhavik says she is very brave, she can say the truth, but do you have courage to hear a truth. Akhilesh asks what truth. Pushpa praises Ira and talks to Brijesh’s pic. Ira comes there. Pushpa says I got a bahu like diamond. Ira says I don’t deserve your praise, I m your culprit. Pushpa asks what happened. Ira says I cheated you, its time that I tell you the truth. Bhavik shows the medical reports of the medicines fed by Vikram. He says these pills make a person fall weak. Akhilesh checks reports. He gets shocked. Bhavik says he wanted to make you believe that you are falling ill, so that he can remove your kidney.

He shows the article about Vikram’s fraud. He says Ira saved your life, she can never think wrong about you, she isn’t harmful, you just think she is harmful, her heart is clean. Ira cries and prepares to tell Pushpa. Akhilesh asks what did I do, I asked her to leave from my life, I m alive because of her, she has gone to tell truth to Pushpa, I have to stop her. Bhavik says Ira would have told Pushpa everything by now. Ira wears the doctor’s coat and says I m that doctor…… Akhilesh comes and says who has stolen my mum from me. He makes a story and stops Ira. He praises Ira. Pushpa laughs. She says I always wanted a good daughter, see Lord fulfilled my wish. She hugs Ira. Ira thinks why did Akhilesh stop me from saying truth.

Akhilesh apologizes to Ira. Ira packs her bags and refuses to stay back.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Devbina will never accept gulki, as ahe want money and luxary life….
    But last secene was nail biting, where ira was about to tell truth and akhilesh saved her on nick of time….
    Today’s episode will be more goosebumb giving episode…

  2. What will be achived by forcing someone to marry against there wish.

  3. Meri hanikarak biwi is really a beautiful story but ira isn’t a harmful fiancee.

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