Chandrashekhar 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Jagrani spots Chandra

Chandrashekhar 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra reaching his ashram. Everyone worries for him. Shastri ji does aid to Chandra’s wounds. Shiva comes to meet Chandra and asks how is he now. He calls him Chandrashekhar Azad. Chandra gets the bath and recalls the people shouting Vande Mataram in lockup. Sitaram and Jagrani meet a fortune teller, who tells them that Chandra will return to them soon. They get glad. He says you have to take care of him, he is like a sun, who can’t be caught up in hands. She asks what’s the matter, tell me, I will do the puja. The man says time will give you a solution. Sukhdev says don’t get sad, be happy, Chandra will return.

The man introduces Chandra to the people. Shastri ji tells everyone that Chandra has come to my ashram to learn Sanskrit. He praises Chandra and titles him Azad. Chandra recalls his promise to Jagrani. Jagrani, Sukhdev and Sitaram are coming there. People lift him with love and throw him in air. Jagrani looks on. Sitaram asks what’s this celebration. The man says this boy is very brave, he has bear much punishment in jail. She asks what’s his name. The man says Azad. Shiva buys newspaper and gets glad seeing Chandra’s pic. He comes to Chandra and does his aid. He shows the pic to Chandra and says everyone is praising you, you got famous as Azad. Shastri ji sees Chandra’s pic in newspaper.

Britishers have a talk about anti social elements. John says there are mass protests in colleges, we have to do something to stop them. They don’t want to afford any scandal. They think to find any other way to curb the non cooperational movements. Shastri ji comes to Chandra. He asks Chandra not to be hesitant. He says I have many hopes from you, I spoke to a shopkeeper, will you do work there. Chandra says I will do. He gets busy at the shop. He understands that he didn’t need freedom just from the British. Chandra sits at the shop and checks accounts. He asks the man to teach him. He says I know maths. A lady comes to buy something.

Chandra checks accounts. He says you have given much loan to people, your savings will end if this goes on, if you invested money, you would have made one more shop. The man agrees with him and hires him. Manmath reads about Chandra and wishes to meet him. The guys also dream to become Azad.few men come to the shop and demand the vendor to send ration soon. Chandra asks for money. The man refuses to pay and teases Chandra. Chandra gets angry when the men tease a girl. He goes after them. He asks why are you troubling them, let her go. The man asks him to back off. Chandra asks the girl to go. The girl goes. The man slaps Chandra angrily. Chandra gets angry and beats the men. The man gets a knife to stab him.

Chandra gets an offer in a big school. He agrees. Shastri ji asks Chandra to mend himself and progress in life. Chandra leaves from ashram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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