Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Suresh falls in danger

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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Puttan lying to Party about Suresh. She calls Suresh. Puttan has the phone with him. Puttan says I will not answer someone’s call. He asks Party not to worry. Party says I have to talk to him. Rajneeti asks Puttan how many phones is he carrying. Party says he isn’t answering, maybe he is in problem, I will go his home and check. Puttan says don’t go to his house. He shouts to Imli and asks her to control Party. He says we didn’t get Suresh, what shall we do. Imli says maybe Suresh got scared.

Party cries. Imli says sometimes mistakes happen. Puttan says I told sorry from heart. They all ask him to get Suresh. Puttan tortures Suresh. Suresh refuses to befriend Party. He gets beaten up. Puttan asks what’s the reason, get enmity with us. He makes Suresh wash the cow. Chaitu calls Puttan and asks him to get Suresh home. He also finds Suresh. He tells Imli about Suresh’s threatening, he is party’s enemy. Imli gets confused.

Chaitu says I will not leave that Suresh, once I get him….. Party gets upset hearing them. Puttan comes and says I think Suresh left the city. Chaitu says I will not spare him. Imli says yes, we won’t let any one instigate Party against us. Puttan says he won’t get saved from me. Chaitu says Party shouldn’t know this. They agree. Puttan says Party is our life, we will not leave him. Party worries. Rajneeti asks Party to forget Suresh, Chaitu is already in tension.

Chaitu sleeps. Monica and Jha wake him up. He says you got a letter, a govt officer’s son is missing, that man is worried, he requested you to find him. Chaitu gets a call. He says I will try to find Suresh. He comes home and shows the pic to Puttan, asking him to find Suresh. Chaitu says he is govt officer’s son, he is kidnapped, the officer is close to PM. I got a call from centre, this happened because of kidnapper, find him. Puttan gets shocked seeing same Suresh. Chaitu says just find him. Puttan falls down. He says what shall I d now. He calls Chaitu and says congrats, I got Suresh. Rajneeti finds Suresh with cows. Suresh says Puttan tied me here. Chaitu wants to see Suresh. Rajneeti says Puttan has tied Suresh in stable. Suresh says where shall I run. Chaitu sees him running and beats him up. He gets mistaken about him. Rajneeti asks him to understand. Jha says the officer’s son is kidnapped by Puttan. Khoji gives the breaking news. Puttan comes to Chaitu. He asks whom shall I relieve. Chaitu says I gave you pic of Suresh, why did you kidnap him. Puttan says he is Party’s friend, he refused to befriend Suresh, till he agrees, I will not leave him, I want Party to forgive me.

Chaitu says scare him, make him understand. Chaitu asks Jha to lie about his absence. He then takes the call from centre. He says Puttan did a mistake, we will leave Suresh. They all ask Puttan to leave Suresh. Puttan leaves Suresh. Puttan goes to Suresh and makes him wash cows. Suresh says please leave me, I will befriend Party. Puttan says congrats to me, don’t tell media about this. Suresh meets Party. She scolds him. Suresh says I will become your best friend. Party refuses to become his friend. She complains about him to Puttan. Puttan beats up Suresh again. Suresh asks why are you beating me, strange family. Puttan says friendship and enmity aren’t good with political families.

Puttan asks Chaitu to see the news. Khoji gives big news about Imli’s accident.

Update Credit to: Amena

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