Meri Hanikarak Biwi 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Devina fills Pushpa’s ears

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira coughing. Akhilesh asks what happened. They see Bhavik and Bhoomi, and question them. Ira doesn’t get her voice. Bhavik asks are you asking us to come in and talk. Ira beats him. Akhilesh says she is saying she isn’t Bhoomi’s bhabhi, she wants you to get medicine for her. Bhoomi says wow, you understand her well. He says I can read her eyes and know what’s hiding in her heart. Ira stares at him. Akhilesh says fine, I m going, take care. She goes. Bhoomi asks Akhilesh to come. They leave. Siddhi looks on. She thinks I will get my pocket money this week.

Devina comes to Pushpa and says I know you are upset after making Ira out of here, believe me, you did right, watch this video, you will know you made a Naagin out of here. She shows Ira scolding Akhilesh. Pushpa cries. Devina says he is saying sorry to her, look at her attitude, she insulted him as he is not educated. Pushpa says she can’t value his love, her heart is black, I won’t let him ruin his love, this relation has to end. Devina asks her to take rest.

Ira thinks how will I talk in interview tomorrow, I need this job to support dad. Bhavik answers Akhilesh’s call. He scolds Akhilesh and gives all details of Ira’s interview. Akhilesh thanks him for giving all info. Akhilesh says I will meet Ira and help her in interview. He goes to sleep. Devina and Pushpa look on. Devina says if this goes on, he will get Ira back. Pushpa says I won’t let this happen. She locks Akhilesh and says I will see how he goes to meet Ira. Devina smiles.

Its morning, Ira thinks my throat is still bad, no medicine is working, how will I give interview, if Pushpa was here, she would have made me have kada. She thinks of Pushpa and cries. Bhavik comes and says see I got this kada made by Pushpa. She gets glad. She writes text and asks how did you get this. He says I have solution of all problem, I told your problem to Bhoomi, she told Pushpa that she is unwell, Pushpa has made this for her and Bhoomi has sent this. Ira refuses to have kada and food. He thinks to call Akhilesh.

Pushpa feels guilty. Devina thinks she is an emotional fool. She asks Pushpa to be strict towards Akhilesh, he is in his own world, he doesn’t care for them. Pushpa refuses. Devina says come and see his preparations for meeting Ira. Akhilesh thinks of Ira. He says that days were my life’s most memorable days. Pushpa opens his room’s door. He gets Bhavik’s call. Bhavik says Ira left for interview, she didn’t have food or kada. Akhilesh says I will not let her fail in interview, I m there for her. Devina says you need to be strict with him Pushpa. Pushpa says you are going to help Ira, who cheated me. Akhilesh says she needs my help, tell me what to do for your happiness. She says promise me you will never meet her. He says sorry. She says I m helpless and locks the door. She says I won’t let you waste life behind that liar girl. He calls out from window and reminds Ira’s good deeds. Pushpa says I remember her drama, I won’t open the door. She goes. Devina says I think Ira did some black magic on Akhilesh. Pushpa goes. Akhilesh says I will call Bhavik and tell him that I can’t come. Devina opens the door and asks him to go and meet Ira. He gets puzzled.

Ira and Akhilesh fall in trouble. Vikram says we should kill them before they become danger for us. Akhilesh gets Ira home. Pushpa gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What a mess, happening in this pandey family? This honeymoon special in malaysia is a curse and dramatic which destroys pandey family in the show. Being an educated woman, devina is such a fool, idiot, a town woman and uneducated person and has no logic. As a woman, she did not respect others women like ira and pushpa in the show.

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