Ishqbaaz 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Omru get Anika home

Ishqbaaz 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gauri asks will you go to that house…. Anika says I don’t know, am I doing right or not, but if I don’t respect their word, it will be wrong. Om says wrong happened with you, we want to rectify it, come. Anika says take care of Sahil. Gauri hugs her. Anika leaves with Omru. Sahil’s mum looks on shocked. Shivaye says Priyanka we came back home, get up now, you know I didn’t let anyone remove your wedding lights, it will light up till you get married to Daksh and have a farewell, I don’t take doctor’s words seriously, I know you can’t leave me, you know I can’t live without me. Dadi looks on. Shivaye says you know something, I have broken Anika’s marriage and taught her such a lesson that she will remember all her life. Anika comes home. Shivaye says she can’t come here, she can’t step inside this Oberoi mansion. Daksh gets shocked seeing Anika at the door. He calls Tia and says come to Oberoi mansion fast…. He goes. Anika sees Omru. Daksh says Shivaye, that…. Shivaye asks what happened. Daksh says just come with me. Dadi asks where are you taking Billu….

Om asks why did you stop. Rudra says this is your house too. Om asks her to come. Shivaye says wait a min, what are you doing here. Om says we got Anika. Dadi asks why. Om says she is bahu of this family. Rudra says and Shivaye’s wife too. Dadi and Daksh get shocked. Dadi says Om, what are you saying. Om says I m saying truth. Rudra says ask Shivaye if he married Anika last night or not. Dadi asks what’s this, did you get married. Shivaye says who said this. Dadi asks Anika to say what’s the truth. Om says don’t be scared, tell everything to Dadi. Anika cries and says its true, Shivaye married me yesterday. Shivaye asks what’s the proof that I married you. He says Dadi, any girl can come and say that she married me, does she have any proof or witness. Anika says yes, my sindoor and this mangalsutra…. both are witness and proof too, that you married me yesterday. Daksh thinks if this girl is saying true, did Shivaye marry her, Tia and my plan will flop, nobody can save us from getting bankrupt. Dadi asks Shivaye to say truth.

Shivaye says such Mangalsutra are sold at 100 rs price in market. Dadi says its precious for a suhaagan, no girl can make such a claim, did you marry Anika, say the truth. He says no, I won’t call it a marriage. He says you can’t shed fake tears and make lie a truth. Anika says and you can’t make a truth a lie. Shivaye says oh come on, spending a night together isn’t called marriage. Dadi shouts Billu…. Shivaye says sorry Dadi, this girl doesn’t understand any other language. He asks Anika to forget it and get lost. He says you trapped a rich man, you want to name it marriage and get money, I won’t let your clever things work. Tia comes and asks what’s all this, you got married? How could you do this with me, you are taking revenge for Daksh’s mistake, since he didn’t marry Priyanka, you married Anika, you know Daksh did that for you and your family, why are you taking revenge with me. Shivaye says I didn’t marry this girl, she is lying, I promised to marry you and I will do it, I have no relation with this girl. Tia hugs him and says thanks, you scared me. Daksh signs her.

Dadi says I regret that you two believed this girl and doubted your brother, you should have asked him first. Om says even if we asked, Shivaye would say the same. Rudra says he is hiding truth. Shivaye says I have told what I had to, Anika will you leave yourself or shall I throw you out. Om says wait a min, you are saying right, then swear on Priyanka and say you didn’t marry Anika. Shivaye says I don’t need to give any explanation to anyone, anyone can accept it else I don’t care, come Tia. Om says then fine, we don’t need to give any explanation to anyone, we will do what we want, whoever wants can accept it else not, you did this for us, now we shall do it. Dadi asks what will you do. Om says Shivaye rectified our mistakes till now, now we will rectify his mistake. Shivaye asks what do you mean. Om does Anika’s aarti. Rudra also does it. Anika cries. Om does her tilak. Tia asks what are you doing. Om says what we are supposed to do, being Shivaye’s brothers. Rudra says sorry, we almost accepted you as Bhabhi, but Anika is our Bhabhi now. Tia says Shivaye, its our insult. Rudra says its quite insulting for Anika, she has come home for the first time after marriage, her husband is denying the marriage.

Om asks what to do next. Rudra checks and keeps kalash. He asks Anika to make kalash/pot fall by her right foot and come inside. Anika hits the kalash and comes in. Rudra says wait a min. He gets the red color plate. Rudra says now come in, foot prints should be marked. Anika steps in and leaves her footprints. Om asks Dadi to bless her bahu. Anika touches Dadi’s feet. Dadi blesses her and gets away. Rudra says Dadi, when bahu comes home, elders give her shagun. Om says we did the rasams, you have to do this rasam. Rudra says please do it. Dadi goes. Rudra says Dadi is orthodox, generation gap, don’t take tension, she will accept you. Om says come, I will show you the room. Dadi comes back and makes Anika wear a bangle. Anika cries. Dadi says on Omru’s saying, I m giving you this shagun, it doesn’t mean I accepted you as bahu, till Billu tells me that you are his wife, I can’t accept you as my bahu. Shivaye looks on.

Shivaye says you are my wife, what are you doing here, come with me to my room, you fulfill the duty of a wife. He gets Anika to his room and shuts the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. .
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 34
    Wah..Trp..chalo thodi increase toh hui…
    .shanno rani..special thank you to you.
    He did so much things but I just kept queit tried to be normal as possible.
    But today MERI SATAK GAYI HE

    Advance main

    Sso now you are really behaving a Psycho. ..????????????????..
    I know Cvs always love you..and always do this..just a soery and kam khatam..till yesterday too.i was be calm…but today calmness my foot.
    You really deserve that chipdi bhai behen tia And D jodi……
    Now you really DESERVE IT.
    ( for now) you deserve Insult..hope you should get..and you need to get that you will understand what it feels when someone will insult you do badly treated you as like property..
    I think you are so obsessed with your Sister love.YOU ARE A PSYCHO. …..

    OMRU…..457863388hugs to both of you.
    The way you treated the most respectful manner…Thank God they have some sensibility. ……….Rudy tried to cheer up..Anika.and SHIVKARA TASHAN..ufff…Sso you deserve hate…..really..for now You deserve hate
    Yiu are proud for yourself that yiu take perfect this Revenge wil destiry your life too..????????????..
    I banged my head on wall.asI told.
    Wah NKK toh apki ragon main bhar gayi he.
    Jao apni Bilu ka saaath do..banalo tia ko aoni Bahu……. ????. .you are also.gonna regret..
    Go behindthat chipdi Tia..

    ??????????My fev ANIOMRU
    Wah i get it qhy always you show goodnessto vilians..bcoz you are THE BIGGEST VILIAN..

    Plzcome back soon onyour avtar cannothandle this ABLA NAARI MODE AT ALL.
    I al leaving this week but on next week i want to atart of D’s expose. …
    Ok Chandu di yiur appearance ontoday ws really good..yiur puffy face .teary eyes..

    Sso you want marry get married to her.
    And now.yiu don’t deserve a pure soul like our Annika.
    Totally felt hatred ness for Sso just like last forced marriage. ……..
    It will rake time to turn my hate into love..AGAIN.
    Hope we will see Khidkitod Anika or Cvs will do partiality. …one sorry and kam khatam..

    Want to kill D and Twant to kick and slap Sso.
    And give a tight hug to Annika and omru. ….
    Love you.
    Lets see..what will happen.

    1. The way they are insulting Anika is disgusting, the only thing left now is to show Marital Rape. For revene Shivaay may do so and later ask for forgiveness and Anika will forgive him. Like Seriously? Gul Khan are you a woman or alien?

    2. Luthfa

      I am sorry but don’t you think the phrase Marital Rape is way too much harsh and out of place to use for ongoing situation?It’s a serial not any Hollywood movie or series to show such thing on national channel.

    3. Luthfa

      Shivaay is wrong and he is doing injustice with Anika but that doesn’t mean he will opt for such thing and makers and SP would allow it and most importantly,its a fictional show.Criticizing is good until it remains in some limits.You could have avoided it.Words are very powerful to use.And I am sorry,if I offended you.

    4. Abhi dear…..he thoda ruk jao yar.
      Sso is now vilian but still he is hero…….
      Shaant ho jao
      Thoda aram se bolo..

    5. Banita

      Go Arpu Go….!!!!!
      Congo yr….
      Yr dadi ke upar kun gussa…!!!!! She is rite at her pov…. She saw many things in her life in her son nd DIL’s relation… So her reaction was natural… She gave sahgun to Anika , in this way she respect her… Nd for now I am OK with it that she doesn’t accept Anika as her grandDIL….
      Nd just one sry mein kaam khatam ho gaya na then meri Guilty Singh Oberoi Ko dekhne ki sapna aadhuri reh jayegi phir se….?????

    6. Bani…..actually gussa nahi..upset hun.since first day seeing Dadi as SJIVIKA SIPPER …so adjust karne main prblm ho rahi he.
      Hope she will get to know her Pota’s kartoot…….
      Now I am shaant..

    7. In redux all are not liking shivay ..
      Even I like original track ..
      Our shivay and his ego …and cute incidents and OmRu jokes … Mostly our dare ..kitiki thod Anushka …

    8. Lucky dear..everything will be chnged .afyer MU clear
      .but actually right now I want Khidkitod Annika ASAP…
      Most needed….

    9. Hey Arpu dear congrats my dear one. Yes next week I hope it will be a battle between Anika and Daksh. This time I want anika gets all prove needed and I am sure Omru will help Anika with this just like old IB where they trailed Tia to see who she was meeting secretly.

      I can’t wait and sry the trp went up a bit.

    10. Sindhu di..this the last thing I can expect…..
      Cant handle anymore insult of Annika and D’s overdose..
      Thank you Di.

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    TRP of this week is 1.8 nd overall 16th in position….
    Yeehhh finally TRP increased… Just like last forced marriage viewers like this one also…. All Kamal of drama….
    Acchi baat hi hain….
    Now coming to epi…
    Shivay – ????????????????????????????????????????????????
    I wish aj ka epi se ek vi dialogue nahi sunti Shivay ke…
    Anika – ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
    Nothing to say about her in today’s episode….
    Omru –
    My only hope…..
    They did Griha Pravesh of Anika… Wo vi internet se dekh ke….
    Best Dever Torphy goes to our Omru??????????????
    It’s really nycc to see Om to take a stand against Shivay for his wellbeing only….
    Dadi – No complaint for her…. She is rite at her place….
    Tia & Daksh -?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????(yeh sari sticks mein vi marna hain mujhe)?????⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⛏️⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️???????
    Precap –
    CVS plzzz stop all these ???????
    GN PKJ…

    1. Hey banita of course tripping went up dear because today it was OMRU scene. Om stole the show. Shivaay was made the bad guy and Om became the man in the house who knows how to set things right. I loved the way Om took control over everything without going bing regard to what a Shivaay might say. Remember Om is not the artist anymore. He is a businessman but not a bad businessman like Shivaay. Sorry banita but you must accept that your Shivaay bhaiya is a little psycho with Sister senti as Arpu has said. What to do!!!! He is so blinded but daksh completely and hung to every word Daksh said.

    2. Banita

      Yeh @Sindhu dii i also like d way Om control everything properly….
      Nd it’s toh totally sleeped from my mind that he isn’t an artist any more in this redux…
      But dii @Shivay is NOT a bad businessman… Whatever he is doing now is bad , but as a businessman he is NOT bad….

    3. Don’t know how many days we wil see torture like this….
      Can’t leave ishqbaaaz at all and unable to watch this horror.
      Gul mata thoda rehem karo….

    4. Banita

      Haan yr naa dekhna chod sakte hain nahi ye sb dekh sakte hain…
      Hope all these will be stop from nxt week.,
      Finger crossed…

  3. hats off to om and ru for standing up to shivaay

    1. That’s right

  4. Riana

    Omru ZINDAAAAAAABAAAD, Omru ZINDAAAAAAABAAAD, Omru ZINDAAAAAAABAAA???????????????????????????????????
    Its okay …Atleast dadi gave shagun to anika okay fine…Let her take time…I hope she will not harsh on anika as like her so called grandson !!!
    No comments for that SSO…… I HATE HIM ! ???
    Tia rani…ab tumhara kya hoga tia rani…tum toh kahi ki nahi rahi… Ab tum aur tumhara bhai dono apna bodhiya bistar bandho aur NIKLO OBEROI MANSION seh….Tum logo asli jagah FOOTPATH HAIN !!! ??????????????????????????…That also inside the dustbin !!!…Even garbage is acceptable but NOT YOU TWO ??????????
    Anika ????????…chalo koi baat nahi…LETS HOPE FOR GOOD (WHICH NEVER HAPPENS ?)
    Precap – Toh ab PATI NO.1 (sarcasm) ko apni patni ke saath SUHAGRAAT mana hain kyun ??…??…BESHARAM ! BEHAYA AADMI !! ?????
    Msg for GUL didi – I HOPE YOU GET A HUSBAND WHO FORCEFULLY MARRIES YOU AND THEN CALLS YOU “MISTRESS”……Tab hi tumko pata chalega asli maza !!! ??

    1. Banita

      Tia Rani???????????????????

    2. Riana

      @Bani.. ????????????

    3. He Riana..gussa kum yarr.
      Gul mata ke liye itns gussa..shaant ho jao..
      Plz shaant ho jao.
      Tia rani..she is not rani..she is ghatia just like her So called brother….
      Not Suhagraat..yarr…kuch bhi..haan.
      Banda sunayega..fir Annika pool side ke pass chalijayegi…kam khatam..

    4. Riana

      @Arpu.. ??????…Okayyyy ???????

  5. Hi guys… Wow 2day episode so good… I’m vr happy bcos Omru did great job… Giving the full respect of bahu… Hand’s off to Omru..?
    Of course dadi nvr accept ani as OM ki bahu eh.. Lekin dadi’s point was rite.. SSO must tell tat ani is his wife… Then only she will get full respect as a bahu… I like it ?
    Nw anika at OM.. Prinku will get well soon…
    ??”Cross finger”… Daksh n tia plan going to flop… SSO will start to love ani… N feel shame bcos of his guiltiness… I really dun knw hw the track will go…
    But i Can’t wait 24hrs to wait to watch the coming episodes…. Omg… Pls gv 1hr time to watch… Nxt coming episodes going to b more interesting…
    2moro episode I can’t wait… Precap show tat SSO ask ani to fulfill wife job… It’s only cm out in anger.. But in naturally SSO is not that cheap… R u agree guys?
    OK 2day I’ll sleep peacefully… Shivika I miss ur kidhkithod bagadbilla billi ke romance ka a lot…????
    C u all guys…luv u… Bye

    1. Banita

      Hlo @Jessie….
      Just hope CVS will give justify to all these parts that u mentioned….
      I m missing their Billu billi fight.??

    2. Jessie everyone is waiting for tomortow’s episode too. It is the bedroom scene where Shivaay will suddenly feel for anika as she will be shivering. It is a cute scene.

    3. He Jeesie dear.even I am too missing bilu bili fighting….
      Want D expose ASAP….

  6. Luthfa

    Those words you were whispering near Priyanka’s ear,if possible tell those loudly in front of everyone.Can you do that Shivaay?I know you can’t because in order to do so,you need guts but you don’t have that right now.You are ranting about giving proofs of getting married as if you are not aware of any.You yourself are the biggest proof of your marriage still have the audacity of asking for proofs.How wonderful is that!But I shouldn’t talk about your guts because you have that enough.On the basis of your so-called guts you have announced to marry someone else when you are already married.So sorry,I forgot that you are still a bachelor.This is the actual truth no?You know na you are a bachelor or is it otherwise?Let me tell you what is the real truth.The truth is you are afraid to accept that truth-You have committed grave mistakes by breaking a marriage,forcing a girl to marry you,without her consent and now you are denying to give her the rights of your wife which she deserves from every aspect.Who are you to call Anika a lier when it is you who is mounting up lie after lie?Mark my words,a day will come when you yourself will acknowledge that lie as truth,the biggest truth of your life that you do have married Anika and only she is your wife.And yes,that day don’t be surprised if your legally married wife Anika Trivedi refuse to accept you as her husband calling it all a lie,some cooked up story of yours,okay?You can do one thing.Start gathering Proofs from now on,to save the day.Okay sorry,I am just joking…………………………

    1. Lu dear nice analysis and mind voice. Yes Anika said the lie can never be a lie forever. One day that will be the truth. Dadi is right no woman will tell a lie by showing the mangalautra and the vermillion on her forehead as they are sacred to a woman. Shivaay does not understand the meaning of marriage. I want Tia to pack her bags and leave the house. She is now not needed. Guilt Singh Oberoi is still not guilty yet as his conscience is not working overtime yet. Once his conscience works full swing then comes the volcanic explosion within him. I am looking forward to next week.

    2. Sso ka din toh ane wala he Lu..
      Just waiting…for that Day……
      Hope Annika wil say…you are not my husband……..if it will happen
      I wil dance.woh bhi table pe chadke.. ??….

  7. today’s show stealer was our favorite omru..???
    their concern for their bhabi was just outstanding..specifically our cutie pie rudy…hum almost aapko bhabi maan lya tha paar aab hamari bhabi annika hai…kya insult hue hai uss chipdi tia ki. phir bhi besharmo ki tara khari thi. I felt somehow dadi was confused..want to say only one thing to shivay that don’t punish some one to an extent without any mistakes that when truth will in front of your eyes you won’t be able to look at your own eyes…
    I think now prianka will be recovered. then annika will prove lucky charms to om. and obviously I hope that daksh expose track should be start soon…
    cause bohot jada ho gaya ab iss daksh aur tia ki kamina paan..iss tia ko dekh k mera khun kholta hai…

    1. Want Prinku to get up soon.and to hate her bro for committing such a crime..
      Waiting for this day..

  8. Nothing new in the story it’s just like the story of issues pyaar Ko kya Naam doon

  9. Nothing new in the story it’s just like the story of iss pyaar Ko kya Naam doon

    1. Hema dear..there is nothing to do with IPKKND.
      Arnav was not so cruel.
      And he didn’t leavr Khushi after marrying her.
      Plz don’t compare Ishqbaaaz with IPKKND.

  10. Wow today OMRU stoke the show. Oh my my what great scene to watch AniOmRu. I just simply loved it. I loved the way Om said to Shivaay since you can’t give any explanation then we can’t give any explanantion to this. I liked it how Om was so firm and Rudra my goodness he did all the rasams looking at the internet. Rudy telling Tia you were almost our Bhabi but now Anika is. I am sure Anika will make good impression to Omru and Dadi that everyone will accept her except Shivaay.

    Again I am telling you people it is Anika who is going to get Priyanka out of the coma. She may not take revenge on shivaay because no matter what he is her Husband. Indian women will never be able to see their Husband getting embarrassed by others. Anika will forgive Shivaay but I don’t want her to immediately forgive him. If not every man will simply do this and hope their wives will just forgive them.

    Well I am waiting for today’s episode on Shivaay passing the blanket to Anika. He feel a little bad that she will be shivering in cold. Poor Anika trying to fix the mangalsutra. Dadi this time is not in the position to accept Anika yet. Well time will tell.

    But I am so happy Om and Rudra are really her support pillar.

    1. Can’t say about Dadi….
      But if prinku wil be out of coma bcoz of Annika…happiness will be back….

  11. Ok guys..
    I am.taking back my words……..
    I showed so much hate towards Sso and anger towards Dadi….
    I will be positive..ok..pinky promise.
    Gussa hogi but no hate..
    Kuch jyada hogaya..

    1. Arpu what I noticed also is though Shivaay was to his full hatred swing mode and I am sure many are upset with him for saying things such as spending one night with me, what was a little surprising was when Om and Rudra did the rasams, Shivaay did not intervene at all. He could have come in anger and topple the aarti plate or created ruckus but he silently watched everything until Dadi gave Anika the shagun gift. So I am just wondering why Shivaay did not react at all. Was he just suddenly very stone watching it or as destiny plays that he himself does not realise why he never reacted at all.

  12. It’s boring now. Ishqbaaz is showing repeation. It’s waste to watch the show as we know the story. There is nothing Naya in ” kahani nayi” . It’s just rubbish.

  13. Luthfa

    Go Arpita Go.Congratulations on being first…?
    Everything will be fine and it’s only about time.So,don’t feel upset,angry or anything.Go with the flow and you will feel much better.

  14. Hi , Can anyone pls tell … when will this redux come to end and original track will start?

    1. Banita

      No idea dr… Only Gul know answer of this question…

  15. hi, can anyone tell when will this redux end and current track will start?

  16. Nikita_jai29

    Omru rocks

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